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Featuring: A. Reid, BoKnowsTheTruth, Jacob Navarro, dvs7.0, MagaSwaga, Omarr Shabazz, Candace Williams, doGfOecioV

Mix by: Meritocracy Now! @MkeWaGreatAgain
#MAGACHALLENGE was created by Bryson Gray @SuriusVsVodka

More talent appeared over the weekend! Some haters have speculated that this is a paid effort, but this is all love and ALL volunteer. None of us have ever even met, yet we are connected through our values. It's a beautiful thing & the other side HATES it. I've already been limited by Twitter, please help by sharing #MAGACHALLENGE!

From the #MAGACHALLENGE participants, h/t Bryson Gray for starting my favorite viral trend of 2019 to date! Too much talent for one video- I'll be making more as the contributions keep comin.


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