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In beautiful Andalucia, the not-so-beautiful Robert Malone tries to explain to an interviewer what a virus is.

"This particle is really ... self-replicating ... genes ... ... that aren't really alive. Uh, they exist as a parasite, in the way they become alive when they get into our cells.

It is a parasitic relationship, we ... I like to say we are the food for the virus.

I think it's really good to think of this as a, um, a virus is a parasitic gene that, um, isn't truly alive but is at the boundary of living and non-living."

"A virus is even closer to a pure gene parasite. That's, that's really what they are."

Unable to quit when he's behind, Malone then objects to the objection that there is no Sars-Cov-2 virus by droning on about cell culture and isolation, not once mentioning that the cell culture 'isolation' experiments don't isolate anything but in fact ADD a bunch of elements (some containing RNA and probably DNA) to the patient sample.

Stop it Rob. Just stop.

Deep State insider Robert Malone claims he received two doses of the Moderna COVID vaccine in April 2021. Malone claims this left him with a long list of injuries. It never made sense as to why someone who knew mRNA technology was not ready for human use would allow themselves to be injected with that technology.
Now we have an answer that does makes sense: Malone was not vaccinated.
He traveled to Italy to give a presentation in the Italian Parliament on September 13, 2021. His travelling companion, Steven Hatfill reveals in this video that neither were vaccinated and therefore did not have vaccine travel cards.

Robert Malone, angry pusher of the virus narrative, loses his poo-poo when politely asked if there really was a pandemic.

Brett Weinstein, a so-called anti-vaxxxer and associate of controlled opposition Steve Kirsch and Robert Malone, struggles to control himself when expressing his true, deep love for mRNA.

In 1998, Dr Andrew Wakefield and colleagues published a case series of children with autistic spectrum disorder occurring in association with colitis. Most of the children's parents associated the onset of symptoms with MMR vaccine exposure. The 1998 paper discussed a potential causal link between vaccination and the children's health outcomes, but came to no conclusions.
The paper clearly stated “We did not prove an association between measles, mumps and rubella vaccine and the syndrome described...” and "Further investigations are needed to examine this syndrome and its possible relation to the vaccine.”
Despite this cautious and perfectly reasonable approach, the hyper-defensive pharma industry and its mainstream bitches promptly unleashed an absolutely disgusting, hate-filled campaign designed to destroy Dr Wakefield.
In this video, this remarkably resilient man presents his side of the story.

Former Merck employee Brandy Vaughan talking about the dangers of childhood vaccines. The perfectly healthy Vaughan died in December 2019, right as the Covid scam was taking off, allegedly from a blood clot in each lung.

The late Brandy Vaughan, tireless activist against mandatory childhood vaccination, describing some of the intimidation and repeated house break-ins she was subjected to. The healthy Vaughan was found dead by her young son in December 2020.

Albanese admits he hasn’t even read the Uluṟu Statement - the same one he wants you to vote "YES" to in the upcoming Voice referendum.


In a recent 3AW interview, Albanese says the Uluru Statement is one page. The interviewer points out it is actually 25 pages. After rambling about records of meetings and the “big lead up”, the incoherent Albanese replies it’s 120 pages! To top off the absurdity, he also admits he hasn’t even read it!

Again, this is the very same document that underpins his Voice campaign, to which Australians are supposed to blindly vote “YES” to.

Folks, this is why it’s very important to stay away from drugs and shady “Rub’n’Tug” massage parlors.

Visit the following link to see what we mean by that last snippet of advice:


Caitlin Gotze was a healthy, horse-loving 23 year old who passed away in 2021 after having her second shot of the Pfizer genocide drug that masquerades as a 'vaccine'. Caitlin was forced to take the drug in order to to keep her job as a horse trainer because it was mandated by the cruelty- and corruption-plagued Racing Queensland.
Caitlin's mother Raelene says getting an authority to admit the Pfizer vaccine contributed to her death has been impossible. "The coroner, the forensic pathologist, the police, they're all corrupt," she says (correctly). "They've altered documents that they put into the final report, things that didn't happen. The level of corruption in all of this has really done me in."

Senator Ralph Babet exposes the filth on the shelves at Big W. The chain store has a lot to answer for. The author of this book Yumi Stynes said that she would be happy for an 8 year old to consume the content in the book.

Parents take note: This is the type of content they think to be appropriate to put on their shelves and to promote. Stop giving your money to corporations who hate your conservative family values. Stop inadvertently funding the sexualisation of your children. Be vigilant. Vote with the dollar in your pocket and support small businesses who don't take part in this sick agenda.

ABC's 7.30 Report investigates South Australia Police brutality, and speaks to two victims of thuggish SAPOL police officers.

Nathan Cross, while handcuffed and restrained by 3 police officers, had his head deliberately rammed into a counter ledge by serial thug Senior Constable Ben Higgins. The impact knocked him out cold and has left him with lasting brain injury. Yet SAPOL charged Nathan with assault instead of Higgins.

Alexander Wilding, who is on the autism spectrum was harassed by an aggressive cop after he was unable to show a concession card for his ticket.

"He just started yelling at me like he was a drill instructor, and I was a recruit for the military", said Alexander.

Alexander tried to walk away, but was immediately chased down by the demented officer, thrown to the ground and arrested.

The guilty officer did what all cops do in this situation and lied through his teeth, claiming Alexander punched him. CCTV footage of the incident shows this to be a lie, with no punch thrown by Alexander. Yet Alexander was charged with assault.

Stephanie Foster describes how her mother, Carol Pierce, died 7 minutes after getting a booster. People who saw her die kept waiting in line to get injected. Pierce got her injection at a pharmacy; when the pharmacy was questioned 2 days later, they first acted like nothing happened then refused to talk about it.

Senator Alex Antic recently grilled some of Australia's health and terrorism bureaucrats, who admit to an arrangement between government and Big Tech to remove "terrorist" and "extremist" content. This is what the government considers material critical of Covid and Covid drugs to be. Senator Antic questioned these traitors after receiving FOI material showing the government requested the removal of over 4,000 Covid-related posts up to the end of 2022 and had a Covid-related social media spend of $10 million to September 2022.

When you're an Australian cop and called to an accident scene, do you help those involved and make sure everyone is OK? Of course not, because you're an Aussie cop! You are a coward, bully and sociopath, so your job is to seize any opportunity to make you feel better about your crap self by bullying and assaulting others. In this video, an unnamed criminal who we'll call Constable Asshole starts repeatedly punching a person while they are stuck inside their vehicle posing a threat to absolutely no-one.

Stan Grant recently announced he would take a break from TV presenting because of "racist abuse." In a farewell blog article he wrote "racism is a crime. Racism is violence. And I have had enough."
But when Russian-Australian university student Sasha Gillies-Lekakis told a TV panel headed by Grant that he'd had enough of the west's simplistic and one-sided narrative regarding the Ukraine-Russia conflict, Grant quickly showed his not-so-tolerant side. Sasha pointed out an irrefutable fact: Part of Ukraine's fighting force is the proudly Nazi Azov battalion. If the self-absorbed Grant knew his world history, which he clearly doesn't, he would know the Russians have every reason to be leery of Nazis.
Instead, Grant rudely demanded Sasha leave the studio immediately. By doing so, he confirmed he is a bigoted and intolerant individual who has no interest in listening to ideas that conflict with his woke ideology.
The absurdity in all this is that a man who constantly reminds us he is indigenous (even using fake tan to darken his formerly light skin), and constantly complains about racism, is effectively defending Nazis. Stan, don't know how to break this to you, but Hitler was a nutcase and he hated blacks.
In 2000, Stan Grant further demonstrated his support for indigenous causes by cheating on his part-Aboriginal wife of 16 years, by having an extra-marital affair with Tracey Holmes, his WHITE co-worker.

Clare Nowland, the 95 year old great grandmother who was tasered by NSW police, has died. What kind of a disgraceful coward would taser a slow-moving, elderly dementia patient in a walking frame? Meet 33 year old Senior Constable Kristian White, who faces court on July 5 on assault charges.

On February 14, 1984, 25-year-old Jeffrey Doucet kidnapped 11-year-old Jody Plauché and took him to a motel in Anaheim, California, where he sexually assaulted and molested him. Doucet was a karate instructor who had been sexually abusing the boy for at least a year. Police searched the country for Jody, and he was eventually found after Doucet allowed the boy to place a collect call to his mother from the motel. California police raided the motel and arrested Doucet.

Jody's father Gary, who was separated from his wife at the time, heard reports Doucet had sexually assaulted his son. Gary, 38 at the time, said he felt a sense of helplessness upon hearing these reports.

On Friday, March 16, 1984, Doucet was flown back to Louisiana to face trial. Gary Plauché learned from a local TV station WBRZ news report when Doucet would be arriving at Baton Rouge Metropolitan Airport.

Doucet was led in handcuffs by police officers through the airport at around 9:30 pm, where Plauché was waiting with a handgun. A WBRZ news crew was waiting for Doucet and had set up their cameras to record his arrival. Opposite the crew was a bank of payphones, where Plauché waited while talking to his best friend on a telephone. He wore a baseball cap and sunglasses, so no one would recognize him.

As Doucet was escorted through the airport, he passed the crew who were taping the scene. He then walked past Plauché, who took out his handgun and fired a single shot directly at the right side of Doucet's head. The filthy pedo fell into a coma and died the next day.

“Why, Gary, why’d you do it?” Mike Barnett, the sheriff’s deputy, shouted as he and another officer disarmed Plauché.

“If somebody did it to your kid, you’d do it, too!” Plauché cried.

Plauché was initially charged with second-degree murder, but agreed to a plea bargain in which he pleaded no contest to manslaughter. Judge Frank Saia ruled that sending Plauché to prison would not help anyone, and that there was virtually no risk of him committing another crime. He was sentenced to seven years' suspended sentence, with five years' probation and 300 hours of community service, which he completed in 1989.

At age 67, Plauché gave an interview where he stated that he did not regret killing Doucet and would do so again.

Sadly, Leon Gary Plauché passed away on October 20, 2014 after the second of two strokes, aged 68. Please raise a glass in memory of this heroic father.

Half of Americans who received the 'vaccine' did so voluntarily, before the threat of job loss or restricted access to dining and entertainment venues.

Calin Georgescu was a former high-ranking official in the United Nations for almost 18 years. This former executive director of the UN Global Sustainable Indiex Institute in Geneva, and former European president of The Club of Rome, reveals how the UN is controlled by wealthy oligarchs to increase their own power, enrich themselves and enslave humanity. He began his career thinking the UN was a "fantastic institution" that was all about peace, helping people and protecting the environment. He eventually realized the UN was a platform for the oligarch system to control the world. From his many official and unofficial meetings, he learned the oligarchs promoted war, injustice, increasing consumption, rigged elections, pedophilia and the disappearance of millions of children each year.

He explains the majority of countries in the world have no control over their own natural resources - the control is exerted by the Davos network of billionaires. They control the resources, and the puppets acting as political leaders. These leaders - chancellors, prime ministers, presidents - are in fact employees of the world oligarch system.

Elon Musk, who was supposed to save Twitter from the globalists, has just appointed an executive chair of the World Economic Forum as CEO of Twitter. That's right folks, former NBC ad executive Linda Yaccarino has taken over the reigns of the social media platform. As chairwoman of the Ad Council, Yaccarino partnered with the Biden Administration, the CDC, government agencies and even Pope Francis to promote and market the COVID-19 'vaccination' campaign. In this video, Yaccarino proudly shows off her propaganda skills by pushing the brazen lie that "masking up", along with other useless interventions like social distancing, is the only way out of the pre-planned COVID crisis. Scientific studies have repeatedly shown face masks are ineffective for preventing respiratory infections, but globalists like Yaccarino are not concerned with the truth.

In 2012, then Australian PM Julia Gillard called a royal commission into institutional child sexual abuse. Ex-lawyer Gillard was careful not to include her colleagues in politics and the legal profession in the terms of reference. In 2015, MP Bill Heffernan presented a set of police documents naming 28 suspected pedophiles - including a former PM and members of the judiciary - and pleaded to have the royal commission terms of reference expanded to include the sordid institutions of politics and law. Not only where his pleas ignored but he was bullied out of politics by powerful people with plenty to hide.

In October last year, Victoria Police officers Rowan Baldham and William Ringin confronted a teenager, demanding he put on a mask. The teenager was walking alone when confronted by the two cops in what appears to be a rural setting, posing no danger to anyone. The mask mandate the officers were enforcing was unlawful and unconstitutional. The 2015 Commonwealth Biosecurity Act states that biosecurity orders must only be placed on specific individuals who show "one or more signs or symptoms of a listed human disease." Commonwealth law - which overrides state law as per Section 109 of the Constitution - does not allow for blanket restrictions on largely asymptomatic populations.

During the fraudulent 'pandemic', Australian police forces got around this inconvenient law by using physical violence, even though the Biosecurity Act clearly states compliance with a biosecurity order is voluntary. During the scamdemic, Victoria Police made headlines around the world as they bashed and smashed people's faces into the pavement, threw elderly women to the ground, pepper-sprayed children in the face and shot people with rubber pellets for daring to march in the name of freedom.

These gruesome images no doubt flashed in the mind of good Samaritan Steven Cleary, a 50 year-old Warrnambool man who drove to the scene after being told the officers were accosting the teen. Cleary pulled over, told the officers to leave the teen alone, then pulled a baseball bat from the back seat of his car.

The officers then threatened to taser Cleary, but were distracted when the teen reached for one of the officer's guns. Cleary proceeded to give Baldham what so many of his colleagues had given to innocent civilians - a thorough and bloody beating.

It turns out that while Victorian cops are happy to beat the living daylights out of innocent unarmed civilians, they don't like being given the same treatment in return. Cleary was sentenced last Friday to three years in jail with a non-parole period of one year and 10 months. He has been in custody since the attack last October so with time served he will be eligible for parole in a little over a year. In response, Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Shane Patton said he was “disappointed” with Cleary’s sentence.

“(I) have asked for a submission to be prepared for the Director of Public Prosecutions requesting an appeal based on an inadequate sentence,” said the leader of Victoria's largest and most brutal gang, who happily looked the other way as his officers repeatedly brutalized and terrorized innocent and unarmed people during the plandemic.

Police Association of Victoria chief executive Wayne Gatt also described the sentence as "disappointing". Gatt also had little to say about the disgusting violence perpetuated by Victoria police in the name of "public health" and how it contributed to the Warrnambool incident.

Australia Biosecurity Act 2015: https://www.legislation.gov.au/Details/C2017C00303

Daddomatto aka trail is a patriot who has been filming pharmacists as he quizzes them about the quaxxxines. The ignorance, gullibility and dishonesty of most of these pharmacists is quite depressing. However, this gentleman and scholar from a Randall's pharmacy in Texas pleasantly surprises with his refreshing honesty about the clot shots.

You can check out the Daddomatto channel at this link:


In 2015 Senator Bill Heffernan presented police documents in the Australian federal parliament naming 28 high-profile suspected pedophiles. He practically begged for the royal commission into institutional child abuse taking place at the time to expand its terms of reference so the documents could be investigated (then-PM Julia Gillard framed the terms of reference in such a manner so as to focus on churches and schools and leave her politician mates untouched). Sadly, Senator Heffernan's pleas fell on deaf ears; he was instead hounded out of politics by people with plenty to hide. The 28 names on the list have not been publicly revealed, but include members of the judiciary and a former PM (an obnoxious character renown for his unbridled arrogance, expensive suits and pig farm investments).

During the recent Australian federal election campaign, Anthony Albanese (now PM) was doing what politicians do best when campaigning: Pretending to care and be interested in the concerns of people he couldn't give two shits about. The charade quickly came to an end when a good citizen asked Albanese what he intended to do about the infamous 28 pedophiles. In what must be a world first for a politician, Albanese suddenly became camera shy and was lost for words. Politicians are not normally known for their athletic prowess, but the flabby Albanese showed agile crowd-dodging skills as he and his minders fled the good citizen.

Australia has a new head puppet in charge of the asylum, his name is Anthony Albanese and here he is from several years back giving a speech. In true shonky Aussie politician fashion, it wasn't even his own speech - instead it was plagiarized from the Wall Street movie protagonist Gordon Gecko.


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