my growing collection I have on my wall.

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Tool Talk Saturday this Saturday at 8pm CST Right here on BSSMALLENGINES.

Tool Talk Saturday :

The maintenance Man -

Answering one of my most asked question

Some footage of the swap meet and some tractors at this year's TEDTEA show. go kart build with Stephen Cox and Ray's Garage
at the 2019 Good of the land Fest

Thanks for all the support ya'll have given my channel

Some clips I got from this year's fest

I had a couple of rusty taps that needed cleaned up

Gopowersports sent this go kart to be raffled off at the 2019 Good of The Land Fest. Stephen Cox and Ray's Garage put it together I also gave advise when needed


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This is a BSSMALLENGINES I have a little shop here on our little homestead in Central Texas where I do small engine work , tractors and metalwork. On the homestead I also grow a 1/4 acre garden with a little bit of everything growing in it. From Watermelons to Corn. We also have 2 horse Clyde our 16 year old rescue QH and Cinnamon our 3 year old trouble making mini horse. Plus chickens ducks and pigs.