The Fox News host declared the vice president came face-to-face with angry protesters holding up signs that read “Kamala Go Home” and “Kamala, Trump Won.” "US press convinced itself Kamala is god, Latin America provides rude awakening"

Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina, Mark Robinson, gave a fiery speech at the North Carolina Republican convention.

A short video from "Mike The Cop" ... LOL

FoxBusiness: President Trump joined Stuart Varney on Varney and Co. on Monday morning. Trump accused China of the biggest attack on the world in history."

NYPD Police clashed with dozens of people in Washington Square Park in New York City. The crowd had been ordered to leave following a 10:00 p.m. curfew. The mayor ordered the curfew after neighbors continually complained about loud noise, drug use, prostitution, and violence.
Original video:

The Biden administration is defending Anthony Fauci even as his role in funding research in Wuhan is exposed and “his cover-up unravels,” reports Sky News host Sharri Markson.

Epoch Times, Thought Leaders: Gain of Function Research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology"

The Federal Bureau of Investigation Friday was investigating after a man reportedly attempted to break into the cockpit on a flight from Los Angeles International Airport."

Mom in Carmel NY fights back against teaching critical race theory as school board tries to tone her down.

"Winston Boogie Smith was fatally shot by U.S. Marshals on Thursday after he reportedly fired his gun on them while being arrested for an open warrant related to a case involving the illegal possession of a gun. As a convicted felon, he was not allowed to own one." After the shooting, rioting and looting by Black Lives Matter extremists erupted in Minneapolis, a “call for justice” for Smith began trending on social media."

Based on “The Deep Rig” written by Patrick M. Byrne.
Directed by Roger R. Richards
Produced by Steve Lucescu

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appears on Fox News with Laura Ingraham to share his reaction to the newly released emails of Anthony Fauci.

Fox News host Sean Hannity began the segment by reminding the audience of Biden’s sketchy track record when it comes to race relations, a purported history of insensitivity, or worse..."

FoxNews: Dr. Fauci under fire for allegedly ignoring info on COVID-19; reaction from ‘The Five.

Dr. Scott Atlas joined Cortes and Pellegrino on Newsmax TV to discuss the explosive Fauci emails.

The Fox News host unloaded on serial liar Dr. Anthony Fauci which shows his implication in the gain-of-function research that may have led to covid-19."

http://JooTube.TV Miss Iraq '17, Sarah Idan, a Muslima, exposes the anti-Israeli conflict is an expression of Islamic racism towards Judaism (and Jewish people) which is harnessed (as German Nazi Party did) to ascend the movement's power - with the goal of imperialist conquest over the geographical region - and ultimately, the world."

"Judge Joe Brown tells Kwame Brown he was there when Joe Biden made his racist segregationist speech: “Negro Children are like roaches & should be integrated with white kids”

Daily Caller: To our fallen troops … we pay tribute."

"How Anthony Fauci was arguing against scientific consensus to keep allowing “gain of function” biological experimentation with deadly viruses. Fauci advocated for weaponization research in 2012, the scientific community was against it because of the inherent risks."

Comedian TikTok influencer Jermaine Church: The video posted to his TikTok last Saturday began with him admitting that “Caucasian Republicans” were right all along about Biden.

Fox News host: "Stupid people took control of our country. The Left is just gone in their heads"

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is fired up as he walks through the events that took place in Tennessee yesterday after he was blocked from attending the Republican Governor’s Association (RGA) dinner they had invited him to attend."

Baltimore County Police released dramatic video of a shooting earlier this month that left four people dead and a townhouse engulfed in flames.


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