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Not sure why the creator of this used a woman's face, as female warriors were rare, but it's a pretty good extrapolation of some of the advice of the Havamal.
"These life rules are based on the Hávamál, a collection of old Norse poems from the Viking age. Legend tells us that they were written by the deity Odin himself. There are 8 poems in total each covering different areas. The short verses teach us about love, travelling, manhood and daily living. I have extracted the lessons from this text to write 24 original rules for life."

The poems of the Hávamál include: Wisdom for Wanderers and Counsel to Guests, Maxims for All Men, Lessons for Lovers, Odin's Love Quests, Odin's Quest after the Song Mead, The Counseling of the Stray-Singer, Odin's Quest after the Runes and The Song of Spells


Narrated by Nicky Rebelo

Music: Viking Sword by Marcus Bressler
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A little talk on the methods of this round of the elitist/eugenicist "great culling and who will be able to survive to see the rest of the 21st Century.

Showcasing my new favorite PUB. Stay thirsty, my friends.

"When people are being murdered by government and the plan is known, to kill 7.43 billion of us, we must defend ourselves. The Second Amendment gives us the right to use and bear arms and the implied purpose is to use them on a tyrannical government, but 1776 is not the same as our time. We must be rational. Many of the people today are angry and when they are starving, they are going to take to the streets. I think they will be killed by government in large numbers and 5G might be the weapon used. It kills silently and the MSM can easily cover up the murders. Doctors and hospitals will be cohorts and so the goal of 500 million by 2030 will be reached if things go according to plan, but some want to survive and they are willing to kill to get through this. How will it play out? Nobody knows. This humorous video deals with the issue so people put thought into what's coming."

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"With so much going on with the world today, War, Inflation, Gas Prices, Food Shortages.. Its all crazy! Yea you need to prepping like there is no tomorrow.. literally.. but so many times we think.. we have to buy food, which is correct.. but.. there may be more to prep and buy for SURVIVAL.. Here is the list I Think can help you protect your family.!"
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Cost of materials for this simple stove:

Cinder blocks $1.54 x 3 = $4.62
Pavers $1.70 x 2 = $3.40
Brick $0.30

total - $8.32 -- the pavers were the most expensive part of this project. If you can find the H shaped block you can put one of these together for less than $7.00
"I watched dozens of other videos on YouTube about building rocket stoves and a lot of them seem unnecessarily complicated. I wanted to find a design that was extremely simple and they came across a video by desertsun02."
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A Step by step guide on how to start a container garden and get huge harvests using homemade soil. Mirrored from the Youtube Channel:
The Gardening Channel With James Prigioni

This is a quick tutorial on how to assemble a PVS-14 at home, with minimal tools and equipment. Mirrored from S2Undergrund CHannel on Youtube

The traitors who call themselves our "leaders" already worship A.I. and do its bidding. They've given it control over most of everything and plan t give it us next. The UFOs are owned and run by governments. "Society" is a doomed technotronic suicide cult. Leave it or die.

This video is dedicated to all American workers and really, workers worldwide. Spread this message far and wide: the elitists are obsolete and nonessential. WE have the right to build the future. THEY are outdated and their laws and rules, mandates and demands mean NOTHING anymore. Song by ALABAMA "Forty Hour Week"

Grab a glass of your favorite spirit and join me for a short sit and drink, my friend, because the world is mysterious and that's a good thing.

PART 1 Mirrored from the Ju-tube channel Ranger Survival and Field Craft.

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Donald Trump don’t trust China! China is Asshoe! Original Clip: Avi Yemini of Rebel Media Original Track: Psy - Gangnam Style BitChute Mememachine Parody allowed under Copyright Law
China is Asshoe! (Gangam Mix) Parody

I go over the universal archetypes and the essential lesson behind the ancient concept of a head-God of a pantheon, as well as explain why I change the type of videos I put out regularly.

Let's talk about the BS "upload your brain/soul to the cloud garbge pushed by this vid I posted prior to this one. Unga, Nigel and Umfufu want you to talk about this.

A truly despicable illuminist/transhumanist propaganda piece imposed on the psyches of the British people through the British Bullshit Channel (BBC) and their monstrous show YEARS and YEARS.

I'm too tired to type in a description. Shelo Asani Goy!

The official music video for Jordan Davis's "Buy Dirt" featuring Luke Bryan. Listen to Jordan Davis's "Buy Dirt" here: Listen to Jordan Davis’s latest music: Subscribe to this channel: Watch more official videos from Jordan Davis:

From the youtube channel Affected Collective, from a wonderful soul who, unfortunately stopped posting 4 years ago. These were her words:
D'Wave is the first to be commercially available in the race to Quantum Supremacy, but who else is a contender? Quantum Computing is a force to be reckoned with, particularly if/when an A.I. were to take the steering wheel....

In this video, I tried to put together helpful info that clarifies how quantum computing works, and points out the fatal flaws in D-Wave Systems, which need gigantic freezers to even work at all. Let me know if I was unclear on any points--I'm happy to answer questions asked by polite folks who, like me, are seeking answers to what is happening around us.

Here are links to the videos featured in this presentation:

D Wave NASA Google Quantum A.I. Lab:

D Wave CEO Vern Brownell talks to Big Think:



The next video in a series of videos to awaken your Hope, dear friends. Love is the Underpinning of EVERYTHING we fight for. Take comfort and draw strength from this.

I go over the special feeling kindred souls have for one another, united in purpose and, in the case of my own fellow kindred spirits, a love foranda bent towards freedom. Ending song is "together" from the album "Has Been,"by William Shatner.

COURAGE, DEAR HEART... The FEAR propaganda is at a fever pitch. I urge you to walk on, confidently, through any and all storms they throw at you, dear friend, for you and I are free, and free people can weather anything and we will, ...together. You've more allies and friends than you know. When you walk through a storm, hold your head up high, and don't be afraid of the dark. End song performed by many, including Elvis, through the years, from the musical Carousel by Rogers and Hammerstein, performed here by Josh Groban from his album "stages."

Gather around the fire and listen to the Norse tales, my friends. In this video, learn how the Norse viewed Yggdrasil, the World Tree and the three Fates, the Norns. Mirrored from Noblechute's channel here on bitchute.


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