Scum CNN and their scum reporters projections. CNN has tried to start a race war forever now. Their bias, anti-white, fake news has so much blood on their hands. CNN and the rest of the leftist scum media (MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS) are the #1 reason for all the violent crimes occurring right now by black lives matter and antifa terrorist.

They both cry out in pain as they strike whitey!

These radical jewish supremacist are infested in the education system, spewing their anti-whiteness. Your #1 enemy on earth!

These rat face creatures are in the open.

Jewish supremacy must be dismantled!

WAKE UP WHITES! The only terror threat in America is the jewish supremacist system and their black supremacist lapdogs!

Radical jewish supremacy is infested at the New York Times.., One of the rats couldn't contain themselves!

Mix with Europeans to blend in. Pervert. Invite non-European immigrants. Create Anti-white propaganda, And destroy.


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