'Absolutely disgraceful!’ Calls for Ryanair boycott in wake of passenger’s racist rant:

Student THREATENS teacher with fake gun to mark him present (Creteil, Paris, France)

Elizabeth Warren: Cultural Appropriation (Pocahontas, Cherokee, Jews, Turks, Germans)

Infertility by Propaganda: the Path of White Women (White Genocide)

Venom Movie Review: White Genocide Groundwork Spoiler (Marvel Comics)

NOT ok to be WHITE, according to Australian senate (Pauline Hanson One Nation Party)

Australian Senate Votes Against Motion That ‘It Is Okay To Be White’:

Sir Craig Mackey due to receive £12,800/month pension (Commissioner Coward at Westminster Attack?)

Police Boss Who Hid During Terror Attack to Get Pension 12x Bigger Than Murdered Officer’s Widow:

Somali Gang Rapist's Deportation THWARTED by Passengers (Yaqub Ahmed Istanbul flight)

Somali Whose Deportation was Thwarted by Passenger Mutiny Is Gang Rapist Linked to ISIS Fighter:

Gender Dysphoria & False Advertising (Madrid, Spain)

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Scotland Slammed as ‘Racist’ for Treating Gaelic Language as ‘More Scottish’ Than Urdu:

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Gender danger: Trans student barred from all locker rooms, left in the open at school shooter drill:

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Astronaut Scott Kelly attacked for quoting Winston Churchill

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Analysis of Jordan Peterson's tweets in regards to the Kavanaugh controversy.


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