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やっほー Youtube! Welcome back to my channel :D I am supaGENKI and in today's video I'm going to be teaching you about THE KING OF CRABS!

Have put around 50 hours into this game over the past 2 weeks, and am pretty good at it.

Just want to share some knowledge with you, and promote! It's a very fun game.

I'll see you on the battle beaches!

やっほー Bitchute! Welcome back to my channel :D I am supaGENKI and in today's video I'm posting a podcast I did with one of my viewers on Twitch!

We talk about loads of stuff, but the general gist of it all is, "what do we even talk about for a podcast?"

It was a productive conversation so please enjoy, and GET GENKI!

やっほー Bitchute! Welcome back to my channel :D I am supaGENKI and in today's video I gotta tell you, I dropped the sauce.

I was in training, I wasn't thinking and BAMMMM it just happened. Luckily for me no one was around to see it, but I'm here to confess.

We all have to learn from mistakes, but they don't have to be your own. Learn from mine :D

Anyway have a good day, and GET GENKI!

It may not seem that big of a deal to you, but to me, this is the first time I have ever worked at a job in America!

I have worked previous jobs, but in other countries, which is why I'm excited to see where this leads me!

It's about breaking the cycle of human habit. Really is, because only than can change really happen.

Hope you enjoy and GET GENKI!

Yep just another day in my life lol. Go figure that my first day at the gym, I would get screamed at by some old man for trying to share a exercise machine. He said a lot of mean things, but I mean that's life I suppose.

Hope you learn something from my experience!


It's not where you go, it's what you do while your there.

Today is my last day in Spain for the next 3 to 10 odd years. Glad that I took the job as an English teacher, and grateful for the ride.

Headed back to America tomorrow!

I was thinking about this today, because I don't have a lot of online friends, but of the ones I do, im very happy to have.

But, I have in real life friends to, and I value those people even more than my online friends. Why do some people think its ok to only have online friends though? I think its because its way easier, but your not going to learn much from an online interaction. This is why I think we need to get real about practicing our social skills!

I will be making more videos like this in the future :D

Like im still excited, but everything is different right now. Read this manga and im sure you'll figure out what im saying lol.

Read it here and support the author please:



I browse for manga in my free time, and sometimes I find some good stuff, BUT OHHHH MY WOW, was this a gem in the rough!

Literally started reading it, 40 minutes later I know I have to stop just can't. Dude I have no idea what to do but reccomend you check it out lol.

Here's the link to where im reading it, please go show the authors some support!



Just some piano I played a long time ago ill finish the song this year. Hope you enjoy!

Hey everyone, I like Japan a lot and do weeb stuff a lot. This was my birthday last year. Check it out and when things calm down, go do it too!

I don't even agree with it, but its affected my life so much: victim hood mentality.

Justification for procrastination is what it is.

Hopefully things will finally change, but its going to be a long battle from here.

Hey I don't know if you all have heard about the term Supagenki before, but this is where I found it. I made this vlog over 2 years of living in Japan! Hope you enjoy :D

The Music Video is BIGMAMA "神様も言う通りに featuring FM802" MV, go check it out its great! The link is here:


For the first time in my life I managed to go 10 days without binge eating, and then I got dumped.

Not only that I got dumped by a Supagenki fangirl. Ya I know I shouldn't have been dating a fan girl, but I DIDN'T KNOW SHE WAS TRIXIY TANG!

Making one of these videos helped last time, hopefully it will this time to.

You can see my belly at the end of the video, im not ashamed about it, but im not happy about it either.

Shesnaps told me a wonderful quote yesterday on her stream. The mind is a wonderful servant and a terrible master. I resonated with it so much, that I broke out of my chains and got excited to make a video again.

Was watching some Anthony Jeselnik earlier today, he got me wanting to write some jokes so here you go.

Im struggling, but we six days strong! Gotta keep it movin somehow, just thought I would make a song.

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やっほー Bitchute! Welcome back to my channel :D I am supaGENKI and in today's video im here to tell you, be water my friends.

Water is such an abstract concept, kinda like success, and when you become it, you can focus on making what you want to put it in. Its so easy to buy into other peoples merch and think that their idea of success is ours, but im not so sure what this will do for us.

Lets remember!

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Hey yall, I have been binge eating my whole life, tried numerous times to stop, and always failed.

Here is another attempt of me trying again to stop. Addiction sucks, binge eating is an addiction. Im going to attempt to make myself accountable with videos, and try my hardest to resist the urge to keep doing this to myself.

I never think about it when im feeling good, but its the first thing on my mind when thing go wrong. Things have been going way wrong in my life this year, so ya I have been binging a lot but hopefully we can beat the curve.

K thanks.

I had to watch this video several times. Every time I watch it, I always end up smiling! Hope you enjoy some of this hopeful news. I found the video clip here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wpO3_2yBd2U

Its apart of the daily wires show, but dammm it was just too cool!

I have been so f#$%ed up in the head recently from all the spins and stupidity that has been going around in the world, but I woke up a little more level headed than usual today. Thought I would give my opinion on this executive order. Feel free to disagree with me, im down to talk about it.

Here's the article I read from:


I have taken a step back from anger and have tried to reconcile my preconceived notions with whats happening in America, and the conclusion I have reached is, ya we have a race problem in America, what do you expect? We live in a cultural melting pot and the world is not all sunshine and rainbows. Listen to my reasoning. Its not just what they are doing, its also how we are living. There is so much to unpack here, stop letting other people do it for you.

Hope you all stay safe out there.

Whats up Bitchute, ya boy Supagenki here bringing you my: FIRST TIME leaving quarantine in 3 MONTHS EXPERIENCE!

Worlds going up in flames, but we don't have to. No ones going to break us out of our heads, so we gotta do it ourselves.

Hope you all stay safe, wear your masks, and avoid rioters!

Im still pissed off about the riots around the US right now.

Got me thinking back to the dark knight.

Im pretty pissed off right now. I agree that the what the officer did was wrong, but I do not agree with the way people have been reacting around the country.

Its disgusting...


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Hi Bitchute!

I am supagenki and this is my channel bubblegumpositivity!

I have a mission to complete before I turn 30(24 right now,) to live in every continent around the world for at least 2 months, and write a book about the experiences I had!

I also want to make videos about it, so I can show my children and grandchildren some day. Also to help you be more positive, and confident along your own journey to your dreams!

I stream a lot on twitch, so you can usually find me live there. Come hang out :D looking forward to it.

See ya!