The baht bus system in Pattaya Thailand is so quirky...you never know for sure if the driver is going to turn right or left at certain points in the route. Truly unique.

I had to run a few errand before I took off for my next soi walking adventure and upon getting back to the main soi here in Pattaya a local Thai fellow spotted my video glasses and we chatted a bit about the price difference between America and Thailand. Cheers!!

I am absolutely addicted to the baht buses of Pattaya Thailand.

I will now be doing most of my video with my Hohem Gimbal. Enjoy.

Jetski world championships in Jomtien Thailand 2018

Had to unleash the Hohem smartphone/gopro gimbal due to technical difficulties with past video. Enjoy.

I got off the baht bus and wanted to try out my Hohem gimbal with my gopro and thought that the deeper sand of the new and improved Pattaya Beach would be a perfect place to start. enjoy.

Hot and sweaty was the way of the day...

I decide to do a bit of walking and talking while making my way to Terminal 21 mall in Pattaya.


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