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This is the final part of the series on fly traps. This is about 24 hours of use, probably a few hundred dead flies. I sure wish I could get more, but you take what you can get. If you like it, please “Like”!

I was given these chickens by a very nice lady a few hundred miles away that wanted to clear space to raise her own variety of chickens she was developing. No plans to keep them, a friend agreed to take them.

This dual purpose breed lays a white Medium to Large egg. Here, they are compared to ISA Browns and Cornish Cross eggs.

Heritage breed chicken that is interesting but pretty meek compared to other varieties. A dual purpose breed, eat the cockerels and save the hens for eggs. The next video compares the eggs to the ISA Browns and Cornish Cross.

Second part shows placement of fly traps. In 24 hours, final video will show end result.

Over the years, I’ve used a lot of fly traps, some more effective than others. This one is about $5-$6 and fills up with flies, after just an hour of hanging it out there! So a simple video to demonstrate its effectiveness. I’m paid jack squat for this, just spent a lot of money on less effective stuff so I ought to help others save.

This is a way to keep your food plants portable and move them from intense sunlight, create camouflaged barriers, or maximize land area for growth. Portable above ground gardening to maximize space and sunlight. A strip of sun drenched plywood can hide the keliedescope of offending colors.

We’re not talking about Quay Chang Cain, we’re talking about Cain who brought sin upon mankind. These chickens had ONE ancestor that got big, quickly, so his/her offspring ended up being bred for meat production. Watching these loving chickens, with their flatulent diarrhea and quest for caloric consumption forced me to reflect on the human condition. Should we be responsible for the sins of our ancestors? To a chicken in a fenced area, I am a God. Allowing them mercy, to live out their life, brings me happiness.

“Like” if you like. A recap of honey, the restoration of a crystallized jar revisited. Notice on locally procured vs store purchase. Local is certainly cheaper and seems to be a better product. Buy a case, store for a few years, get a better product, and save money!

If you Like, Please LIKE! Short description of my organic matter recycling project. I turn everything into plant food. Surprising to find this is an incredibly efficient way for a lazy man to generate plant food and reduce landfill space. Allowing nature to break down trash in an accelerated and controlled process is easily obtainable at home and the rewards are new life!

Using .032” nickel safety wire to skim the chicken run. If to like the video, please like it!

If you like the video please like it!

Welding Galvanized steel can be dangerous as the fumes are poisonous and may even cause cancer in the state of California! I don’t prep, for this anyway. A better technique is to grind it off but as this is not important, it basically supports the walls for chicken wire, I’m just getting the job done. Welding burns it off and if there is some porosity, it’s not life threatening.

Starting construction on a chicken run using 1/2” and 3/4 galvanized steel electrical conduit. I’ve used this technique in the past with awesome results and after years of use, still structurally sound. This is a Lincoln AC 225 runs up to 50 amps on a 230 Volt system. BETTER than anything cheaper. I would buy one of these at $150 used or even $350 new than the cheaper stuff that just doesn’t hold up. Yes, the inverter technology is great but you’ll need to spend more that $350 to get a good one.

Completed welds using the 115 Volt 100 Amp AC welder. It actually works fairly well and if there was a 20 Amp outlet, I could probably do most household jobs with this. As I basically bought it for nothing, it came with a cart I wanted to set up my MIG welder on, I’d say it’s a great deal.

Using a 115 Volt welder for simple welding jobs. It works better than I thought it would but since it’s running into a 15 Amp socket, the fuse gets blow and it turns into a PITA. Simple welding tips, nothing spectacular. The second video shows the actual welds it made.

The ISA Browns know the route. After foraging in the yard, once the sun goes down, they head to the roost. Just latch the gate for the night and you’re done. Yes, the Cornish cross nicked my hand, didn’t notice till the video was loaded.

These Cornish Cross are too loving to roast so I treat them like my egg layers. But foraging for food is a new concept to them as they were bred for the oven so I’ve go to train them to go to roost (NOT ROAST!). It’s amazing they follow me like I’m a cult leader or part of their flock.

I got a tip, so it’s safe to assume someone actually likes my videos, enough to pay!

Still a little warm but it is flowing nicely.

Desert honey, raw, in its natural state crystallized over time and it’s a PITA to spread so here is the BEST way to restore it.

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Comparison of eggs between the breeds, actual yolk to yolk. This is a companion video to previous video where actual weights were shown of individual eggs. Now we’re just getting to the heart of the matter.

We were given some chickens that we were told were egg layers... technically true, but when we went to pick them up and I felt the sheer mass of those breasts, I knew they were Cornish Cross. They were mixed run and two let us know the next morning that our relationship wouldn’t work out. Over the next week, another three let us know, “It’s not you, it’s me.”

Living in the city, we have to be sensitive to our neighbors and as we pass out eggs like Piggly Wiggly and keep it clean, we don’t have to many problems.

There were plans for the other four but when the first eggs appeared, that’s a game changer. We are comparing their eggs to our ISA Brown layers. Various weights checked and compared.

The BSF larvae were in a period of self harvesting so the chickens were is a feeding frenzy. The chicken sitting on the shelf is “Scaley”, the only one with a name because she is the most pet like of the hens. I sneak her treats because she is 1/2 the size of the largest chicken but is the most prolific egg layer! She hasn’t missed a day in 8 months and I can’t figure out how she can maintain her weight!

This has been annealed and washed with detergent previously but after sorting, there was still small pebbles and sand inside the brass. Any dirt or gravel could damage the dies and since the dies are rare and fairly expensive when available, it only makes sense to get them as clean as possible. By agitating them with stainless steel pins, we can loosen any stuck sand from the inside of the cases.


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