I wanted to back this up to bitchute in case youtube cancels the tristige account. I did not find "tristige" on bitchute. I hope "tristige" will join bitchute soon.

Flagellation and exquisite ecstasy

Free public domain document (biography of Prince Harry) from @royalforummoron https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rz9XzNa6jnpm0pEymphFrENhuzR1PsZl/view?usp=sharing

(The skips and occasional repeats are due to edits done in the interest of keeping the video at a reasonable length. Necessary cuts to weed out the unnecessary. I consider the FU to Fleet Street as indispensable.)

Kominsky Method S2:E5. Chapter 13. A Shenckman Equivocates.

There might be more meaning in what I don't say. I'll leave it open. This is one of those areas full of fifty shades of grey.

Message to Lionel: There's nothing wrong with being Greek, Prince Philip is not even Greek, and your concerns about the paternity of certain royal princes are not universally shared concerns. Goodbye. I have the honor to be your Obedient Servant, Burbank Story Lady.

Plus tangent about Tommy Lascelles (played by Pip Torrens) and Helena Bonham Carter being so Bonham-Carter-Asquith-Bowes Lyon-and-Margaret-Rosey.

The Prince's message about harmony in the built environment

Styxhexenhammer666 11 Satanic Rules of the Earth

But it is mostly me talking about the Duchess of Cornwall....

Expressed in a letter to his Mama and Papa while traveling there in the 1960s

15 minutes of idle chat about two "fashionable" women (the beautiful and the damned) if you can stand it

Pictures and reading from Pioneer Prince, edited by Giles St. Aubyn

The Picture of Dorian Gray, a discussion continued after being rudely interupted

you can't say you were not warned because you were, explicity, so don't cry "she spoiled it for me" later.


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