first strike is under foe #1 shield, supposedly I'm also in chain mail armor. Which I did own then. Also supposedly wearing a metal cap and coif.

we had a good stream last night, ricky & I (& markus & debby) stayed up with Lazer all night because of city circumstances. I drank A GALLON of beer. Still woozy at 5:30 PM! =) I think I started preaching around 4 AM =)

listen to the words ehhhhhhh?

come join the chat, give love, encouragement, coaching, friendship like my video of attack of MOTHRA

as if I ever sang with a Husky, oh, I did.

after Dad Unit left a favorable review on FB, Sak decided it was 2 for 1 Beer night, so I got to bring home another beer!
Now that I've been home and seen the forecast for this month, one of the weeks is supposed to be rain allllllllll week! OH NO!

trying to make it relevant and old school.

I wasn't in the habit of saying the date or year or time then because I was uploading within 3 days of filming. Now it's part of File from August 2012 so all I know it's before August 2012

hahaha! it's really a rebuke. HEY CHURCH! you give jobs to BOAT PEOPLE FROM CAMBODIA but you can't do that for Americans? Why I want yer church then? Boat People want America not church. I'd like American church to feed their own sons.

well let's get some ringers

3rd year of Vermont basement dwelling

Living on unemployment insurance for 5 months of the year was pretty cheap, if I'm spilling an Arrogant Bastard I must've splurged or had some shoveling job to afford Good Beer.

Traditional Caveman spear point using charcoal

2 guys from WILDLY different backgrounds trying to become friends without the use of drugs or existential threat bringing us together. It's a difficult process, MAKING FRIENDS, without the use of phones or internet or bars. there was a coffee shop but both of us preferred to be outside, despite the weather, and I think both of us were desperate to SPEAK OUR MINDS, seeking the judgment of a Friend and the Compassion as well. Thank you for reading this description.

at this point, we were hanging out about once a month, so we'd hung out about 7 times, over the next 4 years we got to a couple times a week, but not always, he lives on the next mountain over.


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