Loud. I'm so proud of him.

https://www.fixr.com/costs/poison-ivy-removal Why do you charge by bag, Axblade, if normally you let persons just pay what they think is fair? weed whackers can be found a dime a dozen, poison ivy removal is much more rare person. Especially since I don't have to wear protective gear and be tentative about getting on me. Also, so far each of the places where I have done poison ivy in the past, it works out to about 30$/30 gal. bag. And that is 20$ less/gal. than blueberries picked. https://www.fixr.com/costs/poison-ivy-removal And according to this I'm ultra cheap, because I uproot. I didn't even know it was worth 700$/10 sq ft!!!! YOWZA! That has to be a Connecticut price.

new vape tool, Simply Peach is my new drink (i water it down considerably), is there a Christian Pacifist Protest this next Sunday morning at 8 A.M. since churches are closed and people want to worship together? So they are willing to go to jail and have group worship with the other protesters...

it's bad, and you all need to eat grass

OFFICIAL my grocery spent 17 Million more dollars in one week on beef 17 million $'s

Scarf eating new soup bone style.

"Campineli egg dessert" for Pizza Hut. I'm sure there is a metal need.

what about all those handiwipes they use on the shopping carts, one swipe, it disinfects, it doesn't pick up the "germs" it kills them. They are soft, sanitary, and litter the parking lot, yet people complain about not having TP. All those one use wipes are still good, recycle them for a nice cooling wipe. Don't flush them, throw them away, but even so...

I have been completely unhappy with the contractors in NC. I now know why people tip me 200$ on 600$ jobs, and tip me 40$ on 80$ jobs...because I clean up. This is the 3rd time we've hired people to do stuff. Matteson, Lazer, & Americana all work WAY BETTER than these people. And I have a feeling that even though we're doing HARD LABOR that none of us are working as hard as these Contractors. But we're getting it done and people are giving us more money, because we got a clean site.

I can't believe that D&D made a rap musical. At least, without my consent!

wow, I'm moody this Thursday

needs music

it's really 2013/2014

Grandma & Edna born Christmas Day 1916, Edna made it to 2018, 101!

thanks for the prayers and supports


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