we had a live stream going at the same time. But SUUUUUSAN said, I could have 3 minutes of 70. Susan, thanks for YT, and thanks for NOTHING

Matteson was in the area, I had a 6 tree job. split the winnings =) dad made us supper! total Jesus Ninjer wins!

cuz they scared! so they send the big gal!

this noise started Saturday last, and is much more loose today end of day than at beginning of day. HELP!

this place hasn't mowed in 2 months.
there ARE feral cats roaming this parking lot.
the bus stop is right here.
walking through 2+ foot tall grass is dangerous in NC.
On Sunday eve, I weed whacked the path from bus stop to inner curb.
There is no sidewalk, and a narrow, squealing dangerous in & out turn for the parking lot.
Tuesday morning I went and told them I'd like the contact info for their property management, and I told them I weed whacked and that it was for the sake of me and my dog.
They gave me the information, FINALLY, yes, I was sweaty & prolly smelly from working all morning, but I was wearing a collared shirt, and I smiled a lot at the office I was supposed to talk to, haha, which is a Dentist's office, so they were fixating on my toothless mouth and I had to repeat myself, more than twice.
They told me the property management had a landscape company.
I figured I was the nicest complaint ever.
Nothing done by them so Thursday morning, I decided to be a helpful VOLUNTEER! And go do it myself, no bill, no charge, just a helpful Hank. With my dog, crossing the 6 lane street, to make a Damned POINT.
Policeman was nicer than Dental Office Bitches. =) Cheers! Stuntman!

I have a trailer, classic has truck that'll tow my trailer, tested, and Replied & LiL Rip are south of us. November isn't very cold here, but I don't know any CHN in Georgia. Between classic & I we both have extra beds and room for an extra dog at my place. Of course, maybe you'll only get to Rutland and shadow for a year.

My parents and I had this ADSUM conversation tonight. And Love Does Not End! granted I'm poisoned to the max and may not know what I'm promising, but I'll kill people NQA so I think I know what I'm saying. You can ask nog next door if I'll pull a knife on his throat when I'lve lived here for one week and he'll say, "you put a fucking katana on my throat you crazy!" and that I did. And i know mow his lawn for cheap. But he also doesn't deal crack out his house either. I rule. Don't need no guns. My street and my grocery are safe, I live here.

I got stung a lot earlier today by yellow jackets, a lot of yellow jackets. no idea what this video is, but I'm sure I'm not a nog, maybe I am????

I woke up half whore ago ang for got i needed to pee. this is strong benedrtl they give the children

i ran over yellow jacket nest twice it's once am. I'm still fucked up, BUT I',m awake, kinda. oh man, my legs!!!

click bait title. I was in Air Force ROTC, but I was at Cheyenne complex (not Area 51), before I was in the Air Force

Wee~~Cardinal Jr. was a happy fish at 12:30 AM. Dead at 5:30 AM. Now, I'm already paranoid about being a targeted individual at night because of my dreams. This is fish 3 that has died upstairs in the plastic aquarium. Plastic aquarium used to house my guy & gal bettas. And they died because Scarf killed them and my computer when I first got him. Otherwise they'd already lived for months. Only thing that has changed in my room, aside from Scarf, and he doesn't touch anything around my computer anymore, is 5G in the house. Now, I knew my dad wanted Whitey, so I put Whitey in my old traveling GLASS, thick glass, aquarium for him to have downstairs. As noted in the Title, Whitey still alive. But is it the 5G? because he was regular happy fish until I slept. Messes with my head I tell you!

Description in the title, I don't remember what I was watching

I'm humbled and elated!

ate it all.

Wee~~Whitey & Wee~~Cardinal

made first Fish video at 2:42 PM

Just 2 minutes earlier, he left the Arby's parking lot, came back in tailing lady on phone in car. Fish alive when we got home at 8.

why'd muh fishes die? they had air, water, food. They is very dead. I took a Betta to the Ranch and it lived for 3 days without care, stupid ranch manager, in cold weather. I don't think these fish should've died. I've had Betta's, until Scarf, constantly from 2010 to 2018, none have died within 11 hours.

Wee~~Whitey & Wee~~Cardinal


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