I ponder the nature of religious belief, the duality of the mind, masculine and feminine. Is the female mind more susceptible to faith, or the supernatural?
Link to Mark Passio's presentation dealing with the masculine and feminine mind, 48 minutes in: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1V98DsNXi0

Does religious affiliation have an effect upon partnering habits?
Are some religions more likely to promote partnering with one’s own than others?
Are some religions more likely to lead to political affiliation than others? If so, are some more Left Wing or Right Wing than others?
Is race of ideal partner more important for some than for others?
What about differences in partner preferences between the genders?

2018 study by myself using data from popular Australian dating website (7 religious groups)
'Open source’
'Western multicultural’ context

Access original excel data here: https://mega.nz/#!azQwjYrT!AF6Uy3hGGA0nHSIIS3lsotWAEZBvesIF_ZFt4ykZimM

In this 13 minute video I point the camera at a fallen tree while discussing basic computer, internet and email security and privacy (PGP versus other options) while keeping things as straightforward as possible.

In this short video I stare at trees while discussing working for someone else in an office environment versus in an outdoor / trades environment.

Join me on another stroll through the bush as I chat about gear requirements for starting your own yard maintenance gig, with an idea of cost, and general tips.

A short walk in the bush discussing general tips on how to be your own boss in yard maintenance based on my personal experience over the past 2+ years.


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Sometimes I stroll trough the bush, sometimes I don't - but one thing is for sure: I post rarely, and only first rate content.