Micheal Rosens Chocolate boy story. Very Fun. Fun times with Michael.

I use Final Cut Pro X to edit my videos.

For all the people saying that I am making fun of him:

Vindaloo na na!

With Rosen bonus at the end.

I can only do so much with Windows Movie Maker.

Official Trailer

Legend of Stigzilla, soon in theaters.

Med ICA bonus på slutet.



Det går ju faktiskt inte...

Vad är egentligen komplicerat?

Den tredje delen i serien. (The third part of the series.)

Andra Avsnittet (Second episode.)

Första Avsnittet (First episode.)

Blooper reel.

Because getting dressed is the most difficult part of your day.

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We livestreamed the beginnings of this YTP, a few months ago:
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Hey well, a new video finally!
Original source here:

My head keeps falling on the raindrops
Spider-Man 2 (2004)

"They should be speaking English."

And the people in the background shouting racism.


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