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The Superfreakeske Design is back, it's bold it's busy but we keep the customer satisfied.

Before and after RT-60 acoustic testing of a school gymnasium. Treatment to ceiling and upper walls.

The RT-60 test is the reverberation decay time by 60 decibels. Pre installation test was 5.9 seconds, final test was 2.2 seconds. This will further drop down to approx 1.4 seconds with many people on the floor. This venue is now an excellent space for live performing arts concerts. For this size venue with hard Jarrah floors 2.2 seconds is exceptionally good acoustics.

Acoustic materials used are AUTEX Quietspace panel and AUTEX CORE Panel.

Visit or contact via email [email protected] for more information on acoustic treatments.

This simple affordable acoustic treatment is extremely effective in reducing reverberation issues associated with open office layouts.

This design uses a combination of AUTEX Core Panel @24mm thickness with pops of Ecoustic Panel @50mm thickness with a light grey felt facing for aesthetic variation in the 3D pattern.

The wall acoustics combine with a grid ceiling treatment replacing 50% of the existing tiles with AUTEX Core panel 24mm thickness in a checker pattern, cut to fit and the old tiles are placed over the top for extra acoustic performance and no wastage.

This simple treatment provides a 1.0 second reduction in room reverberation.

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An Autex Acoustics and Pro Sound project, pushing the acoustic envelope to the limit with Cue Sound's new Foley Suite (Booth 1) of the previously known Braine Storm Digital Production Labs.

Cue Sound now houses the only high end Ultra-Low Ambient Spl concrete encased Foley Suite equipped to tackle any acoustic application in relation to film/tv sound digital production.

The foley Suite in Booth 1 - Features advanced acoustics with a mix of diffusion/absorption using radical 3D aesthetic designs - AUTEX ACOUSTICS QS Panel on walls @50mm thickness with a backing of Autex Core 24mm thickness so the wall panels float combined with negative concrete pops of bright ambience.

The ceiling 3D tetrahedrons are a perfect alternating mathematical formula comprising 3x contrasting colours in AUTEX's Symphony Panel Series (Myst, Civic and Silver) @10mm thickness 3 piece skin with solid foam backing (mid density), the panel facing is reverse to give brightness in natural acoustic diffusion spray reflections in the very mid-high and highs region - in other words the room is dead but feels live and natural. The foam backing absorbs problematic modes typical with parallel elevations eliminating their notorious nodes starting in the 125hz region.

The room boasts the most radical concealed bass controls using a combination of compressed chamber traps - AUTEX Baffleblock and CSR Easy Baffle. This combined with the variations of absorption substrates creates a full range frequency control balance for the ultimate audio reference reproduction machine!

Designed by Pro Sound Director Shannon de Bie, installed by the Pro Sound Team with Simon Gray.

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