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Mission statement:

To improve communication when it comes to relationships of all kind. I am simply focusing on romantic relationships first.

Save modern relationships by creating new tools that improve the creation of new relationships in this new overtly meta society.

Save people's time by creating a clearer path to finding what they are looking for and getting what they want.

To create a happier way of navigating relationships in the post internet reality.

#11 I have a twitter now @savetheworld141 but this is still my main source

The first dating website to actually use the internet as a tool to improve new relationships.
More info to come.

So I made a new dating website called with its motto being: “Get what you want!”

So my goal with this dating website is to solve the logistical fog that comes with meeting someone new. I accomplish this by making wants and expectations clear with both parties. What makes wants important? If 2 people have great chemistry but one wants kids and the other doesn't then the only thing that chemistry serves is how hard of a break up it will be. Maybe they will even get married but eventually the wanting/not wanting kids will be a deal breaker. This philosophy works on the small scale as well as the large scale. It might make new relationships a little less exciting but the group with by far the highest marriage satisfaction rate is arranged marriages.

If expectations are clear and both sides know what is expected from them, what to do and what not to do, the set structure and boundaries are ironically more freeing leading to more risk taking, fun, and honesty. These awkward questions that arise from not knowing what the other person wants or expects (like paying the bill, limits of touching on the first date) these unknowns create a fog on the actual dates.

The way many people try to instinctively achieve structure is by being friends first, but all this does is set up both parties for a gamble in losing a friend. People simply don't know how to do it. This is why such things as the friend zone have become social issues, usually with the man feeling stuck waiting and the woman feeling used and betrayed by a friend.

We have many technologies that make our lives more efficient. Let’s not make dating exempt from that. For better or worse we do have our own unique ideas and wants in today's age but we must be able to find those other like minded people. In transition times things are more complicated before they become a simple structure to navigate.

So I hope you sign up now! It just launched so if you believe in trying to make this world a better place please support it by signing up and together we can kick off the navigation of this new world.

Took some of the highlights of the book so that it can reach more people. With help from

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Link to central bank video:
With a solution being so fast and easy we need to get big enough to get this information to President Trump.

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Please read. I know I'm not good at this but I have the link below to the text version.
Extremely interesting stuff, the secret of the veil of today.
A general explanation of how money is a tool and not an enslaver. What money is and should be in contrast to what it is today.
A history of the first central bank, The American Revolution, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, then the system we have today and the very easy fsolution.
Remember, the life force of the enemy is fractional reserve banking and is the real thing to stomp out.

I believe this is the biggest problem the world faces today. But also the easiest to solve. I would like to start a movement and unite everyone who has been kicked off of youtube and get Trump to carry out the solution. If not Trump then start our own movement because I think once Trump's second term is up the democratic party won't exist anymore. Subscribe to join this movement. Updates are on the channel page.

(The 2nd biggest problem can also be solved easily through extermination which will also stop this perversion of the tool of money from ever happening again. I will have a second video on this much later in the future. Or perhaps another kind of format.)

Could use some help I'm not good at this kind of video thing, I can research and write it though.

PDF file:

Thank you, and thanks for watching.

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Should be just 2 more weeks until I upload the dating site and central bank videos.

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sorry I'm late got caught up with the videos and international finance videos

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No more central bank

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The fractional reserve banking video is now up. This is the first pillar in trying to make the world heaven on earth because its already here and its passing us by. Next will be the relationship website designed to cut out the BS that everyone is flogged with. Which no one should really have to put up with especially now that we have technology, we just haven't figured out how to use it to solve this problem until now.

This channel is meant to be the beginning of at first I wanted to spread the education of what really happened in WW2 but once I finished that video (which will be uploaded soon) I began going into international finance (I'm almost done with this video, unless I decide to do a little extra) and this is the peak of where the fight must be brought.
In order to really get the fight going my plan is to unite all the groups of people who have been kicked off of youtube in order to create our own political movement. I am an electrician so I am busy but I will do a little bit every day to do my part to save the world.
I also plan on promoting my books (7 of them so far) and 2 websites I am working on (one gives equal power to the 'wage slave' and the other website heals the relationship problems found in North America, Europe, Australia, and Japan)
None of this will stop the meme vids though. Thanks for any help and support.

For now funny video compilations that for the most part youtube will take down but I have bigger plans for this channel.