We're moving into the back quarter of Bob the Zombie's tale, ladies and gentlemen, and it has been glorious to share this tale with you all!
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A question for Twitter, for YouTube, and anyone in tech who colludes to illegitimately knock down competition.
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The zombie tale continues!

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'Death of the Author' is not what these dolts seem to think it is.

Another week goes by, and I hereby present the sixth part of Bob the Zombie's tale in the Motor City! We are halfway there, folks, and it has been a joy to share it with you. Won't you consider sharing it with others? Like, subscribe, and share the undead love, folks!

Bob the Zombie continues his tale of the zombie apocalypse's early days in Detroit!

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Bob the Zombie shares more of his tale with the humans he feeds upon in this third installment of 'Motor City Shambler'! Novel originally published in 2008, available at in electronic format, and at for trade paperback.
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In a departure from my normal kind of chatter, I'd like to share some musings on the nature of how we talk about A.I., the sci-fi genre, and the concept of the Collective Subconscious, as established by psychiatrist Carl Jung.

The tale of Bob the Zombie continues in this second installment of the audiobook presentation of 'Motor City Shambler', first published in 2008. Written, read and presented by its original creator, storyteller Joshua T. Calkins-Treworgy.
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Storyteller Joshua T. Calkins-Treworgy presents the first part of his audiobook version of 'Motor City Shambler', his first horror novel, published back in 2008!
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The Beast of Bezos strikes again, this time at a competitor in its original arena of books.


Another review of one of the many thousands of titles available on the Kindle Unlimited program, this time, in the horror genre. Well, if Amazon would but recognize the horror genre, instead of stuffing it into 'thriller and suspense'.

I haven't done one of these in a long time, so it's time to finally get back at it with a review of an indie genre fiction work!

This is it, folks! The origin tale of King Bowser Koopa comes to a close, and the fate of Gora Empire is decided!
I want to thank all of the folks who've hunkered down and listened to these chapters, especially the subscribers to the channel. Storytelling is what I offer, and you have helped make it feel like a worthwhile endeavor by watching/listening in.
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Cover art by skepticarcher on DeviantArt

War rages across the Gora Empire, and Bowser leads the Douard Rebellion toward the capital. Cover art by sketicarcher of DeviantArt.

Closer and closer we come, and the loop tightens on Gora Empire's de-facto ruler, Benjamin Godash. Cover art by skepticarcher on DeviantArt.
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Comes to you now the 22nd chapter of 'Heavy is the Crown', the fanfiction origin tale of King Bowser Koopa, created by Nintendo. Cover art by skepticarcher on DeviantArt.
After this tale finishes, the next project will be an original work produced early in my writing career.

Quick listen

The fanfiction continues, ladies and gents, and we get closer all the time to the conclusion of our Bowser origin tale. Cover art by skepticarcher on DeviantArt.

The rebellion of Bowser and company begins in earnest in this chapter of 'Heavy is the Crown', a fanfiction novel by Joshua Calkins-Treworgy! Cover art by skepticarcher on DeviantArt.

Hoping that this isn't a double-upload; trying to start mirroring from YouTube in the event some videos don't process properly here. This is my second attempt to upload this video.


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