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Genre storyteller Joshua Calkins-Treworgy shares the next installment from the 4th Age Tamalarian Tale, 'Not So Epic'.

Genre storyteller Joshua T. Calkins-Treworgy continues the telling of his 4th Age Tamalarian Tale, 'Not So Epic', with the twelfth chapter of the novel. Don't forget to periodically check in on his website,, share the video, leave a comment, and subscribe to the channel! And if you're feeling kind and want to support his work in the narrative realm, you can click on the $ symbol on the channel to leave a donation via PayPal.

I hereby offer the next chapter in the 4th Age Tamalarian Tale, 'Not So Epic'. Fantasy was my first love, and I share that love with you, good listener/reader.
Don't forget to check in occasionally on the website, over at

The 4th Age Tamalarian Tale 'Not So Epic' continues!

The 4th Age Tamalarian Tale continues as genre storyteller Joshua Calkins-Treworgy shares the next chapter of this fantasy work.

Storyteller Joshua Calkins-Treworgy puts it to you, the audience, to relate what you'd like to see/hear from him when 'Not So Epic' concludes.

Storyteller Joshua Calkins-Treworgy shares chapter 8 of the 4th Age Tamalarian Tale, "Not So Epic".
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I discuss in brief within this video essay the basic archetypes of the emotion most commonly associated with horror genre literature- Fear. This observational commentary is offered up as a storyteller, and someone who has endured his fair share of personal injury, confusion, madness and terror, and should not be taken as any kind of indispensable truth, regardless of how positively or negatively the viewer/listener may feel toward either the subject matter or the presenter, being myself.

The continuation of genre storyteller Joshua Calkins-Treworgy's 4th Age Tamalarian Tale, 'Not So Epic', a publicly shared work via Bitchute! Don't forget to check out his other novels, collections and novellas on, Amazon, and!

And there's always the website,

The title says it all

In time for the Christmas season, a holiday-themed horror tale comes to you from Amelia City! Written and read by genre storyteller Joshua T. Calkins-Treworgy, this horror short is part of the collection 'Amelia, The Great and Terrible'.

A brief essay regarding modern attitudes toward the arts

A brief examination of a troll sub-type, the Sour Note

A parable illustrating the absolute nonsense of how COPPA is now to be enforced on creators on YouTube.

A breakdown review of K. F. Breene's 'Born in Fire', book 1 in her 'Demon Days and Vampire Nights' series. It isn't pretty...

Genre author Joshua T. Calkins-Treworgy shares Chapter 6 of "Not So Epic", a Fourth Age Tamalarian Tale.

Author Joshua Calkins-Treworgy shares chapter 5 of his 4th Age Tamalarian Tale, "Not So Epic".

Genre fiction storyteller Joshua Calkins-Treworgy shares chapter 4 of his 4th Age Tamalarian Tale, "Not So Epic". Many of his other Tamalarian Tales are available for sale on,, and Amazon! Also, don't forget to check out his Lulu storefront at, and if you can afford to support his narrative efforts, don't forget that you click on the support button here on the channel to donate via PayPal!

Genre storyteller Joshua Calkins-Treworgy shares a reading of the short story 'The Beast and the Forgotten Tribesman', one of the tales in his Amelia City compilation "Amelia, the Great and Terrible". That collection is available at, Amazon, and other retailers online. It can also be ordered for pick-up at Barnes and Noble brick-and-mortar locations.

A brief essay relating one of my earliest encounters with the savagery of the world around us.

A brief ramble about Blizzard Entertainment and the dangers of continually kow-towing to the desires of the Communist Party of China

Just another video essay, discussing the intersection of talent and effort.

A short video essay looking at Sartre's 'Hell is Other People' quotation if viewed with Wallace's 'This is Water' perspective.

Genre storyteller Joshua T. Calkins-Treworgy finishes the reading of Chapter 3 of 'Not So Epic', a 4th Age Tamalarian Tale.


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