A Star Wars story by yours truly, Joshua T. Calkins-Treworgy.

The first attempt to upload this final installment of 'Fodder Squad- A 4th Age Tamalarian Tale' comes to you, ladies and gentlemen!

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Is revenge worth it, in the long run? First attempt to upload.

Fabulous fantasy fiction from a fiercely fucked-up fellow! Also, first attempt to upload.

We are now barreling toward the conclusion, folks! First attempt to upload.

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Keeping it going. First attempt to put up this part of the Tamalarian Tale 'Fodder Squad'

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The promised accelerated pace of uploads starts here, as we proceed with the presentation of 'Fodder Squad', a 4th Age Tamalarian Tale.

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We have more love of fiction to give, and it comes to you here, from Tamalaria

No matter what else happens around us, we can always count on stories being around for the telling!

Ever onward, friends and neighbors, ever onward. If you're interested, folks, you can follow me on Twitter, Parler, or Minds at @Byronofsidius (big surprise, right?). Mind you, I probably won't be on Twitter too much longer.

Azira, Bruce, Melissa and Steve the Rat continue onward, their quest for vengeance pressing into ever more curious territory.

We have reached one-third of the story's completion with this installment, friends and neighbors! I sincerely hope you're enjoying this tale from the realms of Tamalaria, folks, and if you're so inclined, I hope you'll consider giving the video a thumb's up, a share, and if you have any commentary, feel free to post it below!

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The fifth installment of 'Fodder Squad' comes along

Our less-than-heroic heroes' tale continues

Tamalaria's Fourth Age returns for your listening pleasure!

Small town guards; former footsoldiers in rebel forces; survivors of massacres; bar wenches who rarely garner attention from famed heroes. All of these and more are just a few examples of the sort of folks who suffer in the background of the fantasy genre.
And in this tale, they are represented by members,
of The Fodder Squad!

This is a short one, folks, but I sincerely hope that it's at least a good example of a cautionary tale.

Greetings and salutations, folks, and welcome back to The Storyteller's Corner for another genre fiction presentation! Here, we begin the telling of 'Fodder Squad', a 4th Age Tamalarian Tale! This fantasy novel has not appeared anywhere else as yet, and is presented to you here for the first time for your entertainment and pleasure.

Another day, another indie genre fiction review, thanks to the wealth of available material on Amazon Unlimited.


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