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We need to start offering realistic solutions and focus on well being instead of wasting time whining in front of a camera, living in the land of fiction, discussing e-celebs etc.

A 2007 ad from Chuck E Cheese with (((tokens))) raining on kids.

The bomb has been planted. Hahaha

Another passage from Yockey's 1948 tome Imperium.

The man was prophetic.

Passage from Francis Parker Yockey's Imperium. Prophetic considering it was written in 1948.


I'm sensing that desert of a site won't be around much longer.

Scene from Fritz the Cat.

Over time you start to realize the movies you watched as a kid make zero sense.

Song by Alex Kurtagić. I can't think of any other songs named after a professor.

Song by Alex Kurtagić . You can hear William Pierce in the background. hahaha

Merged both parts together. Norman Lowell is a former banker, an artist, and the founder and leader of Imperium Europa, a New Right Maltese political party.

I think you can tell by the thumbnail where this is going. hahaha

From 2017. Keep your children the fuck away from Netflix.

No one has seemed to ask why the ZOG media chimed into the whole thing with attacking Boomers, if they get involved in it you know it has bad intentions.

A discussion of Kendall's novel Hold Back This Day, which is a tale of the last Whites on Earth and their heroic struggle to save their race.

Goad explains different taboos in modern society and why and how the word redneck has become the symbol of evil for liberal do-gooders and why liberal opinion makers use the image of the redneck for defaming the whole white Euro-American heritage. Goad focuses on semantic and conceptual mendacity used by the ruling elites.

Sheeeeeeeeeet. All it needs is a snare drum and autotune.

157-year-old Irish song about the siege of New Orleans


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