From the Vigilante Intelligence channel

From the Vigilante Intelligence Channel. I don't think this video is anywhere else online

Video no longer loads, so I'm reuploading it

Video stopped working, so I'm uploading it once again

From the Johnny Gat channel. Video was previously uploaded, but stopped working

Video was put up on the Vigilante Intelligence channel, but didn't stay up very long.

courtesy of Vigilante Intel

Courtesy of Vigilante intelligence

Vigilante Intelligence

Credit goes to Vigilante Intelligence

From the vigilante intelligence channel

I'll start to upload Johhny Gat's videos he put up as Vigilante Intelligence, his information on the Russian connections is very prescient today.

Video by Nicholas De Vincenco originally

Video by Nicholas De Vincenzo

Video by Nicholas De Vincenzo

Video originally put up by Nicholas de Vincenzo

This one came from the escape the matrix youtube channel

Originally from the Verdant Servant youtube channel.

Islam, Zionism and Israel. Originally downloaded from the Verdant Servant youtube channel.

2001 Frontline PBS documentary about pernicious advertisement aimed at teens and preteens.

Video originally put up by Nicholas De Vincenzo about Zionists and the Mob-like methods they have used and continue to use.

Radical Islam is the bogeyman the Zionists need.


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Channel dedicated to bringing back the content of The Man, The Myth, The Legend, Johnny Gat in a complete form. I see a lot of channels putting up his videos, but never all of them in a single place. I hope this is going to be the single complete definite archive of Johnny Gat on BitChute.