The present, past and future of an old grist mill on the shore of the Potomac River is portrayed in this non-narrative experimental film from 1972. 15 mins. Directed by Chris Toussaint.

The staff of award-winning high school newspaper THE NUCLEUS, from Albert Einstein High in Kensington, Maryland shows just what it takes to write and publish real journalizm.
Produced by John Morris and Rod McCoy. Directed by Chris Toussaint. 1971

A film by Ryan Patrick Killackey
Trailer edited by Chris Toussaint
Yasuni Man is a film about a conflict raging deep within the Ecuadorian Amazon. It's a real-life Avatar story. Once under siege by missionaries seeking to civilize them, the Waorani people battle industry operatives and their own government in a fight to survive. Join filmmaker Ryan Patrick Killackey and his native friend Otobo as they embark on an expedition into the most bio-diverse forest on Earth. Witness what may be lost as oil companies encroach, human rights violations run rampant, and a forest Eden is destroyed - all for the oil that lies beneath Yasuni.

A chick starts his new life out of the egg by dancing from the coop and checking out the farm. Animated cartoon by Chris Toussaint shot with the Fujica Single 8mm camera.

Mike and Pat start prepping the garden in this silent Super 8mm film.

The history of war on Earth as depicted by illustrations and photos in rapid fire succession up to the hydrogen bomb is followed by the military funeral of a soldier being laid to rest at Arlington Memorial cemetary. Filmed in 1970-71.

Budman takes on the evil Dr. Quadbone in this vintage Super 8mm special effects comedy directed by Chris Toussaint. Starring Michael DeGraba and Mike Toussaint.

Early Super 8mm film depicting the simple innocence of childhood through the photos from Life, Look, and Saturday Evening Post 1968-69.

Super 8 mm short - Great Falls, Maryland set to a portion of the William Tell Overture. Shot & edited by Chris Toussaint

Vintage comedy in Super 8mm by the boys and girls who brought you Neighborhood Laugh-In. From 1970. Starring Bob Kilmer, Mike Toussaint, Mike DeGraba, Richard Beasley, Alan Cradick, Anita Toussaint, Chris Toussaint, Pat DeGraba, Thomas DeGraba, Big Ed Cox and the Keystone Cops.

Vintage comedy from 1969 directed by Chris Toussaint and starring the kids from the Kensington neighborhood. With appologies to Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In.


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