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They call music like this experimental because they want EVERYTHING put into a category. Sort of how I categorize them as ASSHATS. The most interesting part of this is, to me defying structure. Jazz often defies structure. It's odd to me that we try so hard to make a beat or tempo fit into certain structures. Sure it can sound good but rhythms that defy structure can sound good also but we are programmed to be bothered by anything that defies structure. I'm not sure how I feel about going against the rules but I think it has to be okay. At least sometimes one should be able to listen to something different without it freaking a person out. No one will die from music that bends a few rules.

Quite often, I will spend half a day working on something and blow right by the best version because I was on my way to a different destination. Simple is usually better. I think this was 2021. The song was much earlier. 2014 maybe. I may cut my hair this short again. Do you care? Well you may have to update the pic you give to your stalkers. Just a helpful heads up by a guy who believes in true freedom and not your psychotic brand of freedom.

There is the longer version somewhere on this channel with store bought music, then there is this much shorter version with a song I wrote. All the people who were involved in the original have their minds fixated on the first version with the classic rock soundtrack. Okay, cool, I get it but this shorter version with my music doesn't have copyright issues. This is why I wrote my own song. But whatever, almost everyone involved in the 1979 version are deceast. And I will be joining that void soon enough myself. What is the lesson here? Don't get too attached to breathing.

They have been messing with me for 30 years. Plainly I concern them.

Buy yourself the forest Buy yourself the sky Buy yourself the Ocean-- The right to decide.

I added an accordion but the underlying drums and stuff will be my main concern. I swear I am not a perfectionist. Not by a longshot. It's the imperfection that plays havoc with my ears. Imperfection and the idea of doing a bit better is somewhere between attainable goals and mental illness. I mean if I were a great musician, perfection would make sense. Otherwise it is unattainable.

Talent is Timeless is the name of the organization hosting the songwriting contest. Regarding this version of the song, it just happened to turn out this way on the final day of submissions. When I go down a path I usually keep going until something tells me to try again. That is the beauty of a deadline. Whatever you have at the finish line is what you have. It's kinda cool though.

Apparently the book I withdrew from the open market, is still making money for everyone but me. I explain.

This is how it works. Truthers are keepers of the truth even though the asshat mafia tries to destroy it then push it into a memory hole. Truthers who understand their duties are like historians, actually superior to history asshats who exchange truth for tenure and chasing co-eds at universities... so in brief. Take the baton and pass it on.

This is FICTION. Once I have all the pieces, expect yet another version. But for now, I am on to something else.

Turned out pretty good, more cohesive than I thought it would be.

In case you don't understand my approach to what I am doing and where I am going with everything. Every bit is just a scene. It will all be cut down and put in a certain order of a final project. But there is a good chance I will kick the bucket before I get there. The promised land is the finished project. But if I should die before I wake (scariest prayer ever) I pray to God my soul to take. And if all of this are just incomplete scenes all over the internet, I pray to God to preserve my work on these channels just as I left them.

One of my misadventures...

It's okay. Just dismissm me as crazy and all those feelings of confusion will vanish and you can enjoy the ball game orchestrated by the betting mafias.

A New mix with extra instrumentation. And perhaps a few less vocals. The important thin is we are trying.

A temporary retreat, I'll be Bach.

On how to approach his website...

Dead doves... This song is hitting the spotify channels within a day or so... I decided to pump up the volume on my world.

This is an instrumental derived from Love is a Con Artist and Thief. As is true of much of my music it evolved from textured issues. What does that mean? It is sort of like how the Traveling Willbury's decided on their name. "Will bury in the mix." I'm not sure where it will go from here but I have some ideas. Perhaps soundtrack for a movie or continuing series.

Mick plays a dirty trick on GK. Mck's mother thinks it was totally an uncool thing to do to a friend. She blames herself.

Our brains need to be constantly fed the same things over and over again until we understand the nuances of mind fuggery.

Mind effed since I was a kid. Do you really blame me for mind effing in retaliation?

Mick is home alone. GK went to Madison. Mick is messing with Geno's stuff.

I sometimes will dismiss something I considered a 5 minute throwaway but I looked at this today and understood the significance of the message I was attempting to relate. I added a few things this morning to make sure the message is understood. Mind you this was March 2020 when the pandemic psyop was being rolled out.

If I get my way, I will be calling my band, The Kalmes Conspiracy. Gary Bouley will be in the band and so will my brother, whose gifted in ways that are haunting. But brothers clash and we have always clashed. I want to put the music up that I consider to be "ours" not just his. I recorded him, I added instrumentation. I am the house and he is the guy who was invited in to record.

Our story is very volatile our entire lives. If I put up the music we collaborated on, that would add up to about 20 songs, half of one of these full compilations. This includes many covers. This may not happen this second compilation but I am pretty sure I will eventually get my way. You see, when the Beatles put out their third anthology, I consider it one of their best albums because I LOVE the raw stripped down versions. My entire life I have recorded with perfectionists and I find perfectionists annoying. Raw good, over produced prima donna behavior, bad. My invention of Mick McClifford partly allows me to have fun with raw. Enough said.


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I think people will find my channel mixes creative surreal edits on important subjects with a sense of humor and a sense of incredulous irony. I love weird stuff and story telling but feel what is the point of putting energy into anything if the underlying themes don't ask intelligent questions. And I often offer speculative answers based on a combination of deep research, intuition and a degree of hopefulness. Hope that as a species we endure, evolve and become better living organisms than what we seem to presently be. We can do better. Inspiration is finding the things in life that make us try harder. Like a laughing baby or an animal that helps another animal in need. No one can argue how that is the true nature and evidence of a good God.

Sure there is plenty of evidence of evil and creative reflections of what that evil does to us, the damage it causes has a purpose too but it cannot be swallowed in whole like a python strangles and swallows its prey. We have to be vigilant against predators but exhort and edify with intent. Again, that we are gifted and it is our duty to use those gifts for positive results.

Defining what that outcome is can be as simple as entertaining or invoking laughter, inducing a smile or a thought. It can be deeper and lasting, a baton passed on for the ages, but allowing cold darkness to triumph over the warmth of kindness is certainly a battle worthy of the fight. Higher consciousness is a real thing.