taken from someone's youtube before video removed and account suspended.

They are rubbing it in our faces.

fuck jootoob

censored by youtube..
This slave world needs to be cleansed in holy fire.
Sheeple too dumb to even realize they are living like demons in the clown show slave world, too dumb to realize they are oppressing everyone around them that want to be free of the insanity and lies they impose on us.
We are literally surrounded by demon possessed scumbags that are out to kill us and drag our provisional spirit down to hell with their evil system.

This isn't me doing it to you.
This is what you get for not searching for the truth and Jesus.
Now your God damned sheeple slave life in egypt IS OVER!
Reminder: This isn't me doing it to you, you muzzled sheep scum, this is satan, pharaoh, pharaoh's high priests and enforcers doing it.
This is judgement, I just get to witness assholes that refused all the warnings now suffer and die; THEN LAKE OF FIRE! It's what you deserve.

Re-upload from last year from my youtube channel (suspended until dec 11th 2020; from uploading):
Omnicide and democide isn't a crime according to the police.

Also not to mention such low temperates pre-dawn in July, August and September, all through 'summer'. Single diget °C pre-dawn ALL THROUGH 'Summa time'.
The weather is not natural, no natural clouds outside of the tropics, it's always been geo-engineered.
If it wasn't all of the middle lands, europe, russia and north america would be big deserts.
Ice ages are geo-engineered, man made, even the lying class of high priests (scientists), ADMIT, 'during ice ages, the ice ages were not present in the tropics'. This is an admission of it's got nothing to do with the sun but how much toxic, sun blocking particulate they can get into the air! Also scientists have admitted there are NO CLOUDS outside of the tropics,they literally have admitted this, All your clouds are man made, the joke is on you 'fair weather clouds' HAHA! toxic, sun blocking crap.

Thanks to all the dumb as fuck, compliant sheeple, we are are going to be murdered by the ruling class that are laughing their heads off right now 'isolating in their palaces.
That's the joke they have always isolated themselves from the sheeple scum, they get to do it in luxury, sheeple will enjoy their 1 bedroom flat with no garden or sunlight.

censored on youtube, won't be able to upload on youtube until december now..........
strike 2
youtube are criminals.

youtube employees and especially satanic susan are complicit in these crimes with their evil censorship!

Those in power want us dead, their psychopath technocrats are doing this to us and gas-lighting all the sheeple into believing ALL their ballshit LIES!

We are in hell being tortured by literal devils, it's all been LIES and poisoning all along.

Censored by youtube so uploading here.

censored and removed from youtube so uploaded here

this was removed from youtube....

My 2nd strike on youtube, so my 4 week holiday from this begins.
Re-uploading it here after the took it down.


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