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The Pfizer studies are a disgrace.
Doing a little light reading with the Pfizer study as well as the other Covid-19 trials is a disgrace. Inject 44,000 subjects, half with Placebo. Then analyze 94 positive cases, no consistency in behavior nor exposure, then use PCR to confirm One symptom actually one of three PCR rapid kits (all EUA no validation). The study will be complete when 164, in total are deemed positive. So this big news is that of the 44,000 doses, 94 have gotten ill. So of 22,000 dose with vaccine 9 subjects got sick and of the other 22,000 Placebo subjects, 85 got sick so 9/85 = 90% effective? So the vaccine cohort 99.959%, have no illness and 99.614% of placebo have no illness, this is not how you prove efficacy! Unless Fauci is involved. Is this 90 to 95% efficacy or is this a s*** study showing a 0.345% difference between the vaccine and Placebo. Numbers don't lie when you know what questions to ask.

This morning, I asked Penny Mordaunt for a debate in government time on those who commit crimes against humanity and the appropriate punishment for those people.

The Leader of the House's response says it all! They all know what has and what is being perpetrated against the people.

Do you think we'll see any kind of movement given this study, this large-scale study, the 99 million study or the Mead study that will actually pull these things off the shelf?"

CNBC: “They [Germany] are freaking out because they need our gas.”
Robert Kennedy Jr: “Yeah, they’re freaking out because we blew up the Nord Stream pipeline, and we deindustrialized Germany. What are we doing in Ukraine? Let’s make peace over there. Let’s get Russian gas back into Europe so that we can reindustrialize Germany, and reindustrialize Europe. Let’s keep our gas at home and use it for manufacturing and reindustrialize America ... Germany is making a choice to boycott Russian gas.”

"They're frightened at this point... People no longer believe in [man-made climate change], and I think they're catching on to the fact that it's a gigantic lie."

Remember when former CSIS intelligence officer, Michael Juneau-Katsuya, testified that every government from Brian Mulroney to Justin Trudeau has been compromised by the CCP?

“You have Epstein and Maxwell in prison and yet nothing has ever happened, how is that possible given the magnitude of what was going in?

“It was a massive massive operation targeting very young girls”

Make no mistake this is the scandal of the century, implicates hundreds of rich and powerful people and will potentially reveal those in charge who were most likely blackmailed by the Deep State…..if it happens.

"In the last 10 years those four companies Sanofi, Merck, Pfizer and Glaxo have paid $35 Billion in penalties in damages and civil penalties for falsifying science, for defrauding regulators, for lying to doctors...and for killing hundreds of thousands of people."

Working as an external consultant to the World Health Organisation for years, I was very alarmed by what I observed during COVID. During that crucial time, the WHO failed to recommend evidence-based strategies. There was significant corruption around the interventions that were being promoted and the interventions that were being withheld. There were various treatment options available and evidence to support them. Yet, these treatment options were suppressed. Instead, a novel medical product was pushed that isn't safe and didn't have long-term data. It became apparent that WHO recommendations were not driven by what is best for the people but rather were influenced by billion dollar special interests. Unfortunately, the WHO has been compromised.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr on the Handling the Blowback That Comes w/ Pushing Back Against the Mainstream Narrative: 'We Want to Be Able to Live Courageously'

"You have to look at the betrayals or whatever as a gift and not hold on to them and say, this is part of my journey. And the journey in order to be worthwhile, has to be difficult. And all of us are on some kind of journey like that. And everybody in this room has made a decision to challenge the orthodoxies, and I'm sure everybody in this room has lost friendships, has lost respects, lost professional affiliations because of your ideas because you do critical thinking. You're willing to question authority, you're willing to question orthodoxies. And so everybody here knows what I'm talking about. You made a choice and that's important...that's what we want to achieve in our lives. We want to be able to live courageously."

Leaked WEF Young Global Leaders training session video lays bare the kind of intense indoctrination new recruits go through before they are placed into key positions of political, corporate and media power around the globe.

"We select you, we connect you in our gatherings, because we want to transform you. We select you because you are an exceptional leader, but we believe that you have the potential to even be better."

"The work of the YGL community comes within a framework, and that framework is the framework of the World Economic Forum... The [World Economic] Forum brings [together] all the stakeholders so that we advance the mission of the [World Economic] Forum."

When Klaus Schwab brags about penetrating "ze cabinets", this is the process by which he does it.

Alex Newman: The "man-made climate change" narrative is merely a pretext for unelected globalists to control every aspect of your life, under the guise of "saving the planet".

"The notion that CO2 is pollution is absolutely preposterous... The idea that [it's] going to destroy the planet or change the temperature of the Earth is totally ludicrous. But from a totalitarian perspective, if you can convince people that CO2 is pollution, there's no human activity that doesn't result in CO2 emissions, including living, including dying, turning on a light switch."

"Every single aspect of your life, then, if we submit to the idea that CO2 is pollution, then comes under the regulatory control of the people who claim to be saving us from pollution."

Watch the full video:

Here’s Arif Virani on Feb 7th 2022 spreading misinformation about the Freedom Convoy. No one was targeting healthcare workers or ambulance drivers. What reality do the Liberals live in? Is it where perpetual lies are celebrated? Now he’s the Attorney General.

Illinois judge orders the removal of Donald Trump from the Illinois primary ballot just three weeks before the Illinois primary.

They rigged the election in 2020 and they're trying to do it again in 2024.

During a recent show, Tucker Carlson explained how the 2024 election was "rigged," specifically pointing at how the left changed the rules with mail-in ballots.

For those who are new here, the 2020 election was the first election in 70 years where bellwether counties did *not* successfully elect the US president.

It was also the same election where the rules were changed and ballots were dumped into blue cities.

Let’s also not forget how Big Tech censored stories that hurt Joe Biden.

Buckle up. The election cycle is just getting started.

The Scottish political commentator says millions of lives have been “ruined forever” by Big State, Big Pharma, and Big Media — and that the last four years have been the “most dangerous and blatant assault on freedom and civil rights in the history of humankind.”

“It’s palpable that the anger of citizens is rising. It’s been on a sort of slow simmer for years. It seems to be coming to a boil. The heat has been turned up, or the heat that’s already there is somehow building an intensity.

“You can’t point at any single place on the map, really, and say, here’s the seat of it. The building, anger and frustration and heat and pain is everywhere in the West, certainly. And it’s for all sorts of reasons. There are many symptoms, all coming from the same disease.

“By now, we’ve all endured, what is it, three, four years of the most dangerous and blatant assault on freedom and civil rights in the history of humankind. That’s a fact. And I make no apologies for bringing this up over and over, for worrying at this like a terrier with a rat — because the sustained abuse of our species, inflicted on an unprecedented scale, even after all these years, it remains unaddressed, unconfessed and without consequences for the guilty — so far.

“The guilty have grown sore, have been so confident, blasé, that they don’t even seek any longer to deny the coordinated global collusion of Big State, Big Pharma, Big Media, wholesale collusion that ended completely or ruined forever uncounted millions of lives. And it is millions of lives across the West, around the world, directly or indirectly, because of policies and practices that have been in place ...

“You don’t get to shape the world, reshape the world in your own image, to your advantage, to the advantage of a tiny minority, to the detriment of the hundreds of millions, indeed the billions, and then play the victim when someone somewhere says, ‘Enough.’

“A person cornered, a person left with nothing, or who feels he has nothing left to lose, is finally free in a fundamental sense, free to act in any way that suits. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a storm coming. And those who bloody-mindedly sowed the seeds of the whirlwind, who reaped the benefits of so doing for so long, are finally, finally feeling the change in the wind.”

Pierre Poilievre GOES OFF on Justin Trudeau after it was revealed that the head of pathogens at Canada's most sensitive laboratory was "collaborating with members of Beijing's People's Liberation Army ... responsible for bio-weapons and bio-terrorism."

Conservative MP Michael Cooper to the RCMP: “How can the prime minister be subject to the rule of law, like every other Canadian, if his personal department can shield him from an RCMP criminal investigation?”

The PCR test is what caused the illusion of a pandemic :
Do you know that Canadian provinces were using 40-45 cycles of amplification, which were creating false-positive Covid cases? This is a FACT.
Dr. Laura Braden :
“High cycles of PCR testing was causing a lot of FALSE POSITIVES!! Those false positives were used to support the ‘asymptomatic spread’ of Covid”
“PCR detects NUCLEIC ACID and NOT disease!!! NEVER before in my training have we showed an animal to be sick from PCR testing!!”
“A PCR test is NEVER used by itself to detect disease, you need to CONFIRM with a bacterial culture or a virus culture and that was NOT done during Covid!!”
“It has been determined CONCLUSIVELY over and over again that high cycles of PCR testing over 30 can detect very minor levels of viral RNA and does NOT INDICATE INFECTIVITY!!!”
“They used PCR cycles at RIDICULOUSLY high levels!!! Across Canada provinces were routinely using 40-45 cycles, which is INCONSISTENT with the science based on the test!!!”

The creator of the PCR test and Nobel prize winner, Dr. Kary Mullis said the exact same thing about his creation : “The PCR test should NEVER be used as a diagnostic tool, because it can NOT distinguish between LIVE and DEAD MATTER!!!”


“if you amplify the PCR TEST high enough, you can find almost anything you want in the body!!”

PCR testing is what created a fake pandemic. This is the TRUTH.

We live in a tyranny when our government officials view themselves, as above the law. He begs mercy, but doesn’t give any. Austin should be in Leavenworth for harming our troops with a genetic experimental injection.
As Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin begs Congress for grace and forgiveness after his unauthorized absence was exposed earlier this year, he REFUSED to give that same grace to the 8,600 service members he kicked out due to the COVID-19 vaccine mandate!

Dr. Phil leaves hosts on The View in STUNNED SILENCE after utterly SCHOOLING them on lockdowns— Hosts PANIC: 'CUT TO COMMERCIAL BREAK!'

Kevin McKernan: “Years of censorship: DNA contamination discovered in the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines.”


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