I threw together all the Clips I made with Cathodemer & edited them to a Tune I'm in the process of writing... have a look, have a listen :]

...took me long enough. Whatever, this is number five of the month. It's also the last of the Season. See you on the first Monday of October! :]

Pshhhhh! Fuck you Toga Party Ad Hominem! You ain't no Pinball Wizard!

I'm voting for the other Biden!


Whoops! XP

...wasn't sure I liked this well enough to upload it.
So ( I thought ) I scheduled it for release on the 20th.
...& maybe I was going to delete it. But Apparently I am
a little distracted these days?

I guess there are 5 PunkClocks this month?

Don't be a spaz like me XP

I don't have much to say. This is more or less how I feel these days:

I hope you guys are good & that you're not getting bummed out!
Thanks for coming :] has become tradition, the last PunkClock of March is uploaded on my Birthday, instead of whichever Monday it would normally otherwise have been :]

Happy Birthday!

Here we have the Korg Minilogue with some Chords ...coming to you by way of it's very own Onboard Delay!

We also hear the TT-78 with some Percussion bouncing around inside the SpringKing.

The MS-20m would like to tell you about the finer points of Quantum Physics... but then decides instead, that it feels woozy & resigns it'self to sit in the corner with the EchoBrain & hum.

Gramma's doing her Cello Impression.

TT-78 comes on stronger... with Kick & Snare ( Each on their own Channels, Snare through the Sky Surfer√ ). Not too strong though.

Let's cross the Bridge!

...hey look, there's the MS-1 on the opposite side, doing cartwheels!

Don't coof! This too shall pass! Or maybe we will? Time shall tell!

A/V's out of sync :P happens. Friends don't let friends edit Video sleep deprived! XP

I think I finally licked the DR-110 as Clock issue though! I ran the Accent Out into an SQ-1! The SQ-1 runs MIDI out!!! That means I can run it into my MIDI Thru Box! ...& I can also run Sync out from the 1st SQ-1 into a 2nd ( As I've done here. ) ...or Volcas, maybe even into Boutiques!

So that opens up quite a few possibilities! Bummer that this little guy doesn't have Individual Outs. But otherwise, I really dig this Drum Machine!

So... this week's PunkClock begins with the DR-110 through the SpringKing.

Next we hear the SH-01a running through the Thunderstorm Flanger & Vibraclone.

This is followed by a bit of Noodleage with the Make Noise Ø Coast & EchoBrain.

Finally we hear from the Wolf with some Bass... das ist alle. Thanks for checking this out :]

The DrumBrute I starts us off with some High Hats... on their own Channel.

Next we hear from the Behringer MS-1, running through the DOD Envelope Filter 440... to rather odd effect!

The Akai TimbreWolf is tagging along, as these two devices share a Stereo Channel ( ...& the Wolf is making use of the Behringer June 60 Chorus. )

Enter the Noodles! ...& our new friend the Behringer Wasp!!! ( Running through the DOD Rubberneck. ) Interesting little Synth! Not as solidly constructed as say the Model D or Pro 1 & the Envelope is nothing short of perplexing... but good fun!

Now it's time for the Brute's FM Drum, also on it's very own Channel & Phased... in vintage fashion, by our buddies at Behringer. Lends some variation & a bit of Tooth for the Mix√

How about some Percussion? The remainder of the DrumBrute's extranuclear Voices decided to make themselves heard. They're grouped together on a single Channel & riding the Danelectro SpringKing. ( Toms, Cowbell, Cymbal. )

Do you like Bass? Me too! Well this time around we're coming up a little short in the sub category... but that's alright! This Grandmother Patch fits the Mix & in my opinion, still manages to get the point across :]

...& would you look at that, a Kick & Snare just flew in through the open window! ( ...both dry & monopolizing their own Mixer Channels. [The A Section of this Track is in 7.] )

That's all the ingredients used in this particular bowl of punch. Let's transpose the Bassline, alternate between a few Drum Patterns... simmer it down to just the Hats again & visit the Bridge ( ...which is in 4. ).

Back to the 1st Movement now, but without Gramma. She's watching Golden Girls & eating Peanut Brittle.

...and fade out!

Thanks for visiting ...don't forget to wash your trash!

How about some squelchy Chords from the SH-01a? ...squelchy 101 Chords running through the TC Electronic Afterglow Chorus no less! Well that's how we begin this Session...

Following, not far behind... is a bit of MS-20m Noodling, with the assistance of the Teisco Delay.

Once we're good & faded in, we encounter some Spring King reverberated Beats from the ( doesn't play well with others ) Boss DR-110 Dr. Rhythm Graphic Drum Machine! It's a bitch to get this thing talking Time with any of the other Robuts. No MIDI! You can send "Accent Out", though some of the other Boxes apparently can't hear what it's got to say... but I'll be damned if it doesn't sound like a Grilled Cheese Sammich with Tomato & a Strawberry Shake! I guess it's basically a 606 with a Clap instead of Toms... I are impress ✓

Last, but not least... we are confronted with some SQ-1 sequenced bassy Drones from the Make Noise Ø Coast... not entirely in Time :P ...but hey, I'm working out the bugs & this 110 is of no help at all!

Hopefully this passes muster! Thanks for participating!

The Hiss you hear, is coming from the Cassette Four Track, even though it's paused until the end.
The strange quality of the Mix is on account of something weird happening with this Presounus AudioBox & my Windows Laptop, were the Files I wound up with... were not the Stereo I was after. So I had to get creative! This involved doubling Tracks & offsetting for Phase Cancellation.

That having been said, here we have the VolcaBeats offering some High Hats & pitched down Clave. Later to provide a full Beat, in 7.

Then we come across some hazey, warped Chords from the VolcaKeys & it's Onboard Delay.
I really love that vibe!

Now some Alien Bird Sounds from the Roland JU-06a & the TC Electronic EchoBrain.

The "Bassline", if you can call it that... is provided by the VolcaModular. Which is a pain in the ass to clock! I actually had a different sort of thing going & I somehow lost it. Weird little Box!

...& finally we hear the Tascam Porta Ø2 with a slowed down Kalimba Recording. I also recorded a Numbers Station Broadcast to my old Phone & played that in tandem.

This Footage was NOT manipulated with my new Cathodemer Video Mixer/Synth. Rather is was Denoised/Sharpened into oblivion with HandBreak & then GreenScreened in iMovie.

I hope you dig it! See you in March :]

A nice short one!

...let's begin with some Bass from the Moog SubPhatty, as sequenced by the Korg SQ-1, dry.

Follow this up with some of Gramma's Noodles! I intended to smother them in her Sumptuous Spring Sauce... but it sounded wrong. Kinda like it was overdriving & distorting. So I relied instead, on the Mackie's Builtin FX... ala "Echo". Similar result✓

Next we encounter some Chords, Wolf Chords to be specific ...& in fact, Filtered Wolf Chords! You see they are being run through the Waldorf 2 Pole Envelope Controlled Filter & then into the TC Electronic 3rd Dimension Chorus for good measure. I quite like the result! :]

Now it's time for a 12 Step Sequence for the Korg MS-20m. This too is dry.

Also, don't be fooled by the Video, which makes it look like the Sequence is actually 16 Steps. Trust your Ears! I didn't have enough Cameras, nor the Angle to shoot this SQ-1 while I was recording the Session. So I tried to grab it after the fact. Thing is, once you turn the SQ-1 off... it resets. So 12 Steps became 16 & I didn't notice till the Video was imported & being edited. By this point, the lights were all packed up & the Session dismantled. So I said screw it & just ran with the BRoll I had!

...don't tell anybody! :P

Regarding the Footage... I bought a rather nifty little Video Mixer/Synth! It's called "Cathodemer" & it's like $20! Still trying to figure it out. But I enjoy the results thus far. Not quite as cool as the Hardware Devices of the '80/90s... also not $500! :P

Thanks for watching! :]

It was one of those days! Nothing went according to plan & I had to catch myself before I got too frustrated.

As everything else was going wrong... of course the Robots mutinied!

Getting any given box to act as the Session Clock seems to be way harder than it should! ...continually, I find myself falling back on the Wolf. It just does the job, no questions asked, no bullshit!

As such, it was officiating this scenario ...despite lack of any Sonic Contribution.

Another similarly silly situation is trying to clock Volcas. Particularly the Vocla Modular.

I was running Gate out of the Sh-01a & that worked for awhile... but then it suddenly didn't. Fucking gremlins! :[ you'll see the Volca Beats sitting there, doing nothing save for acting as a MIDI to Korg Sync Convertor.

...& fuckery doth abound!

Roland & Behringer Sequencers are some other things that I feel tend to be too complicated. In the case of the Roland JU-06a, it's just too damn short, stepwise! Also you have to memorize all these key combinations... or have the ( stupid hard to read, weirdly laid out ) manual at hand.

With the SH-01a some of the most important functions, like Clock Divisions... aren't even mentioned in the Manual!

The MS-1 is a similar story to the JU-06a.

Is it really so hard to just have a dedicated set of Record/Play/Save/Erase Buttons? Why should I have to hold 3 Buttons, then press another, hold 2 Buttons, press another then hold 2 more buttons...


...that's bullshit.

Another thing with the Sh-01a... is now that I've started to get the hang of where all the "under the hood features" are hiding... I accidentally erase my progress looking for them!

By the time I started over thrice... my inspiration was near sapped & I resolved to make things short & simple... lest the whole venture wind up a waste!

As such, you'll kindly excuse this sub par offering & pretend it's the Cinematic Backing Track for a Low Flyover Shot as we descend from the Clouds toward an Alien World & then near some large, curious Machinery... chugging away.

As the Camera weaves & snakes through the tangle of hoses, conduit & moving parts... we zero in on a bit of sludge encrusted Clockwork...

fade to black.

See ya next week...

( SH-01a: Bass [DRY] • JU-06a: Chords [DRY] • MS-1: Sequence [EchoBrain] • Volca Modular: "Sludge Encrusted Clockwork" [Built in Reverb/Delay thing] • Yellow Sony Sports Walkman: FM Radio Static [Fuzzy] • Robots: Foreboding Cloud of confusion, false starts, mistakes & discouraging nonsense [With Smirks on their stupid circuits] • Caalamus: poorly steeped Green Tea, Procrastination & copious expletives!!! [That is how the Callamus do] ) :P

...trying to bring some Color to the gloomiest part of the Winter! Honestly, it hasn't been that bad this year. But some Color is still always nice. Don't you agree? :]

Let's begin with some Chords from the Roland JU-06a & High Hats courtesy of the Cyclone Analogic TT-78 Beat Bot... fresh back from it's trip to Burbank!

Here come some Noodles from the Motherland! Brought, of course our Comrade the Elta PolivoksM! ( Complete with Flanging by the TC Electronic Thunderstorm! )

Then Gramma shows up, with some thoroughly Modulated Bass... & Pound Cake. Gramma always brings Pound Cake! the Percussive voices of the Beat Bot are fading in. They're on their own Bus & singing to us from the Cave of the Spring King! ( While their Kick, Snare & High Hat compatriots each enjoy their own Mixer Channel, the Snare reverberated by the Sky Surfer on it's Plate Setting. )

Drop the Beat!

Next we encounter the Behringer MS-1 in it's natural habitat, hunting Tree Frogs & humming a 9 Note Sequence. This despite the fact that the rest of the Robots are marching along quite squarely in 4 ( Or 8, if that's how you prefer to count it. )

Transpose the Bass a bit, throw in some Drum Fills, keep those Noodles flinging around the room, fade out the MS-1 & the Chords, Bass bows out too & what do you know?'s time to cross the Bridge!

Slowing things down a little. We switch up the Rhythm & begin with those same 9 Notes. Then some Noodles.

The Chords return. As do we the Drum Pattern from the 1st Movement & we're back in familiar territory!

Here comes Gramma on her Vespa :P

" ...but wait! Where's the One?" you ask?

We pushed that motherfucker off a cliff years ago! :P ( As is particularly evident in this final bit of the Tune. )

Last call Ladies & Gents! Ya ain't gotta go home... but yous can't stay here! Get out of my bar & make sure you leave the glasses!

( All Footage/Animations shot/created by your's truly :] )

...this time around, we start off with the Roland SH-01A playing Chords through the TC Electronic 3rd Dimension Chorus.

Then the Arturia DrumBrute Impact provides us with some High Hats, a Voice from the FM Drum
( both dry ) & some Cowbell. The last of which is being reverberated by the Mackie's onboard Reverb. ( The Cowbell enters before the FM Drum. )

During this time we also hear from my new Behringer Pro-1 & the TC Electronic EchoBrain Analog Delay.

Next to arrive is the Novation Bass Station II... dry.

The Kick & Snare ( Snare through the Danelectro SpringKing. ) join & that's all the Voices, present & accounted for√

Now we fade out & switch to the B Section... wherein the Drum & Bass Patterns change & the Pro-1 demonstrates it's Sequencer's capabilities... with free-running Tempo!

Back to the A Section... fade out & that's the month!

Thanks for tagging along :]

( Despite not being heard from, I used the Akai TimbreWolf as the Master Clock in this Session... )

A little different than the usual.

Here we find the Mother32 & Ø Coast going modular... with extensive cross patching.

Including, but not limited to... FM, LFO swapping, External Audio In & of course Clock Sync, as well as Pitch CV/Gate.

No MIDI involved√

The Mother is running into the TC Electronic Nether Octaver, which is basically a Dual Sub Oscillator.... then through the DOD Rubberneck.

The Ø Coast is making use of the Danelectro SpringKing.

32 in the Right Channel.

Coast in the Left.

Minimal Post Production... & there you go :]

Had sort of a rough go of it this time around, a bunch of false starts. I wound up turning some Guitar Pedals off while I was trying to get the Levels right... & never turned them back on! :P

So that 6 Note Sub Phatty Sequence, was supposed to be Chorused by the TC Electronic 3rd Dimension & the Wolf Chords were running through the TC Electronic Thunderstorm Flanger, as well as their Vibraclone... but Neither was engaged!

I still like how it sounds ;]

So Wolf's wearing the watch & we're in 5.

We begin with some Diminished Chords ( Conspicuously absent their prearranged Effects. ) ...& a hint of Sirin, through the EchoBrain.

The RD-8 fades in... Hand Percussion first, running through the TC Electronic Sky Surfer & bussed to a single Ch.

Then Gramma drops by, with her Spring... as the Noodles pile up.

...the Sub Phatty joins, providing a Counter Rhythm ( In 6. ), sequenced by the Korg SQ-1. As mentioned, without the intended Chorus.

Then some more Small Percussion.

The Kick, Snare & Hats, which are on their own Channels... are next to speak.

The Snare is running through theTC Electronic Fluorescence Shimmer Reverb. The Open/Closed Hat is running into one of those little Behringer Micro Mix 4 Ch. Mixers... summing, as to avoid them taking up two Channels on the Mackie.

Build it up, shuffle the cards, strip it back. Noodles... fade out√

We begin with a Chord Progression from the Wolf ( ...also supplying Session MIDI Clock√ ). It's running through my new Waldorf 2 Pole Filter & the TC Electronic June 60 Chorus, ultimately making use of the Mackie's built in Reverb. Unfortunately, as is often the case... it was hard to stage the Gain correctly once I stared sending the Wolf through Pedals & changing the Levels, as I pieced the Tune together. It distorts a bit. But you don't mind the fuzz... do ya? :P

Next the DrumBrute I joins us, little by little... running Kick, Snare, Hats & the FM Drum out to individual Mixer Channels. The Snare is making use of the SpringKing... while the FM Drum bathes in onboard Mackie Verb... & the rest of the Percussive voices, on their own Bus
( for the Kick. ), are SkySurfing :]

The MS one is playing Bass, dry...

& though I forgot to introduce it till the B Section... there's an echoey MS-20m Patch running through my Teisco Delay as well

...& that's it!

I managed to keep it pretty short again!

Happy New Year!!! :D

Just Volca this time around...

in the form of Beats, Keys & Modular. I tried to keep it pretty short.
I would imagine the rest is more or less self explanatory :]

Happy merry Kwanukahmass Friends! See you next year!!!

So this one's just Drum Machines... until the middle, where the Modified EHX Super Space Drum

You may also notice the conspicuous absence of my Cyclone Analogic TT-78. Sadly this is because it's broken. I sent it back to the company I bought it from & luckily it's still under warranty.

One more & the year's over! Thanks for hanging out you guys! :]

The Akai TimbreWolf, Roland SH-01A & Cyclone Analogic TT-78 enter simultaneously.

The Wolf is playing Chords through the TC Electronic Thunderstorm Flanger & Vibraclone Rotary. The SH-01A is giving us a Bassline, dry & the TT-78 joins with a Hi-Hat Pattern...

This Tune is in 5.

Next we hear from the Behringer MS-1... with the DOD Rubberneck.

Then I unmute the TT-78's Kick & Snare. The latter of which is running through the TC Electronic Skysurfer, on the Plate Setting, as ever.

Now we are payed a visit from the Roland JU-06A, with a single Chord, in 4... as to provide Counter Rhythm. This Patch makes use of the unit's onboard Chorus & Delay.

During the Break, the MS-1 also does the square Counter Rhythm trick...

Then, in the Outro I remember all the other Voices of the TT-78 have been muted this whole time & decide to introduce them :P

...these are running through the Danelectro Spring King.

I hope you guys are staying warm & dry! Get yourselves some Eggnog! :]

First to speak is the Arturia DrumBrute I... making use of the typical routing schema found in recent Uploads. Id est Kick, Snare, Hats & FM Drum on their own Channels... Snare Sky Surfing ...the remaining Voices bussed & running through the SpringKing.

This is followed by the arrival of the Akai TimbreWolf, with some Chords & the Clock, as ever... only today it's running through the DOD Envelope Filter 440 & then the TC Electronic June 60 Chorus. It was pretty difficult to get the Gian tamed. So I gave in & embraced the break up. Perhaps it's an acquired taste.

Next we encounter the Korg MiniLogue, in Unison Mode... with the built in Delay.

Then the Moog GrandMother joins, playing Synced Bass through her very own Spring Reverb!

We are subsequently graced by the presence of the Behringer D & Korg SQ-1, with a 6 Note Sequence & the TC Electronic EchoBrain.

What do you know?'s time for Noodles! Pretty happy with this Ø Coast Patch. Almost didn't need Effects. But the Tailspin Vibrato was just right. I couldn't pass it up :]

...& you can tell the Cat in the Hat... that, is that√

I was working on a PunkClock & I wound up wishing I had an Angle featuring this Synth... or at least some BRoll.

So I pulled some out of thin air :P

This is a single shot... with all of the times my hand turned a Knob or
flipped a Rocker edited out.

...hence the focusing.

It was super tedious. But in the end, kinda fun & certainly
nice to have the finished product!

...seriously going out on a limb here :P On a number of fronts.

For one, I know shorter Videos perform better. Hell... even those don't often get viewed in their entirety, according to YouTube's provided analytics. I watch everything from beginning to end.
But I realize that not everyone has the time... or even the attention span. It's o.k..

Second... I'm no virtuosic Keys Player! I'm not even really conversant. Just kinda learning as I go & on top of that, I have nearly no Music Theory knowledge. I try... & I'm figuring it out, slowly :]

But I felt inspired & despite Equipment troubles, this being one of like 6 takes... & not the best of the lot, I'm going with it.

So, I will apologize in advance for my self indulgence XP

This Upload features two PolySynths. We open with the Roland JU-06A... cool thing about this guy, is that you can select a Patch stored to Memory & then press the "Manual" button & switch to whatever Settings you have dialed in on the front panel! So you'll see it wearing a couple of different hats... if you make it that far :P

The Drums are Brute... on 4 discrete Channels, Kick, Snare, Hats & the FM Drum... with Snare running through TC Electronic's Sky Surfer & the FM Drum making use of my Mackie's built in FX. The rest of the Voices are on a shared Bus, using the SpringKing.

Next to weigh in is the Sh-01A, on Bass duty… dry.

We are then joined by the Behringer D, as sequenced by the Korg SQ-1… through the Teisco Delay.

This is followed by the Wolf, with some 4 Note Chords. I think this Voice was dry as well. ( Wolf is minding the Session MIDI Clock as is customary. )

…and this rounds out the roster. Well, that is until the B Section, when we hear from my Williams Allegro Digital Piano & the Mackie’s onboard FX.

Then back to the first arrangement, more or less… & we fade out.

This Video also features some BRoll chronicling my visit to the Corning Museum of Glass.

I hope you enjoy it :]

We begin with some Chords from the Roland JU-06A... making use of it's built in Chorus & Delay.

Next we hear from the Behringer RD-8! ...which is running out on separate Channels, to the Mackie. Kick, Snare ( through the Sky Surfer ) & Hat. While the rest of the Voices are on a single Bus, coming to you through the SpringKing.

The Sh-01A provides a dry Bass Sequence, accompanied by the Wolf... with a wobbly, drawn out Counter Melody ( also in the Lower Register )... & of course minding the MIDI Clock.

Then some Mother Noodles with the EchoBrain.

Gets kinda happy in the B Section... I don't know what's gotten into me! :P

Thanks for dropping by :]


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