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Cal Washington from the inPower Movement: Reclaim your Authority over Smartmeters, 5G and Vaccines!

After this you will be as outraged as I am!!!
The child was taken away from this young mom Taylor Bland and her husband!
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Here in Vermont June 24th!

Homo Mutatus (human mutation) clouds aka Cirrus Contrailus (check it out in the official cloud Atlas that is literally what they are called and were added only a couple years ago).
This is how crazy it has gotten and there’s nothing you can say to this that makes any sense anymore!

Geoengineering at its finest 😡
Frankenskies the movie is a must watch!
Please support Matt’s protective clothing line:

5G, Organic, geoengineering, va$$ines you name it and it’s a$$ backwards!!!

I don’t like what you’re saying so I’m just gonna put a sock in your mouth!

RFK’s presentation all science from official sources:


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