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Half of The Secret Life of Pets on NBC 5/12/19 due to the release of TSLOP2.

I don’t know 3 years ago watching the first one in the theater for the first time and made me bring back to watching this on TV?!!! THIS BELONGS TO ILLUMINATION AND UNIVERSAL!!!! Also I love Pets 1 and 2. Maybe soon they’ll make the series on Peacock including 1 and 2 and the rest of the Illumination Films. Disclaimer This belongs to Universal!!!!

It ends like this BOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!
Credit goes to Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures.

Air Date: May 13th, 2021

Splash and Bubbles: What's the Story, Maury?
Air Date: June 14th 2017

Location: Northville, Michigan- 16132 Ridge Rd

Originally aired: March 16th 2017

Splash and Bubbles: Dolphin Games
Air Date: April 21st 2017

This ends like this WTF BOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!
Disclaimer This Credit goes to Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures.

Air Date: March 15th 2017

Air Date: May 24th 2021

Splash and Bubbles: Lights Out Full Episode

Splash and Bubbles: Deflated Dunk and Kelp Forest Keepers

Season 1, Episode 7
Air Date: May 11th 2021

Air Date: April 23rd 2018

This was the best Splash and Bubbles Pole-to-Pole movie EVER! I'm so glad this is the best movie day ever with the Reeftown Rangers and High School Musical Madness/Disney Channel! It was a fintastic great time! Oh my fursona is "Splash". you can see him next to redi wolf in the drawing at the very end.

Songs: "High School Musical Megamix", "Counting on You", "When there was Me and You","The Start of Something New","What I've been Lookin for You"(Stage instrumental), "Bop to the Top/What Iv'e been Lookin For","Breaking Free", "You Are the Music in Me", "Bet On It", "I Don't Dance", and "WERE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER"/NIIC paws to the walls".

Songs: "Kelly's Hardware Store","What Time Is It", "Smile While You Work", "Amigos Forever","Summer Belongs to You"

DISCLAIMER: I hope I'm ready for Pole-to-Pole a second Splash and Bubbles movie premiering Monday August 6th and I'll dress up really nice. This goes to Jim Henson and PBS Kids. Also this credit goes to Herschend Studios

Songs: "HSM2 Music in Me Sharpay Version" and "Handy Manny Good as New". Credit goes Jim Henson Company and PBS Kids

This was my late birthday present after watching the release of The Secret Life of Pets 2 and My perfect way to start my summer of 2019!!!!!

Movie: The Secret Life of Pets -

Ride Updates at Universal Studios Hollywood- The Secret Life of Pets Off the Leash:

My first yt video of my karaoke party for the new Splash and Bubbles episodes "Mo's Sunburn" and "Imagin-Ocean"! 6/11/18.

All content goes to the Jim Henson Company, PBS Kids, and Herschend Studios.


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