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People are breaking up with people over political differences.
Is this the right thing? Or should we be working towards resolutions that include whole body listening, being open to other perspectives, and respecting peoples points of views and right to express.

The Perez Sisters share their insights.

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Cafecito Break - "Breaking The Program with Love... One Community Member at a Time!"

Independent Community Podcast Celebrating 7 years!


A spicy mix of RA’s favorite music and tales.

Recorded Live - Cafecito Break @ Botanikal
RA chats lessons, synchronicities, and slowing down.
Plus Cafecito Break Updates and Botanikal Updates

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Cafecito Break - "Breaking The Program with Love... One Community Member at a Time!"

Independent Community Podcast Celebrating 7 years!

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RA and Ruthie share Trending Now/Hot Topics, Societal and Energetic Insights and Wrap up with their Holistic Cup of Wisdom.

“One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.” - George Herbert

“My father gave me the greatest gift he could give another person, he believed in me.” - Jim Valvano

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Happy Fathers Day!
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RA of Cafecito Break


RA and Ruthie chat Trending Now Hot Topics, Cafecito Cup of Wisdom and wrap up with The Question of the Week.

Escucha a Rosangel Perez hablar de familia, vivir el momento wepa, y goza con musica que mueve el esqueleto y toca el alma.

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Cafecito Break - "Breaking The Program with Love... One Community Member at a Time!"

Independent Community Podcast Celebrating 7 years!


Ruthie and RA chat Dreams, Astral Insights, Does Trump Deserve an apology? Another Holistic Doctor Found Dead, Question of the Week y Mas

RA and Ruthie invite you for Trending Now, Hot Topics and Cafecito Cup of Wisdom y mas!

Cafecito Break Roundtable - "Planet Heart World Peace" with spiritual leaders in the global awakening of our planet: guests Andrew Kaen, Mitchell J. Rabin, Jodi Serota META Center New York, Susana Bastarrica with The Vigil 4 Peace & Ecology, and Lisa Roma/

Special Guests: Andrew Kaen, Susana Bastarrica Christine Marie & Jodi Serota *Andrew Kaen: Founder and Executive Producer of Planet Heart’s annual world peace earth day celebration. *Mitchell J. Rabin, M.A., L.AC. is an international speaker/workshop leader, holistic coach and host/producer of A Better World Radio & TV which has been on the air since 1993. *Rev Susana Bastarrica is an evolutionary interactivist and the Founder and Executive Producer of The Vigil for Peace and Ecology. *Jodi Serota is a life-changing metaphysical educator, channel, vibrational healer & professional artist. *Lisa Roma - Artist - Singer Songwriter
ABOUT CAFECITO BREAK With Rosangel Perez, Ruthie Guten, and Alex Perez
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Are we in a Spiritual War? That’s one of the questions RA asks in the latest episode of Cafecito Break. She also mentions an upcoming important conversation..Emergency preparedness
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The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. - Martin Luther King, Jr.
Listen to rest of RA’s response here: link:… #cafecitobreak #community #quotes #mlk

A wise medicine friend named Sal always says “A healer isn’t necessarily a holy man and a holy man isn’t necessarily a healer. ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️Tune in Monday Morning via to listen live to Ruthie and RA who will talk more in depth about this story y otras cosas mas.

RA and Ruthie at back from hiatus with some Trending Now Topics...
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Stayed tuned. We are back Feb 11th.
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Cafecito Break
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Here's to a prosperous 2019 of good health, joy, happiness, laughter, singing, dancing, prosperity, peace, success, and mucho love to you and your loved ones. Stay in touch with Cafecito!

RA rants that one of her 2019 Intention includes moving away from low level repetitive conversations with people that do not evolve, expand, or grow in any way.

Cafecito Break with RA, Ruthie & Alex
"Breaking The Programming With Love"
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Preparate / Prepare
Topics: blue lit NYC sky, 911 outages, internet outages, time to prepare spiritually and physically. Something is up and something feels like its coming. Connect with your tribe.

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Cafecito Break - Live Podcasts & Community Events
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I almost didn’t make it today because I’ve been under the weather and haven’t slept much this week. And I am glad I pushed thru. Being here with the community was healing to my spirit and my soul. Thank you for the opportunity to share a lil of my world with you. Cafecito Break - one community member at a time. 😘

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RA, Ruthie, & Alex - Holistic Mystic Critical Thinking Mamacitas

Cafecito Break is an independent podcast based in Brooklyn that hosts live conversations about the great awakenings in spirituality, health, love, politics, society, relationships, and the occult. Produced by the Perez Sisters and Hosted by Rosangel, Ruthie, and Alex.

Cafecito is independently produced.

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