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Max Igan of the Crow House recently released an interview with a funeral director blowing the whistle on the genocide we are in the middle of.'Looney-Blows-the-Whistle-on-Covid:9

Come chill with me on this beautiful Summer evening. (Recorded live on September 14th, 2021)

Satellite Phones are a good solution for people wanting to stay connected in remote areas or during grid-down situations, but don't make the mistake of assuming your communications or location are private.

Adding LBC to videos on Odysee and the LBRY Blockchain causes them to show up more in the Trending, Top and Search feeds. While Tips are permanently given to the content creator, Supports remain in the possession of the donator and can be reclaimed at any time.

Two aluminum tubes full of kerosine crashed into two giant steel buildings causing three buildings to collapse into their own footprints...

The Prickly Pear Cactus is found throughout the United States and Mexico, and is edible and nutritious if you can work around the spines. Here's how I prepare the fruit of this plant for eating.

I've recently moved from using Coconut Oil to Avocado Oil because I'm trying to minimize the amount of cooking I need to do.

Even though things are about to get rough for humanity, I have a strong feeling it's going to be really good on the other side.

A viewer asked how I learned the Survival skills I have and how someone should go about starting that journey most effectively.

It may still be Summer but the chilly nights have begun and some leaves are already turning. Are you ready for what this Winter brings?

I've been considering trading my Solar eBike for a mechanical bikepacking bike for awhile. I may now have a good opportunity to do that and am feeling torn... what are your thoughts?

The pear tree on the permaculture farm is full of ripe fruit ready to feast upon.

In this episode of The Wandering Wizard I am joined by my friend Charlie the Dog. We discuss topics such as epic memes, ancient mud and deer-like creatures while we bond through a near-death experience.

If you do not recognize and accept the presence of evil people in this world then you are more likely to fall victim to their whims.

Anyone who has been making online videos for awhile has encountered haters in the comment sections. Here's how I personally deal with them.

Smoking certain types of plants can be beneficial in various situations, so I always keep my wizard pipe nearby.

I do believe the "vaccine" is the Mark of the Beast from Revelations, but that may not mean what you think it does.

I was never very into golfing, but it's a lot of fun with an AR-15!

I think the LG V20 is the best phone to de-Google, but the right version can be hard to find. I just came across someone selling a bunch of them for a good price, so if you're interested in privacy now may be a good time to act.

Email me if interested: [email protected]

Maintaining hygiene when living outside in a survival situation is easy when you are taking care of your health, wearing the right clothes and getting daily sun exposure.

Sprouting is good for survival situations because it makes nutrients in food more readily available to your body and it decreases cook times significantly.

Lots of updates in this one! I'm loving living under a raincoat, I'm trying daily 23 hour dry fasts, cryptocurrency is looking bullish, and much more.

Here is all of the gear I carry with me in my backpack. If you'd like to survive what's coming I recommend getting what you need before it's no longer available.

Full Gear List:

I'm seeing a lot of signs that people are waking up to the world situation and starting to seriously prepare. Get what you need now, because as things get worse more people will want this stuff and supply will not meet the demand.

I've received my first strike on YouTube. It's bizarre to live in a world where the things you're not allowed to say are the truth.


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