Screen recording of very valuable truth

Playing with the clip and seeing the object and wondering what it could be.
Seeing is believing!

Sometimes the true divine appointments are so obvious!
I Captured this before I went live. And from the timing ... I could not have set that up myself. 🌹🎁

Today was Spirit led... and I’m listening closer today.. to be ready to see the impossible... and do the unimaginable and to never limit Father God.
He is my guide. In His understanding I trust. 🙏

I was inspired to write this song for my friend... who truly encourages me daily!

Peanut Butter Knuckles (Lyrics)
(written by Calico Dawn)

The peanut butter knuckles make me chuckle and giggle as you dip your Cheeto’s in, your jar, in the car at the store… 🤣 Some more
Watching your show one day, I saw your little secret, I said “hey, I should write a song!”

… About those peanut butter knuckles, they always make me chuckle as you dip your Cheeto’s in again!
Cause those Cheeto’s , they are so blessed! Cause you know… The only place the mess that’ll be is on Your knuckles. That makes me chuckle to watch you giggle with peanut butter Cheeto’s!
I know it’s not crazy hat Friday! I had to sing and tell you, that your peanut butter knuckles they always make me chuckle !
As you’re dipping Cheeto’s in the jar, counting the stars, with your heart

Copyright © 2020 CalicoCreations

Giving thanks for all things. Building projects and rain. Didn’t film much yesterday but this is what I captured and created with my iPhone.

Garden in the Barn addition.
Leduc County, Alberta. Canada 🇨🇦

no edit.. just real skie//real time..
4-21-2020- 9:16pm

Sky’s are being attacked right now. This just happened is it happening in your skies right now??

Caught them in the middle of their attack. Best capture I thought was this video. But second later a third plane comes under the North to south lane. Check that video out too.

Watch for the coming signs and wonders
Be encouraged. You are not alone.

Hanging out listening to Stingray, The Blues

Using water and food colouring I will go and draw messages from my heart in the snow for my husband

Working smarter and not harder can be easily learned. I will show you how I start my seeds And how I get them planted

testing 111

Watching live from Leduc county, Alberta. Canada.

Leduc County Alberta Canada

A simple message about Stress Free Living.
After the death of my daughter I experienced a change in me and it started with a message.
A message of Hope
I want to share one with you..
For what we are facing in this world, we need wisdom and clear understanding.
In the video link below , you will hear what I heard, its the 4th in the series and I encourage you to listen to them all....many , many times...and again years later like I did today.

A powerful teaching for those who want to break free from stress right now!

Stress Free Living (pt4) by Pastor Sam Rahmoun (2016)

Brilliant STAR light??? Come watch Raw footage from January 6-9th 2020

A song was written in my heart last night This morning the words were written in the message captured in this short film.

Someday , I will sing 🎶 it to you.

“There is no place like Home for Christmas!
So open your windows to your heavenly mansion.... and declare... There is no place like home for Christmas!”

🌹Calico Dawn

Sit back and be relaxed with this video's soundtracks!
It takes me from Glory to Glory to Glorious!

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Surrounded sounds of the Glorious will elevate your peace and take you to higher places.
Deep within your soul and your Spirit you will be filled with the eternal and living Glory’s in this short film from Leduc County, Alberta, Canada 🇨🇦

The Garden Glory’s Trailer

Looking back through this year of captures.
I am blessed to have had many divine appointments.
I live just on this side of heaven and feel like I get a window seat to the most amazing shows of my life.

These are a few of my favourites so sit back , turn up the sound , I’ll let my world speak to you!

⚠️ warning ⚠️
These photographs and videos are all my personal property... please seek my permission to use any items in this video presentation. Copyright © 2019

Stepping out by Faith to share the Greater One who lives in me.
Be encouraged to Be all you can be today for Jesus. Be His voice. Be His hands and feet and share His heart of Grace and unfailing Love.

Today I let the Holy Spirit lead me to the living word that would quench my heart to share with you just how Awesome I know He is!!

Soundtrack :Great are you Lord (All sons and daughters)


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For such a time as this!
I have been led to capture the sky since 2012 and before..Sharing the signs and wonders as Iwatch and wait....
I am a homesteader and live on a small acreage with my husband of 20+ years.. spending most days outdoors with yard work and garden situated in a dairy barn we restored ...

This year we have been prepping many gardens to bless those in need. The testimony of how I got here and how I stayed this long is a powerful story of Grace and the power of love that overcame the love of power. From giving up to giving all... that is what believing in the impossible will do.

My story is simple but so incredible as it shows just how Jesus loves me and His calling and purpose for me this new season...

This is the season ....
This is the first episode ..sit back and expect to be amazed at the manifestation of the power of God!
I pray you will see more of HIM and less of me!

His Glory shines bright in those who adore His ways!
I adore my Father and my Deliverer .... He is so good to me!

Fellowship with me as I seek my daily bread and His presence that surrounds me.

Please Subscribe and thank you for your support and I look forward to reading your comments ...