Calling Muslims


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CategorySpirituality & Faith is a ministry aimed at defending the Christian worldview from objections from Muslim's and others. The mission is to adhere to 1 Peter 3:15. The main speaker is C.L an #ExMuslim w/ 6 years of experience in evangelism, apologetics and has an A.A in Biblical Studies. C.L is acting w/ the full knowledge & blessing of the elder's of "Harvest Bible Church Detroit-West" where he is a member & volunteer. C.L was a practicing Sunni-Salafi Muslim who lived in Warrendale on the border of Detroit/Dearborn MI near Masjid Tawhid. Despite being a revert he was allowed by the community to give the call to prayer and from time to time lead the prayers. C.L spent hours studying the Quran & Hadith, took online classes on fiqh, attended numerous lectures and sat in countless circles of knowledge. You can interact on twitter also @callingmuslims.