Judy A. Resnick was an actress that made 2 famous cult films then disappeared in 1973 and its said that she died in 1981 there is no news story of her death and no info whatso ever about her anywhere except mentioned in imdb and a few porno websites because "the filthiest show in town" is a softcore cult classic. Right about this time the mid to late 70s another Judy A Resnick started working for NASA and became the first Jewish woman in "space". Meanwhile another Judy A. Resnick was working for the RAND corporation which many speculate is really just a CIA front created by McDonnel Douglas (now Boeing) she was also a law student and teacher she can be found on cspan in the mid 80s during the borg confirmation hearings later she starred in a movie about what else? The CIA "fair game" starring Sean Penn I'm not saying for sure these are all the same people but its totally possible. We know the lawyers middle name is A because of the clues forum someone found her initial on one of her many publications. You have to ask yourself why does the lawyer hide her middle initial?
Other things that aren't right with the astronaut story she is said to be a concert pianist. Yet no video of her playing piano exists vhs and beta came out in the late 70s and we had super 8 cameras before that but not only is their no video or film of her playing piano there is no pictures of her even next to a piano. People have made videos of the lawyer and the astronaut pictures being overlayed with a change of opacity showing them to be an exact match no ones done it with the photos of the actress so in my mind the actress being the lawyer and or the astronaut is a big maybe but totally possible when it comes to spies and gatekeepers anything is possible.

I found this photo searching on Gregory Bruce Jarvis Sons Social Media. But Greg never had a son.

you tube took this down after over a year and said it incites violence. All it is is mainstream media clips that I got from you tube.

this footage is ridiculous
footage from Nasa was " Hubble Space Telescope Launch, Space Shuttle Discovery STS-31 Highlights "1990 NASA other footage chevy astro ad 1985
I made this video a few years ago you tube allowed it for like 2 years then one day i got a copyright strike from the ET footage


heres a video deleted for no reason i didnt make it you cant find it anywhere anymore
03:15 H.G.Wells and some woman (never named)
04:30 Huxley connections
05:13 Princeton Radio Project

this video was blocked worldwide on you tube even several people have the same content on you tube right now.

There are many holes in the spacesuit story

this is a video i made 2 years ago

some games showing how fast you can lose to the gambit if you don't know how to defend against it. I think black taking the gambit in the first place is the first mistake. But if black doesnt take the second gift pawn then its an even or better game for black.

If you watch the disney doc on netflix they tell you his studio was about to be bankrupt luckily WW2 broke out and the army took control of his studios to produce propganda films. Did they ever stop? Of course not

Marty Leeds is totally not a freemason he just has a masonic bible on hand

The highest point on the island is less than 2100 ft when you subtract the curvature drop its less than 200 ft of the island you should see but clearly you see all of Catalina Island. This was from a p900 maybe a p1000 would be better and we could see the boats in Avalon harbor.

Dave Chappelle askign what do you really know

1972 "between time and timbukto" from stories by Kurt Vonnegut
A television film directed by Fred Barzyk and based on a number of works by Kurt Vonnegut. Produced by National Educational Television and WGBH-TV in Boston, Massachusetts, it was telecast March 13, 1972 as a NET Playhouse special.

5 people connected to McMartin Preschool turned up dead. 3 of which before they were suppose to testify in court. This is only part of the whole story I'm not an investigator I hope investigators will look deeper into this story because its real SRA happened and this is the biggest cover up in history.

jan 3rd nasa live stream proves theres no one floating in space. What you see in the sky is a balloon the space lab was bullshit the mir spacestationwas bullshit and the iss is bullshit. Time to wake up and audit NASA. look at th eguy on th eleft looks like he's sitting in a blue chair when the glitch happens.
music by dj caspa

I think her story is total bullshit and she has convinced her self its real. Her story comes from Hypnotism they had 2 hours of missing time that was the original story you see here how stories get embellished with time. I could be totally wrong and I'll admit that the day we see an alien until then I'm gonna call bullshit on this story and every story about aliens.

Footage from the film "Close Encounters of the third Kind"
and the Tv special"Ufos are real" And an interview with Betty Hill in 1999 from youtube channel S. Haugen

footage from
Jeremiah Films
Chris White who made the film Ancient Aliens Debunked
CNN Larry King Show
Bill Maher from Religulous I hate to use any footage from this shill but just cause someone is a shill like David Icke doesnt mean they never put out good info.


02:42 Flight 19
07:30 Donald Keyhole USAF retired
07:55 Admiral Byrd/Hollow Earth Theory
Once again Freemasons show up spreading lies

old footage from 70s tv documentary "journeys from beyond earth" 1975 and close encounter of the 3rd kind. and veritas radio on you tube .

old footage from 70s tv documentary "jouneys from beyond earth" 1975 and close encounter of the 3rd kind. The UFO psyop on TV and movies.

The hidden hand
audio by
you tube channel

this just happen in fullerton i think nephew sent it

The whitehouse call boy scandal 1989
Ex reporert and most likely CIA agent and most likely part of the finders cult found dead after he's caught sneaking underage escorts in to the whitehouse after hours. The interview with Liz Trotta is really strange she appears to have duping delight when she talks about her friends "suicide". And when the interview starts on Spence the interviewer throw the 666 ok sign.
footage used thru fair use footage from c-span and RT


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I am not a flat earther I'm an Outerponder but the earth is stationary and not rotating. And the land could go on forever. You only think it's a globe flying thru "space" or that people thought there was an edge because of our Controlled media and educational system.