Idk who did this interview but it is awesome. So now someone has tried to interview her and starsnotfar432 has interviewed Michael J Smith. Hopefully, someone else will try to interview the 4 other crew members.

The Rand Corporation supposedly gets its name from Research ANd Development. It was created by the aerospace company McDonnell Douglas. It's called a think tank. but is most likely a CIA front company.

There is no pictures of Judith resnik at a piano but she is said to be a classical pianist. Also no videos of her playing the piano ever.

You think this is real? Please morons leave a comment I want to see how you explain fire burning in a vacuum

Apollo among a couple other apollo missions show the flag clearly waving. This means they are lying to us. Besides the really fake background and the rear projection used while they "orbit the moon before landing but also the fake as fuck moon rover. By the way what kind of batteries lasted all day on the moon in 1969? The brain washed or gatekeepers will tell you it was an atomic battery with like a 1000 year half life or some bullshti can we get these unstoppable batteries on earth for our homes? And they will say either oh yeah the moon does have an atmosphere it turns out or he moved the flag or he was holding it. True he helfd it he moved it but he does release and it does wave like if the wind or a sound stage fan was blowing on it. All you gatekeepers can leave you stock messages we dont care but do you gatekeeping jobs you boot lickers. was this filmed at downey studios? a junk yard in tucson? (according to shill paul on the plane tfr worker who works for genesis communication network) or was this filmed in hawaii in the apollo valey? Or ivan tors studios in florida?

Obvious rear projection

The obvious rear projection of apollo 15 16 and 17 of them driving the Moon rover is ridiculous nonsense here is a comparison with another 1960s film using rear projection

These books are from the 80s I know this because I read these same exact books from 1981 to 83 this is from my aunt's house.
she never threw away anything. We found these cleaning out parts of her house I'm almost 50 years old it's always been Berenstain
bears my memory is good I remember making fun of the name with my cousin because it said STAIN. most of you Mandela effect clowns were not alive at this time and or are basing their conclusions from what they have been shown on youtube. I'm basing my
conclusions on my actual memory and physical proof (these books). The Mandela effect is a troll or psyop made up online based on bad memories & logo changes. Quantum computers are not making alternative realities or whatever nonsense you people preach. T
o have an effect you first need a cause

at the question everything conference mark sargent mentions a guy who follows them to the ______ studio? But they aren't crisis actors.

Ari shafir and theo von talking about how history is faked and no one can prove the shape of the earth

you tube took this down a long time ago I figured out a way to get a copy of it. from may 2020

Everything about this guy is fake he is Jewish guy posing as a goth german racist musician but all
his music is trash he covers Sinatra? Now years later he tries to turn another buck off the Manson case. When is he serious and when is he playing a role? This guy has zero credibility and he just shows up now to tell you what to think about the Manson case.
Obviously this guy is not serious radio werewolf looks like a troll of the whole goth genre none of their music is worth a damn. I hung out at helter skelter on sunset and god save the queen the kontrol factor stigmata and obituary in Los angeles and hollywood from 88 to 93 on and off. I never heard of these fake costume party clowns before ever my friends were into alien sex fiend the sex gang children sisters of mercy bauhaus chrisitian death siouxsie shadow project current 93 sleep chamber front 242 ministry revco kmfdm meat beat manifesto psychic tv london after midnight etc I never heard of radio werewolf or boyd rice til recently. Their music is all trash. And its fake like his persona He is also connected to a bunch of other crisis actors Anton Lavey ,Zeena, Thom Metzger...

I've heard this before originally they called it the satanic panic and claimed it was all in our heads no one practices satanism or witchcraft its all a red herring. Oh really? Was that a church on Epstein's Island? Did he have the little kids there for Sunday school? The rulers of this world are heavily into the occult and to suggest otherwise is the red herring.

Why do some channels on you tube that focus on the Manson Family and the "murders" never talk about the Occult Connections?

In every interview and speech Sandra Good has ever done she looks like a crazy person or a mind control slave. To me she looks like a crisis actor or agent provocateur. Because why would you make a spectacle of your self every time your on TV it doesn't help her or Manson. And refusing to be paroled is Madness especially since she thought Manson would get a new trial because of her protest like she has any credibility after making several ominous threats and veiled threats in interviews and was convicted of threatening people. This is someone you don't want on your team .TMI

This is NASAs own Image the link to the image is
look to the left middle of image and zoom in

if you believe these people died according to Manson who allegedly engineered the whole thing he says the motives were a black book and celebrity porn and kiddie porn. I think the whole thing could be a total hoax full of actors but its just an opinion.

Disney and the LAbiancas once lived at the same address just another "coincidence" in the Manson hoax

Patti Tate Looks exactly like her sister Sharon but nothing like Debra. She also makes the same exact expressions as Sharon.

The Blonde is the actress that allegedly died in 1981 star of Carnival of Blood 1970 and she had a small role in a softcore classic "The Filthiest Game in Town"

Judy A. Resnick was an actress that made 2 famous cult films then disappeared in 1973 and its said that she died in 1981 there is no news story of her death and no info whatso ever about her anywhere except mentioned in imdb and a few porno websites because "the filthiest show in town" is a softcore cult classic. Right about this time the mid to late 70s another Judy A Resnick started working for NASA and became the first Jewish woman in "space". Meanwhile another Judy A. Resnick was working for the RAND corporation which many speculate is really just a CIA front created by McDonnel Douglas (now Boeing) she was also a law student and teacher she can be found on cspan in the mid 80s during the borg confirmation hearings later she starred in a movie about what else? The CIA "fair game" starring Sean Penn I'm not saying for sure these are all the same people but its totally possible. We know the lawyers middle name is A because of the clues forum someone found her initial on one of her many publications. You have to ask yourself why does the lawyer hide her middle initial?
Other things that aren't right with the astronaut story she is said to be a concert pianist. Yet no video of her playing piano exists vhs and beta came out in the late 70s and we had super 8 cameras before that but not only is their no video or film of her playing piano there is no pictures of her even next to a piano. People have made videos of the lawyer and the astronaut pictures being overlayed with a change of opacity showing them to be an exact match no ones done it with the photos of the actress so in my mind the actress being the lawyer and or the astronaut is a big maybe but totally possible when it comes to spies and gatekeepers anything is possible.


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I am not a "Flat Earther" that's a ridiculous identity promoted by agent provocateurs all over the internet. But we are not on a globe and the government is hiding possibly endless land and resources. UFOs are made by the government and promoted by the government. Politics are fake and or scripted like TV & movies and a lot of the news.
Ancient aliens and all types of "alternative" press or conspiracy theorists are actually in fact set up by the government and or media companies the biggest that covers the so-called "truth movement" is the GCN Genesis communication network which owns coast-to-coast am Infowars and truth frequency radio. All these people give a little truth with mostly bad info that leads you to nowhere if you do your own research on any subject you will get better results and better info than 90% of all the so-called "truthers" whether it be here or your tube or any so-called alternative source all sources of information are controlled from day one or are co-opted at some point most of what I've looked into is controlled from day one and maybe some of the journalists are useful idiots doing their job and have no idea they are part of the machine of mis and dis information and or limited hangouts pushed by unknown intel agencies.
I am not a truther im not for the right-wing or left wing I am not part of anon or an anarchist I just put out info I researched or someone else researched and I'm passing the info even my info could be bad do your own research. And fuck all these fake leaders fake "truthers" there is no truth movement in reality its people watching conspiracy videos on the net and thats about it.