I preface this by saying I hate Islam, I despise Muslims, I distrust Lobbies, I am a #maga guy, I am suspicious of jumping on bandwagons, I don't want to waste our blood and fortune fighting Israel's preemptive wars that put Middle Eastern Christians in danger of even worse rulers in Muslim Majority Countries, I believe Israel has the right to exist but they should take care of their own problems, and "Palestinians" are idiots and frauds but I do not want to support them being massacred with my tax dollars.

Oh and I don't need people still using Sharia compliant Facebook and Twitter lecturing me on morality either.

There is this thing called "nuance", problems are more complicated than Headlines tell you, and if me calling out both sides pisses you off then go get bent. There, said it, had to be said. This is an NPC free zone, deal with it!

Why not just comp the ticket sales for these kids? This is absurd. Questionable at best, potential scam at worse



I apologize for saying $hit, sorry. I was in the moment. Anyway, The CIA and FBI are rogue insurgent agencies that need to be disbanded and their leadership brought to justice by Trump's DOJ, the Mueller investigation is a fraud and illegal and should be removed as well.

Playing a Water a Human Kineticist, doing some unorthodox things with the NPCs that join me, and more

It started with "please tolerate us", now it is "participate or else".

And I am, without apology, against any community that behaves like this. There needs to be Push back, and we are the ones to do it.

this was a video I recorded during late December but still holds true - I wasn't sure I should upload it because I was sick but after listening to parts of it, It sounded fine

The truth is there is no such thing as "extremism". There are those who are consistent and inconsistent with a given ideology. That's it, nothing more nothing less. If you want to confront something then do so on its merits rather than just labeling it and moving on. That laziness doesn't do anyone any good.


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