A look at Feyspeaker(druid)/Sorcerer and also Empreal Sorcerer/Cleric or Druid.

A continuation of Mystic Theurge, this time looking at cleric + wizard.

Anon was a great guy, a good friend, a believer, a comic book fan, a movie buff, a gamer, an RP'er. Anon was compassionate, he had a great sense of humor, was not easily offended, and knew how to have a good time. Anon didn't agree with me on everything and that is ok. I wish we had more time together. I love you man. See you later Space Cowboy....

the pic is weird for this but I like it

Stop getting Zucc'd, pull the plug on zucc

RIP Stan Lee. Pray for his loved ones and the fans who took this very hard.

I miss this game :(

these people are sick in the head

This isn't me spitting on libertarians, merely taking a pragmatic look at the reality of the situation. - voting break down map for the People of Light and People of Color - Trump's accomplishments - 22 million illegals, mit/yale study - 14 important points about DACA - another page on Trump's accomplishments

The idea behind this build is to be able to fill the battle field with helpful toadies who share your Teamwork Feats and to be thematic for an upstart nobleman

just a 'for fun' build
had to reupload this, sorry guys!

this f***ing clown again, just pull his press pass already, Jeez

My talk about the Alchemist Class; about discoveries, build ideas, and the grenadier

Helping new players build a tried and true Alien Race to play through their first time.


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