Surprisingly Easy end to the 2nd DLC

Sorry to be so Grim, will lighten up on the next one. Just annoyed.....



Surprising end to season 3! No complaints, best season so far.

I remember the left used to make the case that we shouldn't entertain censorship because you never know when things could drastically change and those people might then turn and censor you. They should learn from their past rhetoric

don't try to go to trumptown anymore, I think it is gone, the admin of mumblit took it over after they gave it up


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I don't pull punches here (normally ), I say it like I think and as I mean to the first time, I hate repeating myself unless it is for emphasis. I don't apologize for my race. But I am also not a stormfag or holocaust denier either. I am an equal opportunity offender.

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