Remember she has an opponent, and if you are in her district, you can vote her out. "Vote for the Real Indian, vote out the Fake Indian"

Pathfinder: Kingmaker is now out guys. I recommend it, very fun game, I talk a little about it. Pros and Cons

We have all heard these flimsy objections. We should put them to rest once and for all. It was raining, and now I wasn't be sarcastic when I said it was pleasant. I love the rain. lol

Talking about my experiences with the left and the issue of how violent they are now.

We have a tendency to fall into time traps. Save your time when talking with these people. Just don't

There is the language the rest of us use, and the language the left uses. Know the difference.

A quick story showing people that d&d and tabletop rpgs don't necessarily have to be assumed to be anti-Christian.

We see the sjw infiltration in everything. Also mentioning the system I am making to give people an alternative, and to give back to the community.

Obviously the MSM is bias to the left, and honestly I am tired of it.

My rant about Christians who are ashamed of who they are.

Not a video for everyone, for Christians mostly. To many of us waste time, it is ok to break away and break fellowship. My thoughts on this.

It is sad that a lot of people on our side are quick to turn their backs on the movement. We need you to hold the line, don't lose faith in the plan.

just some quick updates

Wouldn't it be amazing if you got the call to replace Cathleen Kennedy?

Some Christians think that clutching their pearls over something Trump said 12 years ago or so makes them virtuous, it doesn't, and my thoughts on it.

This is my rant about Facebook and how people have become so atomized.

Nobody cares about nuance? Well I do. My quick slap toward the "muh evil abrahamic religions" gripe that spreads like a cancer via the internet

I take issue with SJW's ruining the things I love. But I don't have that issue with Japanese Anime for some reason. Hmmmmm

Incontrovertible is not a scientific label to a theory, no matter how much certain people like to pretend it is

first non-intro video - talking about "friends"

This is my Christian testimony and an introduction to the guy running this ministry. I recorded this from my phone, lol.


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