Day of the Rake News 6/16/2021
Inflation sees largest year-over-year jump since 2011.
New report zeroes in on crypto.... Game Over?
Bill C-10 hits speed bump.

e3 Day 2: Microsoft , Square - Enix, Warner Bros, Pc Gaming , And Future Games Showcase.:

e3 2021 Day. Ubisoft And Gearbox Showcase With Commentary.
Cohosts :
Zeke Kyle. ( twitter : )
Comrade Cooper.
Grooms. for Day 2 1PM EST.

e3 2021 Stream Saturday on Trovo :
Discord Channel :

Day of the Rake News 6/10/2021
Canada Censorship Party With Bill C - 10 And Premier Invokes Notwithstanding Clause.
Canada To Cuck On China And Covid 19 With The Biden Admin.

Day of the Rake News 6/8/2021
Bill C 10
Ontario Re Opens To Step 1 June 11
London Ont Terror Attack.

Go Fund Me For The Child:!/

Level 20 Shadow Shark (looks epic).
Epic Move set and Electric Teeth.
Golden Shores Round up.
Infamy Rank Level 4. Rookie Paul and Candy Man Curtis snacks.

Become the BoneTank Shark with Sonar attachments.
Fawtick Bayou Roundup.
Golden Shores feasting.
Apex Predator Mako easy sunny side up.

Captain America gameplay.
Private Eye (flashback)

Day of the Rake News 6/2/2021
New stress test to qualify for a mortgage in Canada
Blue Clues Brainwashing.
Big banks raise fees during rough times.
Investigation of Winnipeg virus lab's ties to China

Captain America Gameplay.
Days Of Anger smashed.
City Under Siege.
Side Mission Spaceshot (Dropzone)

We be Adults now.
Apex Predator takedown , Baracuda.
Bayou Willy and Bobbie Bojangles bounty Hunters become fish food.

Alligator Takedowns.
Dead Horse Bay Rampage.
Shark level 8.

Captain America Gameplay.
Daily Missions and Cap Quest.

Playthrough of :
Intro + crawfish bay
Fawtick Bayou , From Pup to Teen.
Entering Deadhorse Lake.

Having Fun doing side missions with Black Widow

Day of the Rake News 5/26/2021
Bill C-10 Effect and future.
Should parents hold their children behind after 2nd disrupted school year? goes full tard and claims ncreasingly vocal vaccine resistant groups will make it harder to stamp out the virus.
Jewish communities mad we call Israel out for their apartheid state.

Black Widow Gameplay
Tachyon Rift 1 playthrough.
Then forced the game to crash with the amount of AIM robots spawned HAHA.

Day of the Rake News 5/21/2021
Canadian ambassador to Israel worked for Black Cube.
Canada’s high-security lab collaborated with China.
Canada says that it plans a digital services tax again.
Bill C-10 heats up in a bad way for Canadians.

Bill C-10 memos:

Day of the Rake News 5/19/2021
Bill C-10 drama still rages on.
Trudeau's immigration Nightmare.
Canada expected to pass US on first dose Covid vaccinations.
Canada will need 75% vaccination before anything returns to normal.

Day of the Rake News 5/17/2021
Maj.-Gen. Dany Fortin sidelined.
Steven Guilbeault and Bill c10.
Pandemic schooling fears.
Gatherings in fall, Summer Cancelled?
Demonstrations held across Canada amid escalating conflict between Israel and Palestinians.

Day of the Rake News 5/15/2021
Rough start but powered through.
Steven Guilbeault, Big Tech, and bill c10
Secret copy of long-gun registry
Ban on outdoor recreation for 2 more weeks
Canada says no to easing COVID-19 masking rules

Hulk grinding and mission runs.

Hulk grind and multi level take down. Abomination SMASHED!

Black Widow Gameplay , just messing around grinding her up.