Love & Affection performed by the band Marble Jimson. Music and Lyrics by Campanelli.

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I wrote and performed this theme song for Patricia Steere's YouTube talk show, Flat Earth & Other Hot Potatoes back in 2016.

The genesis of Another Time began over 35 years ago while I was a young 20 something, mowing my parents lawn. For years it lay dormant, then revived and revamped into its current progressive tapestry. The lyrics were also changed after being inspired by the intriguing videos of Devin Madgy, where he gives a compelling case that the North Pole is the Garden of Eden. His tantalizing videos can be found on his YouTube channel:

In this music video you will also see a clip the Silica Pillars by another YouTuber named JayDreamerZ. See his work here:

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More proof that CV scam has been orchestrated by the satanic psycopaths

Proof that CV was planned and suggests that the covid vaccine is meant for population reduction.

Learned this from RussianVids: During Zika virus, when we were told to cover up and stay inside, a Zika expert appeared on CBS “news” and told everyone that the Earth is flat! None of the “news” anchor actors questioned him about it.

Original link:

Clear, undeniable evidence that the "news" is scripted and controlled to play out the CV scam. Special thanks to Global Vision for first portion of video and Frank Jock of It's Flat Folks FB group for various other 666 related articles. Prog music (Another Time) by Campanelli.

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Stand up against the CV hoax like this brave woman

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We need more people like this man to stand up against the CV crime

Building 7 going down in controlled demolition proves 911 was a planned event. How much more proof does anyone need?

When one ant stands up, they ALL might stand up. Here is a brave woman taking the beach back from the deceivers/wannabe controllers. God bless her.

A brave woman speaks to the Italian Parliament to accuse Bill Gates of crimes against humanity

Dr. Jeffrey I. Barke, MD, a true American and family practice physician based in Newport Beach, CA speaks out on the COVID-19 madness gripping the country during a rally in Riverside, CA. This doctor represents thousands like him that are being systematically silenced by Big Tech, MSM, and government “experts”. Main points made by the doctor are as follows:

-Quarantining the healthy does not save lives
-Face masks are not effective
-Never in our history have we quarantined the healthy
-The U.S. Constitution was not designed to restrain the people but rather the government
-Governor Newsom has stepped on our freedoms
-The fatality rate of COVID-19 is in the ballpark of a bad seasonal flu
-We get over this virus by achieving herd immunity
-We can never achieve herd immunity by keeping the herd quarantined
-It’s time we allow the young and healthy to open the doors and get back to work

I sure don't see anyone dying in the streets. All I see are freaked out people in masks, frightened by their own government and threatened to stay indoors and close their businesses. Here's a man who is telling it like it is. CV 911 is a HOAX.

The Washington Times reveals that the CV hype is the biggest hoax in history. Not as big as flat earth I would add. Don't get complacent, though. More deception may be on the way. See

This is what all Americans should be stating. God bless you, sir! Mirrored from Paul on the Plane , which in turn is mirrored from Witsit Gets It:

News Ruse. Evidence to show that "news" stages events. Regarding the Pulse hoax, I wrote that the "victims" were "being carried AWAY from the Pulse" and I meant to say that they were "being carried TOWARDS the Pulse." That's what late night editing does to you.

Sleeping Warrior asked Nathan Thompson to ask PhD Danny Faulkner the question no scientist dares to answer. Needless to say Danny is unable to refute Nathan's question. Also Jeran from Jeranism made a video of Nathan Oakley's debate with ball defender Wiggles, where Wiggles not only fails to answer Nathan Oakley's question of how can the earth have gas pressure without a container, but he fails in even comprehending the statement.

It's time to wake up and protect America from slipping into a pharmaceutical run nightmare.

Smoking gun evidence to prove 911 was a false flag and the media conspired with the government to propagandize the staged event.

Brilliant talk from Dr. John Bergman about the CV scamdemic.

From a true hero of truth and justice, Dr. John Bergman.

Can you personally prove the CV epidemic? Or are you simply trusting in what the "news" tells you?

Evidence to prove that CGI planes were pasted in to the "news" footage of the planned event of 911

Why did Neil and Buzz fake a shot of the Earth when they were supposed to be on the way to the moon?


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