More proof of NASA deception. It's their party and you're not invited

Mike does an amazing job of revealing how NASA astroNOTS most likely use virtual reality contact lenses so that they can see the CGI objects they are supposed to be holding.

The natural flow of hair on a zero-G flight proves that the ISiS actresses have had their hair sprayed or gelled to stick up

Copied from ODDtv's channel. He does an excellent job proving NASA lies and explaining how science fiction programming was introduced in the early 1900's to condition the People to accept outer space and a trip to the moon.

Two astroNOTS are busted when their clipboard accidentally falls from their hands and drops to the floor, proving they are not in weightless space.

Nasa has a screw loose, and it falls at freefall speed. More proof of fakery

In this episode, Curly tries on a harness to pretend he's an astronaut. Wooo wooo wooo wooo! The fun never ends

This is copied from FEB's channel, and proves CGI fakery on the ISS and other NASA footage

Watch these hypocrites in the political theatre and in the propaganda machine caught on camera without their self mandated muzzles.

The "Flight" of Afghans. Watch people running along side a slowly moving plane with 911 and 666 printed on its side. People laughing, casually running as if told to do so, and one extra sitting on the plane checking his email. What a sham.

What are the chances that most presidents are related with one another? Were we really choosing between two different candidates during the Bush and Kerry election when in fact they both belong to the same secret Skull and Bones society?

Because a plane's radar is housed in the nose of the aircraft, the material of the nose must be plastic and not metal. It is impossible for the nose of an aircraft to penetrate completely through the steel and concrete cage of a skyscraper.

It is undeniable that the Solomon building came down in a controlled demolition. Lease holder Larry Silverstein stated on PBS that he told the firefighters to "pull" the building, a process that requires months of planning and orchestration rather than a few hours. The "news" also reported that the Solomon Building had collapsed, yet the building could still be seen standing behind the reporter who was "live" on the scene.

Love & Affection performed by the band Marble Jimson. Music and Lyrics by Campanelli.

To hear more of Marble Jimson:
Campanelli Music:

I wrote and performed this theme song for Patricia Steere's YouTube talk show, Flat Earth & Other Hot Potatoes back in 2016.

The genesis of Another Time began over 35 years ago while I was a young 20 something, mowing my parents lawn. For years it lay dormant, then revived and revamped into its current progressive tapestry. The lyrics were also changed after being inspired by the intriguing videos of Devin Madgy, where he gives a compelling case that the North Pole is the Garden of Eden. His tantalizing videos can be found on his YouTube channel:

In this music video you will also see a clip the Silica Pillars by another YouTuber named JayDreamerZ. See his work here:

To hear more of my music, old and new, please visit and download songs here:

More proof that CV scam has been orchestrated by the satanic psycopaths

Proof that CV was planned and suggests that the covid vaccine is meant for population reduction.

Learned this from RussianVids: During Zika virus, when we were told to cover up and stay inside, a Zika expert appeared on CBS “news” and told everyone that the Earth is flat! None of the “news” anchor actors questioned him about it.

Original link:

Clear, undeniable evidence that the "news" is scripted and controlled to play out the CV scam. Special thanks to Global Vision for first portion of video and Frank Jock of It's Flat Folks FB group for various other 666 related articles. Prog music (Another Time) by Campanelli.

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Stand up against the CV hoax like this brave woman

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We need more people like this man to stand up against the CV crime

Building 7 going down in controlled demolition proves 911 was a planned event. How much more proof does anyone need?

When one ant stands up, they ALL might stand up. Here is a brave woman taking the beach back from the deceivers/wannabe controllers. God bless her.

A brave woman speaks to the Italian Parliament to accuse Bill Gates of crimes against humanity


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