I always vote against politicians and/or parties once they've had power for 8 years. When there are no official term limits, each citizen should use consider rule when voting.

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This was one of those moments that felt very Canadian to me. No doubt this artistic work happens elsewhere, but I stumbled across it in my travels in Canada. It's so cool!

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The word "libertarian" is tossed around in a variety of ways. It has been used on all sides of the political spectrum. There are left-libertarians, right-libertarians, etc. So since I use the word in the context of some of my videos, I thought I'd explain my own definition.

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(Audio only) Having an ethical code can see one through the ups and downs of life. Rather than be reacting to every event, comment, concern etc. it is valuable to have a code that grounds one in an uplifting mindset.

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Here's my short introduction to The Lake Suite. I thought a little background on my music would help set the stage.

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It has taken me a long time to learn this, but it is truly helpful when discussing contentious issues. This is especially valuable when wading into the minefields of politics and religion.

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This is a thinking-out-loud video I made back in August before Maxime Bernier left and formed the PPC. Like many, I was seeing the challenges for voters with regard to Mr. Scheer all of which are becoming more prominent as time marches on. In the interest of time, I've cut out some irrelevant material and tightened it up.

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I came across a picture of what appears to be a quiz or assignment on political ideologies. It seems to be at a high school level, although I have not verified this.

In this video, I'm examining the contents and offering my concerns about this being the political picture being taught to our young Canadian minds. It is not a critique of the education system, but rather a focus on this particular document.

Whether or not it is indicative of the broader political awareness being taught in schools I leave to you to decide.

Many ideas are percolating in my little mind. This one is a way to build the wealth of Canadians.
The video was shot in a noisy restaurant in Las Vegas so a bit garbled in spots. But you'll get the idea.

We live with wonders our ancestors would be stunned to witness. I had a meditative moment that was filled with gratitude for the amazing things at my fingertips.

Being part of a political party at its inception is an opportunity that is truly once in a lifetime. Mr. Bernier seems to be that rare politician, a man of principle. So I want to see what his new party is like from the inside.

Human Progress org is an excellent resource for anyone wanting data and information on the true progress of humanity. Despite what mainstream media promotes, things are much better than they say.

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I'm trying out free speech platforms and am finding hateful content that is devaluing them for me.

In the cacophony of current events, politics, media, news etc. I find it very helpful to remind myself to be grateful for my life.

I hope the blur at the top of the frame is not too distracting. I didn't want the logo on the hat visible.

This event is already fading into the 24hr news cacophony. I went to the memorial and spent time reading the messages. One of them was written in the hand of a child. It began, "Dear people who aren't here anymore..." Need I say more?

Every individual matters. This is the essence of the freedom philosophy. Here is a reflection on how I became more aware of this truth.

A message for Maxime Bernier supporters. The spirit of the explorers lives!

Here's some advice on how to handle political conversations with those who are busy with their lives.

While I relate to Libertarian ideas, how do we best deal with the angel and devil within?

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There are a few reasons for doing this.

Labels are limiting, but are good shorthand for one's issue positions.

My thoughts on getting things wrong.

What if those polls & focus groups are wrong?


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An older Canadian watching the political scene. There are reasons to be concerned about the direction Canada is heading and citizens are speaking up.