Jon and Jase give an overview on what to expect from AMC stock - but that's not financial advice, we assure you! We also discuss the wokest E3 of all time and what it means for the future of gaming, Resident Evil on Netflix race-swapping Wesker, Nintendo's plans for Zelda, Metroid and Smash Bros., and our first thoughts on Marvel's Loki on Disney Plus! We also take the time to crap on the newest grift from Twitch Thot streamers, Victoria's Secret hiring Megan Rapinoe - that's a Rapi-NOPE from us, Chrissy Teigen's sociopathic antics, Joe Biden embarrassing America on the world stage, the "Equity Crime Wave," and a whole lot more! We're here for a good time, not a long time so join us for another great show!

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AMC stocks rise dramatically as Dr. Fauci is in the hot seat for leaked e-mails that proves he's a hack - we discuss the virtue signal tsunami that is Pride Month, Netflix forcing pronoun policing on, well, everyone, Biden's newest fails that are making YOUR life more difficult, the MEAT SHORTAGE, the purgatory that is the New York Mayoral race, and Jase goes nuts on Big Tech as he poses the question "why do we all put up with this instead of leaving this crap?" All this and more on another episode that will make you lose faith in humanity!

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This week on Cancel This Podcast we discuss the unimaginative and boring Eternals trailer, the Sandman cast gets down with the pronouns, Eliott Page's awful shirtless pictures, Seth Rogen just being, well, AWFUL, along with Kraven the Hunter getting cast, Cobra Kai Season 4 news, free PSN games coming in June, the Nintendo Switch Pro, and John Cena bowing down to the Chinese Communist Party. We also talk crypto, AMC meme stonks, Biden inflation, The George Floyd death anniversary, Facebook censorship, COVID19 "conspiracies" are conspiracies no more, and a whole lot more! You don't want to miss it!

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THIS WEEK, Jase and Jon talk about the imminent threat of removal by Facebook - it's time to move to alt tech, so make sure you sign up for and follow us on ! This week we discuss the Chinese Crypto Crackdown, the war for AMC Stonks, Playstation 5 shortages, CUCKOLD SIMULATOR on Steam (and other various games), Brie Larson to Star Wars? Please, no. We also cover THIS WEEK in Joe Biden's dementia, Demi Lovato's "pronouns" and why we won't be using them, is the era of the Hot Tub Streamer finally at an end? Crowder sues YouTube, and a whole lot more!
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Jase picks up the game CUCKOLD SIMULATOR on Steam and decides to play through the early-in-development "Wokest Game Ever" on our DLive Page. Warning: This game contains atrocious levels of soylent. Be sure to follow our new Gaming Channel at !

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Jase picks up the game CUCKOLD SIMULATOR on Steam and decides to play through the early-in-development "Wokest Game Ever" on our DLive Page. Warning: This game contains atrocious levels of soylent. Be sure to follow our new Gaming Channel at ! We also opened up a new channel on Bitchute for our gaming content; subscribe on !

In our first ever crossover to our DLive page ( Jase and Jon discuss the skyrocketing gas prices, the government trading off mask-wearing for mandatory vaccinations, the ramp up of cancel culture as YouTube moves to ban Steven Crowder, Disney getting caught pushing Critical Race Theory, as well as whether or not the Honeymoon between Disney and the CCP is finally over. We also discuss Resident Evil 8, Venom 2's trailer, Disney Plus's Loki, is Kathleen Kennedy finally gone from Lucasfilm? Plus the return of the movie theater; will AMC stocks finally rise? All this, and exploding Gaming Chairs, too!

We discuss Biden's joint session of Congress - the dark times are here! What will Biden try to ban this week? Menthol cigarettes! SAVE US, RON DESANTIS! We'll discuss DeSantis passing pro-free speech and anti-riot laws in Florida. Elliot Page's giant forehead continues to lecture us about trans rights, Caitlin Jenner runs for CA governor, BLM finds a new grift in Andrew Brown, the Woke Oscars lose 58% of its viewers, MORTAL KOMBAT becomes a surprise success in theaters, did Falcon and Winter Soldier's finale go "full woke?" All this and some bad news for people who hated The Last of Us 2 - the WOKE will continue... and we will continue to make fun of it all.

This week we talk about the controversial decision in the George Floyd/Derek Chauvin court case, Black Lives Matter, the influence of the Twitter mob and politicians like Maxine Waters and Joe Biden, celebrities like Kobe Bryant, and the newest BLM political grift: Ma'Khia Byrant. Meanwhile, the left has totally ignored the influx of VIOLENT BRONIES!!! Don't worry, we have plenty of entertainment news as well, such as the New Mortal Kombat film releasing this week, the finale of Falcon and Winter Soldier, Resident Evil: Village, and is Metal Gear Solid being remade? The country may be going to Hell, but at least we're going to make fun of it all while it does!

THIS WEEK on Cancel This Podcast we discuss the ever-burning city of Minneapolis as the Derek Chauvin case comes to a close, and as a new police shooting, Daunte Wright, emerges. We discuss Biden's despotic plans to pack the court, Project Veritas catching CNN with their pants down, and getting un-personed by Big Tech for it? We also discuss the atrocity that was WWE Wrestlemania, the mass firings which followed the event, DOGECOIN goes to the moon, Johnson & Johnson's COVID vaccine fails, Hasslehoff's daughter gets naked, and have the people on our side become as bad as the wokescolds in regards to Falcon and Winter Soldier? The nuance of the show explained!

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This week's show: We talk about Biden's nonsensical gun ban, the prosecution begins to look bad in the George Floyd murder case, Woke Corporations, and why they're not NEAR as "untouchable" as Big Tech when it comes to the masses, Major League Bullshit when the MLB pulls out of Atlanta over the voter ID laws, why liberal women secretly lust for conservative men, a first look at Ghostbusters Afterlife, why Japanese video games and manga are rocking the US market - Social Justice Activism takes it too far as Marvel Comics deems Jordan Peterson "as bad as the Red Skull," and is Falcon and Winter Soldier too woke, or are the critics just being melodramatic?

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With Gab, Parler, and Minds out there into the world, why are people still settling for 30 day bans, biased fact checks, and using platforms run by hateful Communists? With YouTube changing their rules every day, it's time for Bitchute, Rumble, and Odysee to take their place and the complacent content creators to flee the sinking ship!

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Okay, April Fools! We also talk the huge mess that is the Derek Chauvin/George Floyd murder trial, the Matt Gaetz scandal, COVID passports, YouTube's authoritarian assault on Steven Crowder (and free speech in general), Leftists canceling the state of Georgia, Lily from AT&T(its) throwing a tiddie tantrum, Lil' Nas and his pitiful attempts for attention, Demi Lovato and HER pitiful attempts for attention, an overview of what to expect in theaters with Godzilla vs. Kong, Disney doubles down on transgenders (and Brie Larson) in Star Wars, and how Falcon And Winter Soldier is surprisingly NOT annoying!

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THIS WEEK'S SHOW: Biden's worst week ever? Stairs, gaffes, and disrespect from World Leaders! The regret is here and so are the gun grab attempts - Colorado's Syrian Shooter, DeBlasio's Truth Commission, NOSEMASKS - is this legit? The media's Woke White-War continues! We also discuss which The Flash actor sexually identifies as a tree, why Johnny Cage was excluded from the Mortal Kombat film, the petition to canonize the Snyder Cut, Woke Monopoly, WWE gets censored by Peacock, ANOTHER Black Widow delay, our impressions on Falcon and Winter Soldier, and a whole lot more!

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This week on Cancel This Podcast we discuss the media narrative about "hatecrimes" against Asians, we discuss the stimulus that people have received and... are spending on PS5s? Biden continues to embarass the nation - but does he embarass it more, or less than the 2021 Grammy Awards which involved Cardi B being gross, and BLM activists calling for violence. We also discuss the George Floyd/Derek Chauvin trial controversy, Elliott Page getting "top" surgery, Marvel launches an LGBT Captain America, and the SNYDER CUT has arrived - we discuss our thoughts! All this and a lot more on the show that talks about the political war AND the culture war!

Jon and Jase discuss the 1.9 trillion stimulus plan that passed today, COVID lockdowns ending all over the country, the Derek Chauvin trial regarding the death of George Floyd begins, the crisis at the border, Andrew Cuomo gropes again and gains even more accusers. We also talk about WB cancelling Pepe Le Peu, Speedy Gonzales, de-sexing Lola Bunny, Wandavision, the Snyder Cut, AMC stocks, and the most important thing of all - WE SEE YOU, SUPER STRAIGHT, YOU ARE VALID. All this and more!

Season 2 kicks off as Jase and Jon discuss Joe Biden not knowing where he is or who he is, CPAC and Trump 2024, Grandma Killer Cuomo, the cancellation of Dr. Seuss, Taylor Swift's vintage vagina, the feminists who think Curious George is "racist?," big bold predictions for Wandavision - Mavel announces "The Mutants" why isn't it X-Men? Final Fantasy VII comes to PS5 with an asterisk next to its name, OSU starts teaching "Thottery" in college, and a whole lot more!

Biden bombs Syria, Democrats push the Equality "act" to turn the Pronoun Police into REAL police - how will this destroy women's sports? Killer Cuomo gets accused of misconduct against women, not once, but twice! Trump at CPAC, Mr. Potato Head drops the Mr., Oreo and Coca-Cola push WOKE agendas. We discuss the fall of Star Wars after the Gina Carano fallout, WB pushes for a Black Superman, Batwoman continues to sink in the ratings, and Wandavision - how will it end? All this and a lot more on the milestone 50th Episode of Cancel This Podcast!

Watch as I try to get the elusive Big Love Rocket to drop in World of Warcraft, and enjoy the banter, supplemental banter where I discuss the fallout of some of the topics discussed on Cancel This Podcast earlier in the week, my thoughts on people who get offended at "dead-naming" and why we need to take our cultural institutions back from the WOKE Left. Also be sure to join us for more on when I stream my random WoW antics!

Behind the scenes at Cancel This Podcast, Jase from the podcast talks about his life experiences and when it was that he realized he wasn't down with woke/cancel-culture - when this all started may surprise you? How about you? When did YOU get conscripted in the culture war? Comment and tell us your story!

From Cancel This Podcast Episode 49 – Jon and Jase discuss Episode 6 of Wandavision. What is Project Cataract? Is Pietro Maximoff (Evan Peters) really Pietro at all? Did we see the first two TRUE mutants in the MCU appear? Will Ultron return? With the final three episodes being big one-hour specials, what will be the ultimate pay off of the inaugural MCU Television Series? Oh, by the way, this is in no way an endorsement of the asshats at Disney. You don’t have to pay. Find yourself a nice little bay. - #CancelDisneyPlus.

THIS WEEK: How did Biden wreck the country today? Gas prices? Energy sector problems? COVID deaths? Corrupt Governors? Gun control? The Democrats are terrified of Trump's acquittal, we also talk about the insanity of gender identity politics affecting everything from cereal brands to breastfeeding (no, seriously) We talk about Gina Carano vs. The Pronoun Police, Disney's hyoocrisy, the Mandolorian potentially losing Pedro Pascal to the Last of Us, Wandavision, and the SNYDER CUT. All this and more awaits you in another week down the toilet bowl of life that is CANCEL THIS PODCAST!

(re-uploaded since the previously uploaded version somehow lost the audio)
From Cancel This Podcast Ep. 48 - Jon and Jase discuss Episode 5 of Wandavision and the return of X-Men Movie Universe's Evan Peters as Quicksilver - is he intended to be Quicksilver, or is he intended to be somebody else? What do we predict for Episode 6? Also we discuss the ramifications of the upcoming Falcon and Winter Soldier show which premieres in March!

(re-uploaded since the previously uploaded version somehow lost the audio)
Gina Carano has been fired from Star Wars: The Mandolorian - while there isn't much to say that hasn't already be said by other content creators - how did we GET to this point, and how do we GET back from it? How do we stop Cancel Culture and the WOKE takeover of all the things we're supposed to enjoy?

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Jon and Jase discuss the WOKE Super Bowl, and the angry virtue signallers who found themselves offended at Tom Brady's general existence as well as Impeachment, whether AOC needs a dentist or a therapist more than the other, the WOKE rebranding of Aunt Jemima, the return of MySpace (sort of) David Hogg's war with the MyPillow Guy, WWE's Tyler Reks transitioning, Nia Jax's HOLE (yes, really), Alexa Bliss gains a stalker. Wandavision and a whole lot more.


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In an age where cancel culture is prevalent all over the Internet, and the news media, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that those who don’t fit “the narrative” are being censored.
We don’t fit the narrative, and that’s okay. Cancel This Podcast is a brand where we go against the current climate of Cancel Culture, and discuss news, social issues, and how it’s effected all our favorite hobbies where political-overcorrectness has invaded and tried to push us out, such as video games, cinema, professional wrestling, comic books, music, and more. Jon and Riv host a weekly podcast, and we also do video game streams and supplemental videos and content that compliment the main show and take on “the narrative,” because it’s a dirty thankless job, but somebody’s gotta do it, and if you don’t use your voice to fight back and say “yeah, hey, no,” they’re gonna take it away from you regardless. Might as well go down verbally swinging.