Facebook plays dirty, using COVID politics and biased fact checkers to suppress websites, Donald Trump Jr., America's Frontline Doctors, our website and more.  Social Media tries to screw us, and we'll screw them right back!  We discuss this week's COVID-madness, how mask mandates from Wal-Mart failed, the hypocrisy of Andrew Cuomo and Anthony Fauci, is Zuckerberg going to prison for lying to congress?   Why hasn't Joe Biden named his VP pick yet?  We discuss the Garrett Foster shooting and whether or not Foster and his pet potato were asking for a blasting, Nick Sandmann makes bank off the crooked media that harassed him, should gyms reopen, and why should schools should stay closed, at least until we get the Communists away from our kids!  Why is Tom Hanks REALLY trying to become a citizen of Greece, the Miami Marlins plague and Comic Con news about Mandolorian, Star Wars, Star Trek, Snyder Cut, and gaming such as PS5 and X-Box Series X news.  Also EVIL SEEDS FROM CHINA!  It's not just a sci-fi show, it's really happening!!!

We are just uploading the video due to the possibility of censorship and removal by Big Tech YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter censors. The people have a RIGHT to hear this information and make up their own minds!

Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube removed a Breitbart video about COVID 19 misinformation by America's Frontline Doctors at a press conference, Monday 7/27/2020. Of course anyone sharing this video was also punished by Big Tech/Silicon Valley - which is why WE are uploading it. Suck it, Big Tech.

With all due respect to the President Trump Facebook, debuting 100 Reasons to Vote for Joe Biden as a LIVE video with a 30 minute wait, probably isn't a good idea for replays. So we decided to remove the 30 minute wait and the video accidentally restarting itself at the end, because a lot of older people and non-computer-savvy people who use Facebook have issues fumbling with this stuff online, and we get right to the MEAT of this AMAZING video from the Trump camp citing 100 Reasons NOT to vote for Joe Biden to make it easier for y'all to get right to it!

All credit: Trump 2020 Campaign. But I think they'll appreciate our hustle and our willingness to make our own opportunities and not wait for them to do the editing.

This week on the show, Jase and Jon discuss the attempts by St. Louis to prosecute the McCloskeys for defending themselves, COVID mania - how much of the paranoia is just that? Are masks really helping anyone? A judge in the Epstein/Maxwell case gets targeted by an assassin, are transsexual Hooters girls upon us in the near future, and can the future be stopped??? QAnon gets banned from Twitter, the Federal Government comes to clean up Portland - why do the WOKE liberal politicians have such a problem with it? Kanye 2020 gets weird, Bitcoin hacks are coming, is Metacritic trying to appease the WOKE? All of this along with Star Wars rumors, Snyder Cut news, and more Transformers, GI Joe and Karate Kid stuff - the '80s are back? We wish!

This week's show: Jase and Jon talk about the "2nd wave" of COVID and whether or not we're being fed misinformation by the media, should schools reopen, or are they too busy indoctrinating to be trusted? We also discuss the "All Lives Matter" mom who was killed in an altercation and received no video coverage, the McCloskeys getting their guns confiscated by the city of St. Louis, TikTok on the verge of being banned, KANYE 2020, Wayfair, Ghislaine Maxwell, the attempt to boycott Goya, The Washington Redskins namechange, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett's "entanglement," the Marvel and DC Cinematic Universes DOUBLE DOWN on "woke," and does a Lucas cut of Rise of the Skywalker exist? All this and a whole lot more in a packed episode of our show!

Facebook puts us back in the naughty bin as the largest conservative crackdown in history happens on Social Media. Who else got removed from YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and Twitch this week? Your streaming services think that removing blackface content will "cure racism," Is Trump in trouble? Why does Biden continue to hide? Who the hell is Jo Jorgenson? Is Parler the place to be, or is it more "parlor tricks" from the powers that be? Gab continues to grow but why is Visa trying to establish Communist-level social credit against the platform? We also talk about KEN AND KAREN standing their ground - the McCloskey GUN incident in St. Louis, TikTok gets caught spying on everyone for China (duh), the Trans Calvin Klein Model whose face now terrorizes the skylines of New York, is Star Wars finally tired of Woke Culture? Is Kathleen Kennedy OUT at Lucasfilm? Is there hope for all of Disney? After their changes to Splash Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean, probably NOT. All this and a lot more!

After a stint in Facebook Page-Jail, Jase and Jon talk about the fallout from the Rayshard Brooks Atlanta shooting, kneeling, cancel culture coming from Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben, Mrs. Butterworth, Jimmy Kimmel, Howard Stern, JK Rowling, Joe Rogan, professional wrestling, Muhammad Ali, Cops, Paw Patrol, My Little Pony... at this point is there anything that won't be canceled?

Oh, the Last of Us 2... and that horrible, horrible sex scene. We all discuss The PS5, Baseball coming back, Movie Theaters reopening, The Flash movie, and Batman's role in it, the end of CHOP/CHAZ, whatever, why Belle Delphine disgusts us, and a whole lot more!

A little more open world exploration in Skyrim. You never know who you will assault... err... Did I say assault? I meant "enlighten to the struggle of the oppressed" of course!

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How die-hard of an SNK fan do you have to be to actually own this title? This game is such a niche, Facebook won't even let you select it on their streaming service and I had to pretend it's KOF XIV.

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Riv does a new playthrough of Skyrim for PS4 as a Redguard. Watch has he peacefully protests* through the entire land!

*by peaceful protest we mean "stealing shit" and "attacking anyone he sees."

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Riv plays DOA 6 for the first time after getting the game at Walmart for a mere $10.00. Heralded as one of the most "sexist" fightting games in history due to the game featuring so many big breasted female characters, how badly is this one going to offend the feminists. One thing unites America, folks, and it's the love of tits.

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Jon checks out Predator Hunting Grounds, with a few rounds as both Predator and as Prey. Support us with tips if you enjoyed this video at!

Riv plays the Champion Edition of Street Fighter V for the first time, being that one weirdo that cares to finish the story/arcade modes with every character in order to take a break from riot stuff. We will continue to post and share new riot videos while Riv is streaming however. Feel free to support Cancel This Podcast.
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Riv plays the original Borderlands because all this talk has him on a shooting game itch. Does it stand the test of time? And will he shoot those pesky bandits or allow them to protest in peace?

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This week we talk about the fallout from the George Floyd riots (err... protests), the calls to de-fund the police, the truth about George Floyd comes out, the virtue signalling, all the companies taking the knee and demanding the rest of US take a knee, we also talk about JK Rowling getting canceled by the "tolerant left" for saying "men can't have periods," Flash star Hartley Sawyer getting fired over tweets from 2009, and did Marvel finally realize WOKE comic books don't actually sell?

Jon and Riv discuss the riot footage they have been sharing on the Cancel This Podcast Facebook page, the consequences of the George Floyd incident, what fate will await Derrick Chauvin, where should the blame be placed, and who really gets the blame for racism being so widespread? We have an in-depth look at all of this on our show in this week's episode.

This week Riv and Jon discuss Twitch's social justice moderator who sexually identifies as a deer being removed from power, George Lloyd the man who was killed by four police officers in Minneapolis, Drew Gulak gets re-hired to the WWE, Alexa Bliss goes to war with a Podcast Host and gets them doxed through her actions, and more!

Covering footage and news broadcasts from the widespread riots that broke out in major cities all over America.

Jon and Riv make up for the show they couldn't do Tuesday night and discuss a variety of topics including Joe Biden's "you're not black if you don't vote for me" gaffe, the deaths of professional wrestlers Shad Gaspard and Hana Kimura, HBO releases the SNYDER CUT of Justice League, mask madness hits an all-time high in Staten Island as a woman is chased from a local supermarket for not wearing one, SJWs take over Twitch, the Wachowski Brothers ...err Sisters are mad that the conservatives (and Elon Musk) co-opted the term "red pilled," will their next Matrix movie attempt to steal the phrase back? Nintendo Switch on a major shortage, OnlyFans begins cracking down and telling the thots to begone, and when the hell did JOGGING become racist?

Join Jon and Riv on another week of talking indefinite quarantine. We talk about Plandemic, the video YouTube doesn't want you to see, Elon Musk's weird child's name and less weird incentives to leave California. is the Ahmaud Arbery shooting media coverage an attempt to create the next Trayvon Martin? An attempt to punish Georgia for reopening from COVID early. From TikTok nurses to PORNOGRAPHIC nurses - it's getting worse! We also discuss Disney's Iron Heart plans, Karen Gillan potentially replacing Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Carribean, is Amber Heard fired or not? Tony Hawk gets an HD remaster announced, more news on The Last of Us 2, is COVID in male semen? All of this and a whole lot more. You won't want to miss it!

Jon and Riv discuss the latest Covid craziness - what is Georgia doing with their newfound freedom? Why are people setting themselves on fire and waiting in line to buy Jordans? Are MURDER HORNETS the next big 2020 Crisis! Some Star Wars franchise news comes out but is it too late to save it? Grabby Creepy Joe Biden and the Democrats who support him are getting a bad look! Arrests for cutting hair?

All of this and THE LAST OF US 2 Spoilers because we don't care what Neil Cuckman says! Fight us, loser!!!

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This week's show:
The allegations against Joe Biden made by Tara Reade, did President Trump really tell people to drink disinfectant or did the media blow things out of proportion again? We also discuss unmanly men, and why COVID19 is literally making them by wanting to inject estrogen into men to treat the disease (suddenly disinfectant sounds like a better idea), we also discuss NEW FEMALE-CENTRIC STAR WARS SHOW? Is Georgia reopening their doors too early? A female mechanic fired from her job for her OnlyFans exploits, and a whole lot more.

Jon and Riv discuss the COVID19 pandemic and whether or not it's a Chinese bioweapon, Georgia announces reopening procedures - is the timing right? AOC opens her big mouth, Stacey Abrams opens her big gut, Nancy Pelosi opens her big refrigerator; how the liberals are using Coronavirus as a power grab, XFL commissioner sues Vince McMahon, and what about those fired WWE wrestlers? Also we discuss the appeal of Animal Crossing, hard to find games, and how companies are using the anticipation of stimulus check money to raise the prices of literally everything in existence (except gas, which is worthless now).

Jon and Riv are back with another video episode. Why is professional wrestling considered an essential business in Florida? Is the Pandemic coming to an end? Will our lives ever go back to normal? Trump defunds the World Health Organization, Bernie drops out of the presidential race... and backs Biden? Meet the man who has an entire sex-doll family. Why do the Woke defend Lizzo being a fat ugly blob who won't stop twerking? All this, and some reminiscing about that weird time period where two very different Ghostbusters cartoons existed simultaneously!


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In an age where cancel culture is prevalent all over the Internet, and the news media, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that those who don’t fit “the narrative” are being censored.
We don’t fit the narrative, and that’s okay. Cancel This Podcast is a brand where we go against the current climate of Cancel Culture, and discuss news, social issues, and how it’s effected all our favorite hobbies where political-overcorrectness has invaded and tried to push us out, such as video games, cinema, professional wrestling, comic books, music, and more. Jon and Riv host a weekly podcast, and we also do video game streams and supplemental videos and content that compliment the main show and take on “the narrative,” because it’s a dirty thankless job, but somebody’s gotta do it, and if you don’t use your voice to fight back and say “yeah, hey, no,” they’re gonna take it away from you regardless. Might as well go down verbally swinging.