Cannon Cruisers

JD goes back into the past Cannon Cruisers library to watch Critters 2!

JD wraps up his look at PM Entertainment with Hologram Man (1995) and The Sweeper (1996)!

JD has a ball with some fantastical flicks from our good friends at PM Entertainment!

JD views two very different PM Entertainment movies both based on the topic of revenge!

JD watches two kickboxing movies that are very different from each other!

JD goes over Shotgun (1989), Maximum Force (1992), and Rage (1995) from overlooked '90s action giant PM Entertainment!

JD rambles about an overlooked martial arts slobberknocker from 1991!

JD watches this cult classic from 1979 for the first time!

JD watches an outlandish vehicle for the Gawker killer himself: Hulk Hogan!

JD goes in big with this giant episode!

JD goes on about an action horror sci-fi thriller that should be a cult hit, but somehow isn't

JD takes a trip to the post-apocalypse in this oddball horror-comedy!

JD tries once again to upload this episode!

JD goes is alone in this special episode!

JD & Randy go back to the past in this obscure look at b-movie cinema's beginnings!

JD and Randy go to the big city in this anarchic follow-up to the original!

JD and Randy visit the suburbs in this cult classic

JD and Randy go on a fantastic journey

JD and Randy go on a disjointed trip into space

JD and Randy feed them after midnight

JD and Randy go to werewolf camp and find Joe Dante

JD and Randy bring a close to Cannon's 1988

JD and Randy visit Lord Byron's pad in this obscure Cannon flick

JD and Randy discover if this is, in fact, reality

JD and Randy meet the dingo that ate the baby


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This is a project started by the two of us to explore a certain area of '80s cinema that often goes forgotten. This is a fun tribute to Cannon Films! If you wish to know more, find us at: