Obama says "that order and progress can only come when individuals surrender their rights to an all powerful sovereign."

he needs your money

Happy January 6th!
We have past the zenith of clown world.
We're in the final days of the fake news.
Full fucktard to fuckville we go.

We're gonna crush so many people with dumpsters.

Blah Blah Blah

It's a depopulation agenda, please wake the fuck up.

The best moments of the most popular president ever in history. up to 4/20/21*

Trust Sessions.

The enemy is weak. Don't be dumb dumb fuckers! This summer is going to be biblical.

A skyscraper turns into dust in mid-air.

A skyscraper turns into dust in mid-air.

new age truther talk with bleach boy



Very Highly Specific EDITION

Joe Bin Hiden plays his new hit song.

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American History Joe Xiden

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Joe Biden plays porn for the camera.


Pantera - Walk


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