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Jim Stone does it again:


Obviously this is a huge topic and the left is flipping out. There's a lot going on with regard to this. First of all, they are obviously going to try to steal the election, that's old news, but there have been a few cute things that have happened:

Trump stated that Biden gets huge shots of uppers in the rear before he goes live. That's plausible but even if that is the case, it is not working well enough. Trump needs to demand drug testing AFTER the debates, RIGHT AFTER and he needs to make damn good and sure the tests are not compromised. If Biden is jacked up, he's out.

Another really interesting anomaly happened with regard to Pelosi. It was not a broadcast glitch or humor edit, Pelosi glitched like a cyborg during one of the recent interviews and it has people wondering if she's even alive and not a deep fake. This is exactly how it went out over the air live - and Twitter is doing all it can to wipe this. Once again, this video has to come from this site because the censors are working overtime. HERE IT IS.

Once again, this was not a broadcast glitch, Pelosi actually glitched like that in real life. WTH is going on???


I produced a Parody song with a group of my friends and it was featured in a video that went massively viral on Twitter.

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This is a fantastic interview between Coach Dave Daubenmire and Radio Underland - listen below for the full interview and follow-up (if you're here for the rest of the video that wasn't formally present, forward to 1:09:00)

Radio Underland Tries To Take On Coach Dave Daubenmire - EPIC FAIL!

SPIDER-MA'AM is coming!


Please trash the hell out of


I put on Queensryche's Rage For Order - LADIES, THE ENDING IS FOR YOU 💐🌷🌹🌺🌸🌼

How did I do?

Oh...ORANGE🍊MAN comes in for a quickie

Sites - The Missing 13th Amendment - say NO! to GMOs

Witness a pastor calling out HEELS-UP HARRIS

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From JSF:

Oriana sent a mail about the fires that got through.

I had a VERY interesting discussion with my friend in the Olympia police department this morning. He says that the majority of all fires in CA, OR, and WA are being set by Antifa/BLM. The authorities are catching these people red-handed in the act of starting these fires and finding that they are using an amazingly simple mechanism to do so. Essentially, they have specially made glass jars that are much like a mason jar but the bottom of the jar is a magnifying lens. They place the jar upside down on combustible materials and let the sun do the rest. The device gets melted in the subsequent fire. When they catch these people, they were all told to use the excuse that they were searching for camera equipment they lost.
My continuing prayers for your health and Jim's safety

My comment: I can extract from that: The jars are plastic jars with plastic lenses that burn up after they do their dirty work. They have the appearance of mason jars. And obviously, without question, the left is using Antifa to fake a global warming crisis and the left is subsequently burying the testimony of police officers, as well as making damn good and sure their activists get out of jail free.

The obvious proper action by the police, (if they are on our side) is to therefore circumvent the system, and get rid of or detain these people outside the system. Once they go into the subverted system, the enemy infiltrators simply release them.

The civil war has clearly started, and it was not started by the American gun owner, the leftists took action first. If you want the gory details about how bad it is, just look at this drone video.

AAnd I'll make a prediction: The American gun owner is SO BRAINWASHED by "anti violence" rhetoric that NO ONE will step up and fight this war, they'll all just sit there and wait to be burned out, starved to death, or swatted away while the election is obviously, arrogantly stolen. Then the leftists will kick it into high gear, and all the gun owning idiots will cower saying "I could get in trouble" and "Violence is not the answer" while their kids get gutted, their homes get burned, and they walk away in handcuffs. Their guns and ammo staches will end up being stupid ornaments that sat there, as a statement of foolish cowardice, UNUSED. That's what the verdict is so far when not a single Antifa has had to answer to anything regarding a major act of war they just committed. I am not seeing anything from the "brave patriots" going on.

OK, I'll admit: I was a bit harsh on the gun owner. Here's my deal. I know that decent people won't want to take out the enemy unless they are absolutely sure, without question, whoever they are taking out is guilty. So I am going to attempt to hand them a way to make damn good and sure they can off someone and have a perfectly clean conscience, because they'll know for sure the target is filthy guilty. GET A MIXING BOARD WITH PHANTOM POWER NOW IF YOU DON'T WANT TO TRY TO BREADBOARD OUT THE KARENATOR.

⚠️ Warning ⚠️

This may be the most controversial live post I have done to date.

Is it a coincidence that I am showing you this on the anniversary of 9/11?

You tell me what you see.

If black Americans were being targeted & killed by police officers, I would be the 1st to jump on the cause of fighting for justice. But this isn’t true.The left has spent this entire year destroying our country over a political, ideological LIE. Democrats lie, but numbers don’t.

As Owen was setting up a new blind he heard two bucks locked up and had to try to free them.

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The Netflix film Cuties has been causing all sorts of a to do with it's subject matter and seeming lack of judgement. Is this really ok? Are we overreaction? What about the Netflix stock prices? #Netflix #Cuties #NetflixCuties

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This CUTIES thing is BEYOND THE PALE...but I've got this covered

(((Periscope))) nuked my September 12 retrospective/rant...whatevs. Four people got what I needed to say.



Well...there's SOME SCUMBAGGERY AFOOT, in which all we know will "disappear"; just a supposition from me.




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From JSF:

New virus likely to be released Sep 18

Israel is locking down for no reason at all on the 18th which likely means they know something they are not talking about. This is something I covered yesterday and this morning I noticed it picked up steam and will be a prominent story. Here's the beef, in a few short words:

Bill Gates promised us a new virus "that will get attention" ON VIDEO, where he praised Australia and implied that the rest of the world needs to be punished. He set a date line that implied September of this year. AND NOW ISRAEL, OUT OF THE BLUE IS LOCKING DOWN.

Can you add? If so, you had damn well better get your REAL gas masks out and ready, because if Israel's actions imply anything at all, they imply that they absolutely ARE going for it. Whether or not chloroquine will work for the new bug remains to be seen. It all depends upon how well the viral programmers were able to scramble for something new.

The probable goal is to create such chaos the polls in the U.S. will not open on election day, because there really will be piles of dead. Then again, they could hoax it all. There's no way to know until it happens, I myself will take extreme precautions. I firmly believe they are going to DO THIS.

You knew there was no reason to wear your mask, and many people wisely rebelled just like I did. This time around, it is highly probable there will be VERY GOOD reason to go beyond N-95 and protect yourself for real.

Israel is not doing this for fun and games. They have insider info.

Screw it - it's too good!

Grab this:

From JSF: The New York Post is responding to pressure:

It's now looking like the lockdowns may have been a huge mistake

My comment: The only error was in guaging public reaction, if people had gone along with this crap it would be full speed ahead. And though the NYP does admit that corona was not particularly deadly, they still vastly overstated it.

Here is what the NYP did not say: That Corona was launched by the most filthy elitists the world has ever seen, to allow them to destroy their competition and profit hugely while they transformed the world economy into a monolithic communist enterprise. We can see other things they wanted from this scam, such as universal ID and ID to travel, even within a country and that was a hallmark of the old Soviet system. This would have all been plausible if they did not pull the contact tracing and ID crap. There were too many obvious add ons riding the Coronavirus Omnibus.

So now they are apologizing and backing up. Too late. WAY TOO LATE, they played their hand, got flushed, and the next one is not going to be so easy.

As a result, prepare for massive civil unrest in the United States, they did not get away with Corona and they desperately want a fall back.

There are bloggers out there saying that we should not confront the protestors because doing so goes against the tactics that are in the book "The art of war". And the case is plausible - if the police are against you and with the protestors - if the police are going to arrest YOU for defending yourself it really is a foolish combat decision to confront the protesters. But I find the alternative - retreating and letting them burn it to the ground to be quite unpalatable, and will instead say: Art of war: If the police are the enemy, right in there with the protestors, providing them support and backup, then whatever action you take must be done well enough to avoid all contact with the police while you get the job of shutting this shit down done.

That means: Small caliber, noise suppression, hilltop or other clear line of sight, huge distance and whatever you do, make damn good and sure it is not done from your home or business. If you're a shitty shot hang it up now, we need those who can hit an apple with a .22 at 200 yards consistently and there are LOTS AND LOTS of those types out there in the great Americana. It is beyond easy to mask the sound of a .22 which is not a loud gun anyway. You'd mask the sound of a .22 down to oblivion by merely shooting through a hole in a 4X8 foot sheet of plywood, or whatever else, preferably foam backed. The cops need to have a mystery to solve, for god's sake don't just be the idiot that hands themselves in by shooting from your own turf, loud and proud.

So that's where we are at. Covid failed. You don't get reports like that in the New York Post unless someone threw in the towel, and believe me, they are NOT SORRY. They are definitely going to immediately go to plan 2. You had damn well better be prepared.
FACT: In this current hostile environment, where the government itself, which is supposed to be your protector, is enabling the attackers and punishing you for defending yourself, it is up to YOU to borrow your buddie's .22 and defend your home from as far away as you can possibly see it (and what is going on) and still get a clean, private shot. You need to do that from "under the blue spruce that's up the street, 3 blocks away." Even something as simple as shooting from a place like that would mute a .22 down so far everyone would be clueless provided the end of the barrel was well under the tree.

Use your buddie's gun to protect your home, and hand him yours. That way identification of what did what will be difficult if it comes to that. I'm not joking when I say the lowly .22 is the gun for this, you are not likely to kill anyone (it's possible but not like an AR) and I challenge even the Hulk Hogan from the 80's, in THAT SHAPE, to continue looting and burning shit with a .22 in the ass. They'll ALL QUIT over that. That will be my compromise: Hey, we're not trying to kill everyone, but we ARE trying to restore order and look, I can prove it, I had a 30.06 and instead grabbed the Marlin tube feed.

Save the 30.06 or AR for the Chinese invasion. There, you'll need it.

Obviously, I don't believe that Rick Heskey is a RAPIST; but I'm sick and tired of the HT/Heskey feud.

Hey, Rick - I'm sure there's one with my name on it out there

Complete waste of time - I propose an ONLINE DART TOURNAMENT to put an end to this.

Congratulations to the BOYS - they got it done!

The new URL is - I think they should keep the suffix; it flows off the tongue nicely when you're yelling it out of a car window!



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Let's hear it right from the HORSE'S ASS:

“This is such horrific homophobia,” Wiener said. “It’s irrational, and it ruins people’s lives.”

When California created its sex-offender registry system in 1947, anal and oral sex were illegal, as was vaginal penetration with anything other than a penis. Even after the Legislature decriminalized those acts between consenting adults in 1975, adults who engaged in them with minors continued to be treated more harshly than those who had vaginal intercourse with a minor.

Virtue signaling gone hilariously wrong during Jacob Blake outrage. IDIOTS. #GeorgeFloyd #JacobBlake #SJW #CRINGE - Zeducation


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Greenville, SC (FOX Carolina) - The Greenville County Sheriff's Office released body camera footage from an officer involved shooting that happened in mid July.

Deputies say they had been searching for 26-year-old, Michael Joseph Culbertson, for several days on multiple active warrants including resisting arrest, failure to stop for blue lights, interfering with police and reckless driving.

Deputies say Culbertson told family members he wasn't going to jail, and that he had recently armed himself with a gun.

Moments before the officer involved shooting, body camera video shows deputies exiting a van and demanding Culbertson show his hands at which time Culbertson begins to flee and deputies say he produced a handgun, prompting them to open fire.

The investigation revealed that five of the seven deputies on scene fired their weapons during the incident.

Following the shooting, deputies approached Culbertson and began CPR and rendering first-aid until paramedics arrived. Culbertson was taken to the hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

SLED was called to the scene, and deputies say agents collected the suspect's .9mm handgun and a clip containing several rounds of ammunition.

As with all shootings, SLED and the department's Office of Professional Standards reviewed the shooting. Sheriff Hobart Lewis says their internal investigation concluded the actions by Culbertson lead to the justified shooting by deputies.

We reached out to SLED who says their investigation is ongoing at this time.

You can view the video here. Warning, it is extremely graphic.

This will be jerked down watch it now. I can't save it but download it! It has all the answers to the crazy mayor's shutting us down! And allowing protests they are enforcing the LIE

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Chris Hansen taunts the greatest predator of all - Gropey Joe Biden!


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