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I have a dream that one day in this country, with its vicious Jews exposed, with our rulers having their lips dripping with the words of communism, that one day right here in America, our sons and daughters will no longer have to fear expressing pride in who they are, or who brought them to be.

Some people think libertarianism is completely valueless, and there is an abundance of evidence to support this view. Personally, I found it to be a thrilling intellectual pursuit for many years, as well as spiritually rewarding. I learned a great deal about the world as I attempted to cram all of mankind’s many complexities into a singular axiomatic principle of non-aggression. I also came into contact with countless numbers of incredibly diverse people (in quality, not ethnic, terms), ranging from the most impressive economists and philosophers, to walking advertisements for euthanasia and genocide. This made possible all manner of spontaneous and accidental social experiments, further revealing the near limitless heights of human potential, and the bottomless depths of human weakness.

Welcome to the first live airing of The Outlaw Conservative Podcast, a political talk radio show which, as the name implies, is of a conservative slant. The Outlaw bit might seem to stand in stark contrast to conservatism, and we confess to being amused with ourselves for coming up with it.

Yet, an outlaw is not necessarily a nefarious actor these days. Is he?

In a healthy society, “Outlaw Conservative” would be an outrageous contradiction. Why would a conservative live outside the law? That would seem rather at odds with his more authoritarian tendencies.

Fortunately for those conservatives who may be eager to romanticize the outlaw lifestyle, I am not suggesting banditry here, but rather finding oneself in such a state that the law no longer reflects his interests, or those of his people. You might do everything you are told, and yet you are punished by the law itself.

Chris Cantwell returns to the Free Talk Live studio for an (almost) uncensored talk with Ian Freeman and Johnson Rice, with brief cameo appearances from the Anarchist Shemale

We’ve talked about Dr. James Watson on the show before. He is widely known as the “Father of DNA” for his role in the discovery of DNA’s ‘double helix’ molecular structure. This discovery revealed how genetic traits are transmitted through heredity which, you guessed it, makes it racist.

Dr. Watson, last we spoke of him, was selling his Nobel Prize. He had to, he said, because he had become an “unperson” after he “was outed as believing in IQ” in 2007. He said at the time “no-one really wants to admit I exist”.

Well, no-one might have been a bit of an overstatement. Though he was relieved of his administrative duties at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) – the pioneering research lab Watson led for decades – he retained honorary titles of Chancellor Emeritus, Oliver R. Grace Professor Emeritus, and Honorary Trustee.

Dr. Watson is 90 years old now. So you might assume that even if he was saying ridiculous things in his old age, people would leave him with his titles and try to ignore his senile utterances. And, if he had said ridiculous things, we would likely be correct in our assumption.

Instead, Dr. Watson participated in a PBS documentary titled American Masters: Decoding Watson, and said things which were obviously true. “There’s a difference on the average between blacks and whites on IQ tests. I would say the difference is, it’s genetic.” he told PBS. For mentioning this uncontroversial fact, he was stripped of even those honorary titles this Friday, in a statement released by CSHL.

To the Radical Agenda listener, Watson’s statements likely sound tame. Racial differences in IQ would qualify as “old hat” to most of us. I literally cannot recall the last time I brought it up, not because I fear the subject matter, but because it is so obvious that it no longer quenches our thirst for controversy. Perhaps today though, this reality bares repeating.

It is an undisputed fact that blacks score lower on IQ tests than do Whites. The fact that this disparity exists in all places at all times, even after bastardizing IQ tests to make them “culturally fair” would seem to rule out environmental factors. The brain is a bodily organ like any other, and owing to the DNA discovered by Dr. Watson, the characteristics of that bodily organ are transmitted to us through our parents. So of course IQ is heritable, just like athletic ability, height, proneness to disease, or any number of other features of one’s biological existence. Thusly, it should come as no surprise that disparities arise along racial lines.

Groups of human beings who evolved for thousands of years in dramatically different climatic conditions, meeting different selective pressures along the way, are bound to evolve differently. You do not need to be a Nobel prize winning geneticist to understand this. A three digit IQ and a reason to think about the subject, will suffice.

Europeans had to contend with winters, which meant thinking ahead, delaying gratification, controlling reproduction, and cooperating as cohesive groups. It meant we did not benefit from melanin repelling the sun from our skin. It meant male provisioning, and monogamous family structures. Stupid, reckless, promiscuous, uncooperative, conflict prone Europeans did not survive to leave progeny, and thus those of us here today are the offspring of those fortunate enough to have had what it took to survive and reproduce in that environment.

Blacks evolved in Africa, where food fell from trees and scurried past one’s feet all year round. Malaria resistance, speed, and strength were far more important than being able to plan ahead or delay gratification. Abundant resources meant female provisioning for offspring, and thus the best way for a man to see his genes live on was to mate with as many women as possible. High infant mortality meant the best way for a woman’s genes to live on was to have as many children as possible with the strongest and fastest males.

Your brain accounts for less than 2 percent of your body weight, but on average burns 20 percent of your body’s energy, according to the Physics Factbook. It is your body’s most “expensive” organ in that sense, and if it is not needed, it is not used, and for good reason.

None of this is ever disputed or refuted. Instead, people who mention these obvious facts are called “racists” and chased out of polite society. Not because they are Nazi LARPers, violent thugs, or ignorant, backwards, fools, as the Jewish dominated power structure would have the world believe, but because those facts are quite inconvenient to the designs of our rulers. Dr. Watson is an expert in his field. Nobody has disproven his findings. They have only set out to destroy his career and make an example of him, so that no scientist with eyes on a successful career will dare to make mention of these realities.

God Emperor Trump is about to break the record for the longest government shutdown in the history of the republic. Today marks the day that many federal workers will miss their first paychecks, and already NBC News is predicting a “doomsday” scenario. TSA Agents, most of them non-White, protested in front of Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on Thursday afternoon, and the TSA has already reported an uptick in sick calls. Federal prison guards have called out sick as well, leading to longer shifts and hazardous conditions for those who remain. The FAA warns that morale amongst air traffic controllers is rapidly eroding, jeopardizing the safety of air travel.

I repeat, today is the first day they’ll actually miss a paycheck.

Yesterday, we saw what I suspect is a new level of anti-intellectualism coming from the Left. As President Trump prepared to deliver an address to the nation from the Oval Office, those who hate the truth scrambled to deal with the inevitable fallout.

There was at first some debate as to whether the TV networks would even carry the address. The three major broadcast news networks — NBC, ABC and CBS — all took time to “deliberate” the subject on Monday. Many on Twitter called for the networks to opt against airing the speech. Arguing from a precedent set in 2014, when they passed on a speech made on immigration by then President Barack Obama that was considered to be too partisan for national broadcast, these users suggested that the President was not entitled to free airtime for his “racist” propaganda.

Charlie Sykes, an MSNBC contributor and Never Trump Republican, floated the idea of airing the speech on a 10-minute delay, giving the networks time to mine the address for newsy nuggets and fact-check some of the president’s claims. “Since Trump has rewritten the rules, the networks should, too,” he said. “The president isn’t entitled to free air time. He needs to earn it. And, since he’s abused it so many times, he doesn’t deserve the benefit of the doubt.”

The networks all eventually gave in and delivered the message to the public without delay or edits, but went into overdrive pissing into the information pool before and after.

Tom Rousseau, the leader of Patriot Front, is our guest for today.

In the current year, transgenderism is basically a welfare program for psychopaths. If your life sucks and everyone hates you, all you have to do is say you’re transgendered, and hating you will become a criminal offense. Gone are the days when one of these gender diverse science projects could not obtain employment or housing due to incompetence or inability to pay, now they are the most celebrated contagious mental illness, and act of degeneracy, of our liberal elites. Today, they are the tip of the rainbow spear, and you must give them what they demand, or you will be guilty of “discrimination”.

But it wasn’t always like that. Back in the dark days of 2015, leaving your wife and seven children at the age of 46, to live your life as a six year old girl, and sex slave to your adoptive “mummy and daddy,” was still frowned upon by society.

Such was the plight of one Stefonknee (pronounced ‘Stef-on-knee’ – Deadname: Paul) Wolscht.

Paul fathered seven children with his wife, Maria. He worked as a mechanic, and was a dedicated member of the Catholic church. Paul claims to have known he was “different” as young as six, and at some point during his marriage he confided in his wife that he liked to cross dress from time to time, which she tolerated. Then, after 23 years of marriage, Paul started going to “transgender workshops” in Toronto, and decided he was, in fact, a little girl and had to live his life this way, openly.

He sat his children down and explained that daddy was a girl now, and would begin parading his degeneracy around in front of them, and the neighbors, and their friends. His kids were predictably repulsed. Then his wife told him “stop being trans or leave” at which point Paul decided he would rather be a homeless transgender prostitute, than take care of his family.

This, surprisingly, did not improve the quality of his life. He attempted suicide twice, or at least, pretended to, in hopes of gaining sympathy.

It worked, too. Paul joined the Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto, where much of the congregation is made up of LGBT types who formed a special support group just for him.

He went on FetLife, a fetish dating website, where he met his “mummy and daddy”. They have “adopted” him, and and allow him to play with their grandchildren. Paul started off pretending he was 8 years old, but when one of the grandchildren wanted to be the oldest, he offered to become six instead, and he has stayed the same age ever since.

But it’s not just the grandchildren that Paul plays with. Paul is also Daddy’s sex slave.

Welcome to the modern family.

It’s been quite a year, fellas. The echoes of Charlottesville, lawfare, internecine conflict, censorship, an all too familiar series of letdowns by the Republican Party, and a frightening realization of just how thoroughly our government has been corrupted, mar the pages of this year’s story.

We’ve watched good men convicted and harshly sentenced for defending themselves against terrorists. We’ve watched those same terrorists openly brag about their crimes with no fear of repercussion. We’ve watched the highest echelons of our financial system suppress us while helping to finance those terrorists, and likewise for the tech sector.

Internally, those of us with skeletons in our closets saw their closet doors blown straight off the hinges. Our supposed leaders formed a circular firing squad, and emptied their magazines with reckless abandon. Today your humble correspondent faces nearly as much opposition from our own people as from the Jews and their Gentile dupes.

“The Optics Debate” shockingly enough granted us the approval of neither the State nor its media apologists. It did a fine job of tearing this movement apart, though. So to the extent that was its purpose, we can call it a success.

Speaking of optics, one man sympathetic to our plight, said Fuck em, and went in. Lacking direction or hope of a peaceful solution, he walked into a Pittsburgh synagogue during a Bris for a gay couple’s adopted twin sons, shouted “ALL JUST MUST DIE!” and opened fire on those inside.

This gave me a lot to think about.

During Stage 3, I read Siege, by James Mason. The “Read Siege” meme was a lot of fun. We finally found a meme too edgy for the Nazis, and I crowned myself king of the edgelords. This was a feat I had long hoped to accomplish ever since Weev joined us for EP243, and I celebrated this as a great victory.

But as I watched serious debate erupt as to the efficacy and ethics of gunning down non-combatants in a house of worship, I began to question the value of my title. Try though I might to assure everyone that the Radical Agenda is an entertainment program, I am reluctantly forced to accept the reality that people have come to take what I say seriously. It occurred to me that if I endorsed this tactic, even jokingly, I would likely see the results plastered all over the news as Radical Agenda listeners emulated it, effectively ending their lives in suicide missions which served no strategic purpose.

For the first time in a long time I said to myself “You’ve gotta dial this back”.

Here at the Radical Agenda, our thirst for liberty gave way to our need for order over the last couple of years. Our contempt for the heavy handed ways of the State, took a back seat to our greater contempt for Leftist riots, which have brought us to the brink of revolution. Whereas we had once lost interest in having so much as a president, we found ourselves cheering for a God Emperor.

Back when I was staunch constitutionist in arguments with anarcho-capitalists, I frequently made the case that we were already in anarchy despite an all powerful institution wreaking havoc in the name of a government. The idea being that lawlessness had gripped the institutions themselves, as the constitution no longer seemed to restrain the actions of government at any level. The task then, for those of us interested in freedom, was to restore order to the institutions, rather than to abolish them.

I was later convinced that this state of affairs was normal. Over the course of many debating sessions, I became convinced that no government had ever been restrained by a constitution, and the historical record showed quite clearly that no time in our history ever existed where these restraints were so honored. The facade of law and order was thusly an illusion designed to facilitate a criminal enterprise in its name. From here I became an anarcho-capitalist myself, thinking that privatizing the institutions would better provide for our future security.

Watching the libertarian movement devolve into Leftist egalitarian nonsense, and our weakened institutions prove incapable of stopping riots and invasions, I began to better appreciate the virtue of authority and hierarchy. I cheered for Trump, and ceased to see any reason to defend myself when people called me a Nazi. I wanted order to be restored, and freedom ceased to be the object of my political activities. Sadly, order has yet to be restored.

Twas the night before Christmas, in the District of Criminals

They shut down the government, but disruptions were minimal

The bump stocks were banned, though the wall not forthcoming

The Reds still run riot, while the feds still do nothing

The patriots sat on the edge of their seats

Preparing for war, though hoping for peace

And I in New Hampshire, friends locked in Virginia

On this Christmas Eve special, of the Radical Agenda

Just after the show, there arose such a clatter

I pulled out my Glock to see what was the matter

I rushed out the door to see a man dressed in red

I pulled out my pistol and said “You move and you’re dead!”

“You Red commie fucks try to get me on Christmas?”

“You’re lucky I’m sober or I’d give you the business!”

“What’s in that bag? Bunch of crude IED’s?”

“And why does your car have no wheels, just skis?”

“What’s wrong with your dogs with that shit on their heads?”

“That one in the front, why’s his nose so red?”

The man looked right at me, no fear in his eyes

So I emptied my mag screaming DIE COMMIE DIE!

The bullets just hung in the air like the Matrix

The man started laughing “Ho, Ho, Ho, Hey Chris”

“I’m not with antifa or Redneck Revolt, and those are my reindeer, not mutant pit bulls”

“You’re too paranoid, though I understand why,

given your experience with a corrupt FBI.

You’ve had a rough year, but that’s over now,

The tables are turning, and I’ll help, here’s how”

He opened his bag, and gave me a gift,

I tore it right open, and nearly did shit

A small piece of plastic three inches by two

My picture was on it, and my birthday too

A license of some sort, which never expires

It gave me permission to straight open fire

On trannies, and negroes, especially Jews

Communists, traitors, and Neocons too.

I said “This is bullshit, it must be a trap!

You’re from the North Pole, and you have to go back!

No way you can issue a Red hunting license

If I try to use this I’ll be in confinement

He said “It’s true, I lack the authority,

but lucky for you, the gift’s not from me”

I turned the thing over to look at the back

The President’s Seal and the signature matched

Still in disbelief , I said “You must be a Jew!

The President fucked us, and you’re in on it too,

My friends are in prison, though they broke no law,

This shutdown’s a scam, we’re getting no wall,

Why would Trump try to help me like this?

You must think I’m drunk just cause it’s Christmas!”

He said “I get it, but calm down, there’s more”

He pulled out his smartphone, and I heard a roar

Or more of a whirring it turned out to be,

As Marine 1 then landed, right on my street

The President got out, his hand to his brow,

I returned the salute, still wondering how.

The President said “I know times are tough,

You’ve been through a lot, far more than enough,

But I need your help, and that of your friends,

The swamp can’t be drained, but this ain’t the end

Nice place you’ve got here, New Hampshire’s so White,

You must keep it that way, no matter the fight

That license is real, and so is this bargain

If you get arrested, I’ll give you a pardon

The country is lost, but the Nation lives on

I need you to save it, I’m merely a pawn”

The chopper took off, and I looked at Santa

He looked back at me and said “What you’re doing matters,

People may smear you, and treat you like shit,

But if not for white people, there’d be no Christmas,

The Struggle is real, believe me I know,

Those Jews hate me too, and I’ve not hurt a soul.

I bring people presents and give children glee,

But that never stopped kikes from slandering me,

So keep your head up, there’s good times ahead

Your friends are in jail now, but they aren’t dead

You still have a chance, to set this thing right,

Merry Christmas to all, save America’s Whites!”

I’m feeling like a conspiracy theorist today. Is our reality TV President just putting on a really great show?

Everything has been right down to the wire for the last two years. Put off to the last minute, with all sorts of twists and turns, outcome never certain. That is, until the deadline passes and I am left without satisfaction. I feel like I’m watching some kind of ridiculous TV drama, parading itself as non-fiction. Yet the plot holes make it difficult to suspend disbelief.

On the prior episode I was mocking the concept of having faith in a President, and this after my partisan cheerleading in the lead up to the midterms. My inner libertarian shouted “I told you so, sucker!” as I fell back to secession and individual responsibility.

Then, suddenly, under pressure from the Radical Agenda, Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Coulter, the President does an about face. Now we’re pulling out of Syria, prompting the resignation of Mattis, Trump vows to veto a spending bill without border funding, and the “Trump Shutdown” looms with a countdown clock in the bottom right of the screen on Fox News.

Kiss your bump stocks goodbye, and don’t hold your breath for the border wall. You’ve been fucked over by a politician. Shocking, I know.

Worse than that, you’ve gotten the exact opposite of what you paid for, from a guy who runs around with signs at his rallies which read “Promises made, promises kept”.

Oh, and he’s got a bunch of Jewish inlaws creating half Jew babies.

#MAGA Indeed.

Let me fill you in on something I figured out when I was still a libertarian. It helps me during times like this, and perhaps it can help you too.

Though one can surely be less harmful than another, the President is not going to help you.

If one pays close attention to the agenda of the Left, it’s easy to come to the conclusion that their aim is the extinction of the human race. Their biggest concerns are the advancement of homosexuality, transgenderism, birth control, and abortion. They are openly hostile to the racial group which has done more than any other to advance life saving technologies and the civil order that makes life as we know it possible. They view the energy we require to make all of modernity possible as a plague on the Earth. Every time a cop does his job by removing some violent criminal from the gene pool, they stir the blacks to riot and pretend it is peaceful protest, likewise for antifa, as will be the case for the next group of left wing terrorists that wants to bring down the State and all of our institutions.

Find literally anything that makes the world safer and more harmonious, and not far behind, you will discover a Leftist trying to destroy it.

Today, as I sifted through news of transgender pedophiles, Jews suing Catholic schools for discrimination, and the bankruptcy of the Boy Scouts, I stumbled across a thing which made me smile. The Weekly Standard, a neoconservative publication founded in 1995 by Bill Kristol, Fred Barnes, and John Podhoretz, is calling it quits.

Bill Kristol announced today via Twitter that “All good things come to an end. And so, after 23 years, does The Weekly Standard…”

CNN reports that “The closing of the magazine represents a broader shift in conservative media. Outlets on the right that are critical of Trump have lost influence or changed their tone, while media organizations on the right supportive of the President have flourished.”

This is even more telling for us, as we know the President’s most enthusiastic supporters have been censored, illegally discriminated against by the financial system, frivolously sued, framed for crimes, and assaulted, all without thanks from the God Emperor. We are meeting every imaginable challenge, along with many which were previously unimaginable, and charging forward toward the future our rivals dread. Meanwhile, our Judaic and Shabbos counterparts on what used to pass for the Right, though they be powerful and well financed, are dropping like flies.

The show trial and sentence recommendation of James Fields is now complete. He was found guilty on all counts, including premeditated murder and leaving the scene of an accident, and the jury recommended a sentence of life plus 419 years. Judge Moore still has to officially pass the sentence, but anyone following these proceedings will be left with little doubt that he will impose the recommendation of the jury.

Virginia does not have the kind of parole system states like New York have. So unless a competent court overturns the verdict, or some kind of political upheaval corrects the wrong done, James has seen his last days outside of prison. He still awaits trial on federal charges, which could carry a death sentence.

What this proves more than anything else is that our deliberations are strictly limited to victory or death. Forget the murder, at least they had a body and a compelling lie to back that scam up. They found the guy guilty of hit and run, when a bunch of communists attacked his car with clubs and pulled guns on him, which is far more telling of the corruption at work.

Not only did they convict and destroy an innocent man, but doing so was the whole point of the exercise. It was a show of force, that this is what they will do to you if given the opportunity.

There will be no mutually agreeable terms we can reach with people like that. We can separate, subjugate, or kill one another. That’s it. Living under their rule is a death sentence for us, so people better get serious, and fast.

Distasteful though it may be, and though I hate to say it, the only institution capable of answering this injustice is the State. No flier, blog, podcast, rally, fight club, or act of terrorism will correct the wrong done. Unless we find a way of imposing our will politically, we are doomed.

Here at the Radical Agenda, we reluctantly transitioned from the mindset of the market anarchist, to that of the authoritarian out of sheer necessity. We saw Black Lives Matter burning their own cities to the ground over violent criminals meeting their demise at the hands of law enforcement. We saw communists tearing our communities apart over the supposed “rights” of illegal immigrants. Whatever merits we might imagine there to be in a purely market economy, the situation of the moment demanded a strong hand to avoid total catastrophe.

So, even though we had previously concluded that elections were stupid popularity contests, and thus beneath our dignity, we cheered on Donald Trump to become President and wield authority as God Emperor, to stop the lawlessness we saw unfolding before our eyes.

Those who have been following along since, are all too well aware of the causes for our disappointment.

Tom Kawczynski joins us again, this time, in studio, to discuss his new book (yes, another one), titled After Trump: How Nationalism Can Save America.

It covers the evolution from civic nationalism to a more ethnically cognizant model through the medium of culture.

Then, it lays out policy prescriptions for how we must proceed, most key amongst these is reclaiming our culture – the universities, media, etc, stopping immigration in flows, and changing our family planning policies so productive (read:white) people have more children and the state stops paying for the less desirables.

It closes with a plan to re-elect Trump, increase polarization, and get an actual nationalist in there for 2024. Which is when we have to win with our guy or, as the previous book said, we’re well and truly fucked.

Don’t bother checking the mail. Donald Trump gave the postal service the day off in a “day of mourning” for the now deceased 41st President of the United States. Here at the Radical Agenda though, we’re hard at work. No mourning necessary over here.

I watched some of the proceedings today, and they were about as nauseating as one might expect. Like John McCain before him, George H.W. Bush was a lover and promoter of diversity. A bipartisan compromiser, who never let his promises to the public get in the way of his duties to the Jew World Order. His passing is to serve as a reminder to all of you, that your interests come absolute last, and the demands of wealthy Jews and their poverty stricken sub-human pets, are all that really matter.

I am not in mourning at all, as I watch the passage of this sorry era of the Republican Party. Say what one will of Donald Trump’s many shortcomings, the culture change on the Right in the last couple of years comes as excellent news to me, as it should to you. As each warmongering neocon puppet retires, or better yet, expires, a replacement emerges from his Right. Even those who lack the crucial keys to understanding the big picture of our political problems, serve as a conduit to that understanding for many more challengers yet to emerge.

I am positively celebratory as I watch this failed ideological scam fade from view. If you really want to mourn something today, our criminal justice system might be a good place to start.

Today, cable lines and airwaves are clogged with what amounts to a 24/7 funeral procession for George H.W. Bush. The 41st President of the United States died this past Friday at the age of 94, making him the longest living President in American history. Democrats and Republicans alike are fawning over the Israeli puppet who first led the United States to war in Iraq, conveniently paving over his many sins in what amounts to whitewash of history, as though the current occupant of the White House were not there as a direct repudiation of this subversive dynasty.

But the “New World Order” Bush spoke so fondly of, is well underway. It meets little resistance from the God Emperor, and the costly, senseless military action which it necessitates, continues unabated. The “threat to decency” it turns out was not in the sands of some far off land, but rather right here, at home.

Yesterday I got to sneezing a bit, so I took some Walmart brand Zycam knockoff, but to no avail. I am filling up garbage cans with tissues about as fast as I can empty them, and this is mostly occupying my attentions, to the exclusion of my ability to write creatively for a show description. My inclination is to take the day off, but it’s Friday, and I don’t want to leave you waiting that long for an episode.

If you wanted to eradicate a given species from a given area, how would you go about it?

You could nuke the place, but that would wipe out all the infrastructure and other resources. You could use poison gas, but that would wipe out a lot of other life which you might not be so anxious to rid the world of. You could send in exterminators, or soldiers, and pick them off individually, but that would be expensive, and assuming the species could fight back, risk the lives of your men.

Luckily, Google has been hard at work on a solution.

Today begins the murder trial of James Alex Fields Jr. He faces the death penalty for having the audacity to get into a car accident while people were pointing guns at him during a riot they started. Because, being the target of communist violence is a hate crime, don’t ya know.


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