The "health crisis" is built entirely on lies.
There's nothing true about any of it, or the hoaxers perpetuating it.

This is the alternate ending, meant to wake up family and friends.

Forget about the frauds and charlatans. Seek out real researchers, or do some leg work yourself

The truth about the "pandemic" in Canada: it's a scam!

The "health crisis" is built entirely on lies.

There's nothing true about any of it, or the hoaxers perpetuating it.

Never forget: these medical martial law measures are for your own benefit

Fred, Andy & Canuck

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Fred, Andy, Canuck on what's going on

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Nova Scotia FOIA, Shelly Comes On, Vaccine Hunters

Michelle comes across as a tool just reading a script, which she is

Freedom and equality are overrated anyway.
Wonder who his donors are.....

This is a September 2, 2020 interview. (Supposedly), there was going to be an application for an injunction to stop forced masks on children, and hopefully heard before the Christmas break. Problem is, no application for injunction had ever been filed at that point. Donors had been giving money to something that didn't exist, and the SoC itself remains in limbo, as no defences have ever been filed.

From 44:35 in this video

At 44:00: supposedly this took 8 weeks to write:

That will never go anywhere, neither will this:

This was eventually filed in April the following year, but there seems to be little rush to get heard.

Not really a shocker

Also worth a read:

August 17th, 2021

Jagmeet is the only leader with plan to enforce mandatory vaccines
On Monday, Justin Trudeau and Erin O’Toole struggled to explain their positions on vaccinations for federal workers.

Since Trudeau’s last-minute pre-election vaccine announcement, he has refused to commit to timelines or explain how he would deal with employees who refuse to be vaccinated.

Singh has called for a September 6th deadline for vaccination of federal workers and indicated that workers who refuse to be vaccinated could be disciplined.

So many "freedom fighters" are there to co-opt

This is David Dickson.
Original posted by Angry Albertan

Glad we can put those crazy conspiracy theories to bed........ or rather, a 1,000 bed theory

Wish this was satire....

Israel is showing us the way

This great offer was available in late 2020, and wow, what a deal it was.

Good stuff starts at about 5:45
Purchase the forms for $90, then go figure it out yourself, or hire a lawyer

Cue the endless boosters..........


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