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What a great freedom fighter!

Ferryman's Toll acts as a fanboy for Chris (Sky) Saccoccia. He claims he supports the run, even if it was entirely just for attention and/or grifting.

Clip starts at about 6:30

Now, it could be argued that this is just joking and trolling, but I doubt it. He seems completely serious about it. Then again, he supports PPC, which has been grifting well meaning people since 2018.

If Saccoccia takes donations from people who think the campaign is legitimate, that would be considered fraud.

We know he's the right man for the job....

Strange how so many "experts" never mention what's going on in Russia.

They (accurately) outline the problems the West faces, but not Russia. Have to wonder why they all have that same blind spot.

These are "Eurasianists", who push for a new world order, dominated by Russia. These fake nationalists dupe and deceive gullible people into thinking this is a solution. In reality, the East faces the same sort of problems, but are more serious.

I'm going to get some hate from this.
Oh well, suck it up.

A response to the latest rant. What's perhaps the most frustrating is that he brings up a lot of valid points about the UNSDA and Club of Rome. But pretending that Bernier or PPC are a solution is just delusional, hopium induced, or at worst, deceptive.

It's a fake party, a grift.

There are no heroes coming to save us!

Less than 48 hours after being "debanked" by Scotiabank, David Freiheit (a.k.a. Viva Frei) set up a $150,000 fund for Jeremy MacKenzie (a.k.a. Raging Dissident).

Pretty lucrative!

Serious question: how do we go from needing a new bank to being able to buy a small house with cash? Did this "debanking" even happen, or is it a scam?

Either way, seems he'll be fine for $$$$$

From August 2021, but worth a reminder.

This man is either a complete monster, or just playing the role of one.

Strange how Trudeau is still mocked and ridiculed for asking "why do we accept these people?", yet Moe is given a pass for much the same thing. Same ideas, even if not as openly insulting.

But people seem to have the memory of a goldfish. Because he's now "fighting Ottawa", we should forget what he did.

Continuing down the coincidence hole....

Yeah, this was a gong show.

Full video:


CPC links: (and no, I don't support them)

PPC constitution and governing documents:
(just kidding, they don't exist)

Bernier's $104,000 annual "salary":

In fairness, about 80-90% of the braincells lost came from Pleb. It wasn't even by any stretch.

Continuing the dumpster fire that is Canada with Canuck and Fred.

A few things:
"In June 2019, Canada’s Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance (the “Panel”) delivered its final report. The Panel noted that “TCFD is in many respects a private sector framework to uniformly assess risk and opportunity. While not in the Panel’s remit, consultations suggest that, over time, Canadian companies should use the framework to consider broader sustainability issues....The Panel’s three recommendations in this area were to: 1) “Endorse a phased ‘comply-or-explain’ approach to adoption of the TCFD framework in Canada”; 2) “Provide clarity to issuers on the recommended scope and pace of TCFD implementation”; and 3) “Work with federal, provincial and industry partners to clarify the materiality of climate-related financial disclosures”.

Have to wonder why the most unhinged, freakish looking people are promoted as the head of certain movements.....

Is the goal to undermine and subvert real unity, making everyone look crazy in the process?

Not my work.
See the links below:


(Part 4)

(Part 5)

Supposedly, I won't address the elephant in the room.
Fine, someone else can.

Hey, we can't all be geniuses.
But you'd think they would have plausible stories ahead of time.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is cheered as a champion of freedom and for the residents of the state. He's making waves for promising to convene a Grand Jury over vaccine claims.

How quickly people forget....

Not my work,
Shelly is a concerned NS resident who has spent time digging.
Usual disclaimer: this assume virus even exists.

Not my work.
Mirrored from a concerned Nova Scotia resident.
All data provided from NS gov't

Dumpster fire with Canuck and Fred
-Roxham Road, illegals
-Housing pricing
-Greenbelt being torn up
-Federal court case being challenged

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith holds off on key promise.

Is it possible that she will address the roots of the problem? Sure, it's possible. However, the lack of specifics sounds like capitulation.

If Kenney could simply impose a V-pass by decree, why can't she ban it by decree? She has a majority government. Or, is she saving this as an election tactic for May 2023?


Strange how "conservative" and "independent" media often play down or ignore CPC's involvement in selling out Canada to China.

Yes, this is 2014, but worth remembering.
Nothing has really changed.

Just vote harder!!!!


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