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Oh, Patrick. You poor thing.

The horror... the horror...

Let me know which one is your favorite down in the comments.

What did you think of the new "Joker" film?

New movie good.
Old movie bad.
Everything is political.

Fans are toxic.
Themes are life.
Expectations must be subverted.

NPC Reviews... saving the world, one video essay at a time.

Patrick Willems says The Last Jedi is intended for children, therefore you're not allowed to hate it (even though you are allowed to love it).

But is it really intended for children? You be the judge.

Patrick Willems's's video for reference:

From the studio that brought you It, a fully fleshed out story about a group of kids learning to conquer fear by confronting a spooky clown, comes It: Chapter 2, the same exact story about the same exact kids doing the same exact thing, but as GROWN UPS so look how great we matched the kids to adults guys right??

Was It: Chapter 2 intended to be a parody? Is bullying ever the answer to your problems? Is Stephen King a evil clown from outer space?

Find out today on a Hugh's Solo Adventure!

I really like the joke about Cats being creepier than Midsommar that's making the rounds on YouTube comments pages. And since Jamie's in Atlanta now, I decided to dissect the frog and break down why Cats is legitimately just as horrifying (if not worse) than Midsommar on my own. Buckle up kiddos.

Annihilation has many defenders here on YouTube who seem really upset that the movie did not perform well at the box office last year.

They praise the movie for its metaphors and ideas, and seem convinced that it's an incredibly intelligent film. Some even say it flopped because it's too smart for mainstream American audiences.

In this video Hugh & Jamie explain in exhaustive detail exactly how wrong they all are.

It's a mess, guys...

And you know it.

Hugh and Jamie react to and review the teaser trailer for "Doctor Sleep", the upcoming sequel to "The Shining" that absolutely no one asked for.

God, if you give us back Stanley Kubrick we'll give you Stephen King.

A die-hard fan and a complete outsider discuss and review the infamous series finale.

As the dust settles on Game of Thrones, many questions still remain:

What has Bran been doing this whole time?
How evil is Dany, really?
Who is Khal Waldo?

All this and much more tonight at 11.


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