Captain Ron

Captain Ron

Captain Ron


Great clip from NTNT 5 🔥

No nigger zone!

Happy Jew Year🥳

The goy is gifted!

Bone-broth Friday!

Guitar Shuffle Big Bill Broonzy cover Country Blues Rag.

Some Sunny Day Soon original song Black Dog Broonzy.

🔥Name The Nose Tour 5 Coming Soon!🔥

One that can see!
Rip Damon V🙏🏼


Enough is enough. Let's bring back the Shoah.

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Jeff Censored!
10 months ago
Just to be clear - the guy in the car isn’t the BBQ guy... but it’s showing how the ‘left’ is parodying him. It’s all theatre folks...

Wish homegoy was still here.

Another awesome blues song from the great Blind Boy Fuller. I do a ton of Blind Boy Fuller songs, please check out my page for many more acoustic blues guitar songs. I thank you for listening and wish you all the very best!

1972-2020. He was 48 years old...

NOTICE: Please remember that the obit released is that of Jeff's FAMILY. It is not by one of us.. thus, comments about his YouTube presence, his work, NWO, freemasons etc should NOT be made.. please people. Just keep in mind from Jeff's perspective. The obit is meant for his personal family and friends, so CAUTION with any comments made PLEASE. Thank you

TMF link:

Knowledge is power. Drink up


HT Oyvegle clip

Juden rats continue to cover up for their crimes against humanity. Never forget what they did on 9/11 when they holocausted 3,000 innocent Americans and the people who helped them get away it.

sneaky rodents


Full stream. Trophy wife call-in and shabbos Shawn appearance!

Follow the shekels.


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