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Safe & Effective! Experts agree this should be an hourly mandate for all politicians.🤞🏼

He was friends with them and knew better than to trust them. America wasn't so fortunate and now is heaped in debt while israhell is a debt free nation with a space program who receives Billions per year from US taxpayers and abroad.

He admits they destroy economies and countries, that jews acquired Palestine by force and good for him kicking their sorry asses out.

Amin turned to Libya’s Muammar Qaddafi, who agreed to sell jets to the Ugandan, but only if the latter would break off ties with Israel. Amin promptly expelled all Israelis from the country, installed the Palestine Liberation Organization in the former Israeli Embassy, and commenced construction of a giant mosque in downtown Kampala. He then telephoned his foreign minister, an elegant barrister, fashion model, and tribal princess named Elizabeth Bagaya, and asked her to draft a cable to Prime Minister Golda Meir that read, “Pick up your knickers and go back to America where you came from!”

Did the whole world wakeup one day and decide to hate the jews? No, it's in mankind's nature to hate evil and since the chosen are behind most of it, there lies the problem. From their porno and music industry, to Hollywood and politics, these devils control it all and are using it not for good, but for evil. The hate against jews is caused by the jews themselves and the evil they do. The end.

The chosen love to use the children to push their evil agendas.

Americans are the new terrorists now. These jews have a whole playbook on how to terrorize the goyIm, from scamdemics to false flags and more. Jews infiltrated the right just like Colins Piper wrote about years ago and now their media and politicians will use all these staged events to shut it down.

More jew theatre.🥳

Israel army chief Aviv Kochavi says he has ordered his forces to step up preparations for possible military action in the coming year.


British people are so dam polite.

Sussex Police sent their Brownshirts round to 'deal with a' local nuisance' who was helping local people out, during these testing times. And Nick Smith was arrested yesterday (26th Jan 2021) for "breach of Covid restrictions". He has for many months been making soup, and running a 'Soup Kitchen' in the local park, handing out soup to anyone who needs it (free of charge), on a Monday at this local park in Forest Row. It has been very much appreciated by the local community during this difficult time.


We are all criminals now.

Police beat on senior citizen in his own home, break their own covid rules, and arrest peaceful protestors.

God bless these beautiful people for allowing us this privilege.

They are blaming all these deaths on anything but the vaccine, using their corrupt media to cover up their crimes against humanity.
They know these vaccines are harmful, they have known for decades.

Tim Zook, a 60-year-old X-ray technician at South Coast Global Medical Center in Santa Ana, suffered an adverse reaction within hours after the second shot was administered.


Jewish power has corrupted the world and will soon be unstoppable. Our governments are systematically killing us off and few seem to notice or care. The real holocaust is happening right now and it must be stopped. We need to make sure that these tyrants are held accountable and that nothing like this ever happens again. The jews must be expelled, but not before they are held accountable for treason and their many crimes against humanity,

Jews and politicians are doing there best to coverup all vaccine related deaths and injuries. Hank Aaron also passed after getting the vaccine and will the guilty be held accountable?

Imagine if our corrupt politicians cared about America like they do a foreign terrorist state.

There is not one politician in the country that will stand up to these evil jews and their satanic agenda.

Jews divert focus from antifa to maga

The new Charlottesville. Stop the steal was organized, funded, and staged by jews and zionists to take away more of our freedoms. The evil meddling jews will milk this staged event for all its worth. They are making us criminals in our own country and they will never stop. It is going to get much worse.


No shit, DO NOT let these parasites into your country or you won't have one.

I found this video 12 minutes after it was uploaded. I gave it a second thumbs down and left a comment. A minute later it was deleted and then reuploaded. I guess the chosen don't like having their channels targeted.


The video is here but not translated:

Yea, we fucked. These lying jews will use Biden to pass legislation against supposed domestic white terrorists and take the focus off the real criminals and supremacists, the chosen. He will undoubtedly usher in more marxist policies that are harmful to America and open the floodgates for endless illegal invaders thus making whites(europeans) a minority in their own country. He will perpetuate the lie of the Iran nukes just like his predecessors and do everything in his power for a foreign terrorist state. What more proof does anyone need than a trump presidency to prove that America is OWNED by jews and israel.

How many more warnings do we need before we take this problem seriously.

Nothing like receiving a peace award from one of the greatest murderers to ever walk this earth. It is sickening to watch our treasonous politicians bending over for these satanists.

Jewish propaganda already having an effect.
Blame whitey.


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