Captain Ron

Captain Ron

Captain Ron


"All you Goyim are alike!"

Gatekeepers of ridiculousness!

Not surprising from the most racist state on Earth.

Wow, they actually arrested one!
That's one small step for man...

As long as we allow this evil to rule over us there will never be justice for any of us.

Their not white, but jewish!

Sorry for the reupload goys but the initial video had a strobing effect. Must be a glitch in the matrix.

Christians need to wake up. To support israel is to support evil!

Video from 2014

If only we knew who was behind this degenerate agenda?
He looks like if Casey Neistat was a rabbi!

Stay classy chosen.

He has hugged the cactus long enough!🌵

Probably not a good idea to arm the insane.

In America, you are 60 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a terrorist.

Israhell will be a beacon of light for all immigrants! We must help them relocate to the only democracy in the Middle East.😁

The Goy is fed up!

Biden hitting the talking points of climate change and gun control.
I guess trump isn't jewish enough and needs to be replaced.
Stay sane Goyims🤙🏻

This phrase is repeated over and over by the media and politicians when the truth is israel has always been our greatest enemy.
To support israel is to support evil.

Dont support any of their products or companies.

Jeffrey made his aliyah.

The system that enslaves us all.

Whatever it is, we don't want it.

So you want to be a star!

Never forget what they have done to America, but to all of humanity.

Never forget what they have done to America, but to all of humanity.

Insanity is a requirement.

Even this guy knows!

Anti-semite kicked off airplane.


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