They grow up so fast.

Had a surprise when I headed out to go to work

Little Contrast decided she was at home, it seems. Looks like someone abandoned her at the house with all the animals.

A visitor showed up today, out of the blue. I'm glad my guys are friendly.

All the little reactions to an incoming thunderstorm ‚õą

I guess the kitten was all tuckered out

It started raining so all us non-ducks sought shelter...

One of the kittens ūüėÜ

I don't have a clue what they're thinking.

It started raining about an hour ago and cooled down. The ducks decided it'd be a perfect time for a nap.

The ducks wander off to visit the chickens as Tropical Popcorn Fart Barry blows through

After all the rain, the dog pen needed a makeover


I guess they're happy to have lakefront property

Along came a downpour, the ducks' favorite weather

A little calm before the storm tomorrow since these guys'll probably not rest well due to fireworks

Half the chickens are home for the night, the other half aren't ready to settle in yet

Some of the cracked corn got wet, so the chickens get it all

Hot day, so once it cooled down, everybody's napping

The ducks decided to go visiting and found new friends

Went to get their waterer and they stormed the door. I think they'll be okay.

The chickens will be back soon. Meanwhile, the ducks enjoy some foraging.

A few gully-washers and the ducks throw a party

I went inside to stir supper, and I guess Daffy, Daisy and Silver decided to follow me.

Just another day at Lake Driveway


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