This is how I feel when I achieve the perfect drunken stupor and I am able to plummet down chasms which delve 30 miles downwards into the core of the earth, and then banish evil liberal hell spawn demon angels of the antichrist Morgoth. All who partake in the drink shall feel this same feeling, just as Brett and Gus and Nick and Dooby and all the heaven warriors of Valhalla do as well. Yours is the sword of Michael. I don't own this movie/scene.

Hell yea. Great song from Aerosmith and good hard rock. Fuck liberals. I don't own this music.

Awesome song and awesome band. Don't let the devil or antichrist give you a cigar though. I don't own this music.

This is what the US/China trade talks are like. I don't own this.

If you have never been in a combat deployment and you're watching this and think you know everything, go walk into oncoming traffic. I don't own this music.

This was the alarm system used for imminent nuclear attacks during the Cold War that Brett and the NSA developed. I don't own this.

Cool fun 80s song. One of the most state of the art music videos ever created by Nick and Wilson. I don't own this music.

This Bob Dylan song really tied the movie together. I don't own this music or movie.

Two legends. One legend covering another. I don't own this music.

Awesome badass song and band. FOCK YOU AHHHSOLE BRETT. I don't own this.

It's horrifying getting lost in supermarkets. Sometime there's real sick shit that happens in there when you're all by yourself. Luckily for us though, the Clash are always there to lend a hand to all the lost and scared little Bretts of the world. A song of hope by an awesome band. I don't own this music.

Keith Moon set off an ICBM here inside his drum that killed everyone in the audience at the Ed Sullivan Show. Moon was immediately arrested after the show and interrogated by the CIA. Luckily, only 847 people died and Moon meant no malice intent, so they let him off with a warning and he continued playing the concert. Gordon and Vaughn almost lost their lives that day watching the Who perform, but it was a wonderful performance. I don't own this music.

The Bay of Pigs Invasion and the Cuban Missile Crisis are considered to be two of the darkest points in human history. The Doomsday Armageddon Clock had never been as close to striking midnight as it was at this point in human history, and the entire globe could do nothing except watch in horror and fear of the unknown. Many government entities, organizations, officials and historians today all agree that had any person been in the driver's seat other than President John F. Kennedy, this event could have and probably would have taken a much darker turn and had dire consequences for the entire planet, but what many do not know is the stark reality and horrifying conundrum that President Kennedy had to face head on. Now, with newly released and de-classified documents and accounts, this documentary will show what a true conundrum it was indeed, and how the conjunction of the conundrum was finally able to function. I do not own this.

One of the best Bond songs. Most of the new Bond shit is super gay and lame, but this is amazing. Amen Chris Cornell. Amen Sean Connery. Amen Nick. Amen Michael Caine and Keith David. I don't own this.

Much is known about the CIA's declassified MKULTRA project, but perhaps an even more sinister and yet relatively unknown Project, was that of Project Rufus Xavier Sasparilla. This project delved into Psyops campaigns and other related fields, but it went even further than that. The focal point of the project was genetic mutations and DNA splicing in order to make genetic super soldiers during the 1950s and 1960s. Some of the genetic coding in which the government utilized for its super soldier program were that of Kangaroos, Aardvarks, and Rhinoceros just to name a few. To this day, its still unclear as to exactly how far this program went with its genetic experimentation. I don't own this.

He wasn't always so nice and innocent. "Morton" did a lot of shadow ops and worked for Blackwater for a long time. Its also suspected that he may have been a part of the Kennedy Assassination. He has a lot of blood on his hands, and the countries he overthrew will never forget his name, or the fact that he is the subject of the sentence and that the predicate says what he does. I don't own this.

This was actually the original cut, but Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg had differing opinions on how the scene should go. Eventually George Lucas and James Cameron decided that it would be best to go with Martin Scorcese's casting decision, and idea to have Gandalf be played by Ian McKellan and have all of his teeth, and for Frodo to be played by Sean Aston and to not be a retard, because it would set up the ensuing Harry Potter sequels to flow better within the continuity of the franchise. I don't own this movie/scene.

A timeless classic. This is the song that really catapulted Brett's career into mega stardom. It was 1981, and Brett was a struggling artist performing on street corners in the Skid Row section of Los Angeles. In some serendipitous and fortuitous chance circumstance, Brett met Chevy Chase, Nick, Gordon and Lou Diamond Philips, and then together they made an appearance on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. The rest for Brett was history. I don't own this music.

Classic masterpiece. From the age when Bob Hoskins saved the earth from an evil corporate megalomaniac Dennis Hopper T-Rex despot. That's what inspired Brett to be a hero. I don't own this music.

Awesome song and awesome singer. Nick always adored her. She's one of the best neo-classical fusion rock jazz ska pop metal front women of the last 800 years. I don't own this music.

Awesome song from an awesome band. One of Vaughn's favorites. I don't own this music.

One of Zevon's best songs. This one goes out to all the Brett's, Gordon's, Nick's and children of the world. I don't own this music.

Some disturbing things happen on Xbox Live. Thank God these 2 individuals didn't have access to cameras as well. God bless Booya Coopaloop and Captainfishdude.

Whimsical fun for the whole family. Bob is one of my personal favorites, even when he's confused. He's Jewish too. God bless Bob and Brett. I don't own this.

The greatest band I've ever scene. They're amazing live. God bless David Lo Pan and the Porkchop Express and Brett and Nick. I don't own this.


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