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I'm finally back after a long ass time of laziness and procrastination.

I ever tell you about the time me and Keith saw the new IT movie? Man, that scene when the lil' kid gets his arm eaten, MAN! Keith actually pissed himself and cri-

Ellis, sweetie, is now the best time?

Future video foreshadowing I guess.

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Songs: (Heynong Man) (Business Taste)

This video is pretty much criticism and and advice of and for BitChute and its devs.
Please email the BitChute devs about this, leave them messages, make similar videos to mine, and hell, even reupload my video to spread it around but MAKE SURE YOU CREDIT ME AND LINK THIS VIDEO!

In this old ass video I played some Gamejolt horror games. Gamejotl uses hashtags on their own website so that would explain my title.
Don't take this video too seriously.

Reuploading an old video I made a long time ago on Youtube before BitChute even existed.
In this one I play some FNAF fan games and give commentary. Keep in mind this video doesn't exactly represent who I am or how I act nowadays, but it's still an old favorite of mine.

An old ass video I made on Youtube before the age of the Adpocalypse when I was 13 years old. Don't take this video seriously.My Youtube channel:

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My channel is a mix of edited gameplay commentary and Garry's Mod machinimas.
A lot of my videos here on BitChute will be reuploads from Youtube.