Can't buy or sell without it.
Revelation chapter 13.
The bible is true.
Get saved and baptized asap if you're not already.
Saved from what? From the wrath to come. Yahweh's wrath upon the unsaved and ungodly living in sin.
Only Yeshua saves, not government.
Choose eternal life with the Father through Yeshua the Messiah. Repent, the kingdom of Yahweh is near. Times running out.

Can we mandate vaccines? No.
Unenforceable and not appropriate.

There is a professor from the university of Almeira professor Dr Pablo Cambra.
He studied the vaccines for the presence of graphene oxide using micro-Raman spectroscopy. It is the study of frequencies. There are frequency bands. Two of those bands are important. They show it is not graphene oxide, but rather graphene hydroxide...

Omicron variant meaning.

Video from YouTube by amijmedia channel.

Do you blindly trust the government?
The NWO government?
You do not have to participate in the experimental vaccine.
You're a Guinea pig if you do.
Georgia Guidestones?
Governments kill; only Yeshua saves.
Allegiance to satanic killing NWO government or allegiance to your Savior.
Saved = saved-healed, delivered, made whole. Not in need of an experimental death jab.

Video from YouTube by amijmedia channel.

The government did it.

Poor baby. 😫😭

They're going to kill us and wipe out 15 million Australians.

Texas COVID-19 Summit


June Mills.
Darwin, Northern Territory.
We want answers, fight back!
The army is forcibly taking people to quarantine and forcibly vaccinating them!
This is genocide!

Do not comply.

This Bill Gates reducing population vax should have been stopped day one.
But with many deaths and disabilities and many not reported and covered up, this truly looks like worldwide genocide.
Think Georgia Guidestones.
Warn your neighbors.
Do not comply.
Doctors and hospitals are no longer safe.
Neither are schools and most churches and anything else government.
Only Yeshua saves, not government.

From hero to zero.
If the virus is so deadly, how did all the unvaxxed nurses stay alive through it without proper PPE?

Hocus pocus.

Stop being afraid.


5G, heart attacks, mind control.
David Heavener Dana Ashlie.

They tell you what there going to do before they do it. Like Event 201, and whala, you have a pandemic.
Now you have some smallpox let loose.

In the vaccine.

Very well said.

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