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No Mask No Vax


I trimmed the first 15 minutes of introduction off this video.

Julie Green
The original video is here;

2 Corinthians 2:14
Psalm 112:
1 john 4:4
Proverbs 6:31
Hebrews 13:8
John 14:12

This video was last winter in the desert.
This winter will be a repeat unfortunately.
And possibly worse because I have no income.
Waiting to get back on SSI. It's taking a long time.

If you can help, please send some cash for gas, so I can run my engine heater and not freeze to death this winter. That would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Send to;
Carol S
P.O. Box 1215
Alamogordo NM 88311

You can find the Candlelier and candles for it on Amazon.
It takes about 20 - 30 minutes to warm something up on top, depending on how much candle you have left.
I like it. 👍 UCO Candlelier Deluxe Candle Lantern

If you can help me on my journey, please send a cash donation to;
Carol S
P.O. Box 1215
Alamogordo NM 88311

And; 6 years later...
A living nightmare of hell on earth. I dislike it even more now. I wouldn't recommend it.
Disabled since 2003.
I believe in miracles.
I'm praying for miracles. Healing, finances, a home.
In Yahweh I trust. 🙏

*Yes, this is my video I made September 2017 after 2 months of van life. I was greatly disappointed.
Van life is glamorized by many on youtube.
But I hate it.
Live in a van they said, you'll be free they said, you'll have fun they said. 🤨 don't believe them. There's someone wrong with those people.

I was on SSI disability since 2003. I had a different income for the last 3 years, now Im trying to get back on SSI but having to jump through a bunch of hoops and red tape. It's gonna be awhile.
I have no income now to pay my van insurance, storage unit, gas, misc. If anyone could help me with some cash it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Send to;
Carol S
P.O. BOX 1215
Alamogordo NM 88311

BREAKING NEWS!!! 7 days ago. 😆😆😆
This was about 7 days ago. Nov 12th or 13th. Not sure.
I don't claim to be a news reporter or professional anything.
This is why I don't post many of my own videos. I'm just an old lady living in a van and my video skills are pretty pitiful. As you can see. 😆😆😆
Do i sound too negative on the video? Yes? but I'm an unhappy old lady living in a van wishing i had a real home. So don't expect no sunshine and rainbows from me.
And the audience here is brutal and usually hateful. That's why i usually have comments turned off.
I thought after 2+ years of being on here and blocking jerks i had em all blocked and i could turn comments on without hassles. But no. They surface back up like prariedogs the minute i turn comments on. Telling what i should or should not upload when they have zero videos of their own. Really?

If you can help me on my journey; please send a cash donation to;
Carol S
P.O. Box 1215
Alamogordo NM 88311

Active shooter/shooting reported at Walmart in Beavercreek Ohio #breaking


Good eats!!!

I'm sure there's been more than this. Bon appetit!

Going to? They've already killed a lot of people.

Found this video here 👇

All talk and no action.
I doubt they do anything to improve it.
It's all going down the crapper and social security is too. The system is broke. They knew social security had numbered days when they concocted it. It's part of the plan that it fails. So they can build back better with their
great reset, New World Order.
And consider this; the social security offices are back logged with appointments, up to 2 months for an appointment! with high numbers of people trying to get disability from vax injuries! Meanwhile loosing their homes, jobs, cars, etc.
People trying to get social security now are played with like rats and put off and denied and made to jump through hoops for years just waiting to get it. And the employees mess up people's information, I think on purpose, ruining lives and causing great emotional distress to the applicants. I think a bunch of their vaxxed employees have probably died off, causing a lack of employees to process applications. Also consider, with the high increase of vaxxed injured, there are less people working to pay into the system.
If you're trying to get social security disability, don't hold your breath.
You will probably need a different plan for survival.
Just my opinion. With a little first hand knowledge.
Found this video here 👇

They've been messing with the grocery store meat for years already. The gas, the marinated, the spiced meat, and other tricks to make old meat look fresh. It's been going on awhile. And who knows how long they've been using glue in meat. All for the love of money.
And if you purposely buy and eat fake meat, you're just stupid. And probably vaxxed.

Cook steak in a toaster


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If you've read the book of Revelation you should realize that pre-trib rapture is a lie, you should realize that things will get much worse and not better until Yeshua returns.

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