Carolyn Emerick

The battle we face is both ethnic and spiritual. These two things go together and they cannot be separated unless the aim is to create a NEW race of men. The white pill is that it is not too late. Our ethnic gods LIVE. It us who must awaken.

A discussion on marrying our intellectual thought with the spirit world to better understand and connect with the forces of nature while we work to return to balance.

Talking a more witchy side of paganism than usual tonight! The Urban Animist is SUPPOSED to join us sometime during the stream :-)

The mass mowing down of European populations has occurred systematically over centuries. Not only were massive wars waged, but actual Church policies contrived to limit and check European population.

The mass mowing down of European populations has occurred systematically over centuries. Not only were massive wars waged, but actual Church policies contrived to limit and check European population.

They liked leeks and cabbage. But mainly just meat.

Looking at the history of nationalism, whats going on right now, the forthcoming EU elections, #Folkism, #Folkright, identity, ethnicity, culture, where we are NOW, where we can go if we work for it.

The British liberal nonsense utopia is imploding while UK Muslims protest LGBT and transgender education in schools.

Our favorite Geordie returns to share the lore of Northern England with us!

Dave Martel joins up with Dawn and I to talk Heathen stuff!

This is not the time to black pill. It is the time to SPEAK LOUDER! A look at positive advancements across the nationalist spectrum.

Back again with Dawn, The Heathen Coalition, and Berk from Woden's Folk Kindred to discuss representations of Heathenry and our right to be interested in our own culture.

A discussion on the cycles and continuation of life from an indigenous European ethno-spiritual perspective.

Why is the world so chaotic and confused? We once had Wise Ones who kept the peace, who knew our ethno-tribal customs, who were in tune with the Earth and they could guide society in symbiotic harmony. These people have been and continue to be targeted for elimination by the Borg Machine in it's drive toward the One World. Their motto is "resistance is futile, you will be assimilated." I say, embracing your own ethno-culture is the antidote. We need our Wise Ones to arise and lead their Folk once again!

Robert Stamm joins us to share his story as a victim of a targeted harassment campaign orchestrated by Antifa resulting in the ending of his career. We'll look at Heathenry and connecting to ancestry and roll over how this relates to the issues and events of today. We'll also look at Germanic-culture inspired hand-crafts!

Hyperborean Reflections co-hosts!

We see Emmanuel Macron and the Pope using the #NotreDame fire to manipulate Christians while they promote mass Muslim immigration. Where did this all start? Let's take a deep dive into the Carolingian dynasty and some of the historical events at that time.

An early medieval Germanic princess speaks from beyond the grave. Her letter to her kinsman was written in the 6th century after the Frankish slaughter of her people.

Read her letter here:

Excerpted from a longer video on Gothic cathedrals here -

Europe has an indigenous culture like all people of the world. Before Europeans were trained to out out into the world and conquer others, they were conquered and psychologically conditioned themselves. A look at an ideology of mind-control and global domination.

Hyperborean Reflections joins Dawn and I to discuss the Northern European Spring Goddess archetype!

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Who built our Cathedrals? And for what purpose? How is Catholicism connected to the banking system? Why is it called "Gothic architecture" when the Goths have nothing to do with it? Are there occult connotations? Let's find out!

Looking at some important history of religion in the ancient world, the words of Saint Paul of Tarsus, and the meaning of race, religion, and ethnicity.


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Carolyn Emerick writes about the history, mythology, and folk belief of Northern Europe. She is the editor of the first unabashedly pro-West history/culture magazine, Europa Sun.