Joe Biden tries to convince the American Public that he is leading the Nation in the right direction. With floundering poll numbers and a war on the horizon, Biden needs to have his biggest political performance ever.

Biden's pick for the Supreme Court is Katanji Brown Jackson, liberal advocate. Many are concerned about her nomination because of her dedication to legislating from the bench and pushing causes that hurt the public.

Neg Lang's son Jake is locked up awaiting trial on charges related to January 6th. Listen to what he has to say about what is going on with the case, Pelosi and others charged in connection with J6.

A group of US trucker convoys — inspired by the weeks-long demonstrations in Ontario — are joining protests against COVID-19 restrictions and mandates in several cities-and they are headed to Washington D.C.

The Great American Patriot Project has organized a movement and has urged truck drivers to join three convoys to Washington, DC, next month culminating in the state of the union address.

The Truckers say they are launching the motorcades and are headed towards the nations capitol. One would travel from California through the Southwest and Deep South to DC. Two others would originate in Ohio and end in the capital. #maga2024 #carterocks #truckerconvoy #freedomconvoy #SOTU #freedomtruckers #canadatruckers #stopthemandates #DC

See how many people are asking questions about the nomination of Susan Raskin to the Fed's Board of Governors.

See what is happening with the conflict in Ukraine.

Injuries and accidents have kept the U.S. Ski team from performing up to expectation in the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing China.

Biden has not placed anyone in this position, and has instead waited until things have gotten so bad, that people are wondering -"What is taking so long?"

PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN, speaks to the media for the first time this year to try and explain his floundering Presidency. Real America's Voice Correspondent Christopher Carter gives a breakdown.

Carterocks breaks down the current political climate with a video clip.

Women speak about what happened on Jan. 6th....a rally on the National Mall.

Biden hits the UNGA for some more talk, and no action....

As the J6 rally in DC approaches, Carterocks reminds you of how the fake news already was lying from the beginning.

The false narrative around the Capitol Riots grow as feds look for more people involved.

Over 45 days and no sign of the 46th President....

The long plagued Washington Redskins dropped their cheerleaders for a co-ed dance team.

They numbers on Covid and Illegal Immigration just don't add up.

Media Icon Rush Limbaugh has passed away at the age of 70 after a battle with Lung Cancer

As the platform wars rage, follow Carterocks to get the truth. Where fake news is forgotten and real news is begotten.

As the political show trial of the year unfolds, Democrats try and make their case for another fake impeachment. The general public grows weary of the "normalization" of this political theatre as this type of show trial takes the Governments resources and pulls focus away from incompetent Biden Administration.

After getting smoked on Day 1, Trumps legal team hopes to regroup and provide compelling testimony on fake impeachment.

Biden has reversed a Trump policy that protected America's schools and other vital parts of our society. Covid is rampant in ILLEGAL ALIENS. Close the all BORDERS.

Rocker Marilyn Manson is the latest target of cancel culture after alleged victims come forward to attack the artist.

Rick Davis speaks to Brian Stelter about why nobody watches CNN anymore.

The sharing of information has exposed fake money app Robin Hood as investors try to short sell Game Stop and lose billions.


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