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Only half hour until Storm Ciaran hits Pembrokeshire, according to the Met. Office. Still waiting for the trees to twitch...

I'm sitting in the lounge with the back door open. It isn't cold, nor windy, and the rain is very light. Either Ciaran is avoiding us, or has stepped aside to wait for us to go to sleep before attacking! What a shame, I was looking forward to some footage, especially with it being so calm before the storm, it would make a good contrast.

Storm Ciaran due in Pembrokeshire in one hour from this video upload. Such a lovely sunny day, and so calm and still... so far?

Microsoft Solitaire Collection - Klondike - My Highest Score So Far For A Single Game - 20 000 XP.

Just a quick trip out for some great coffee at Ocean Labs Cafe in Goodwick.

Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire

The previous owner of this iron had difficulty cleaning it so bought a new one. It came with a box of electrical bits which I will be going through and testing/repairing where possible. Trying to keep them from going to landfill. Even metal recyclers have to use a lot of energy to reprocess the metals to make new things, and a lot of other materials don't get reused so a lot better if the item can be repaired to be used.

Candy playing with her biccy before eating it. She's usually funnier than this but I never have the camera ready.

To watch the whole video with audio, follow one of the following URLs:-

Unfortunately Youtube have an issue with the original audio due to the adverts playing in the background. It's a pity because the companies who paid to have those adverts done are losing out on some free advertising via my video because they chose greedy companies to manage their advertising for them. Greedy companies that have more interest in their own profits than in helping their clients sell more products or services.

I shall be making more use of Bitchute and LBRY in future due to them having far fewer restrictions on what can be published. LBRY is preferred for me because of higher earnings and more freedom but it may not be to everyone's tastes due to being slightly more difficult to use, plus having content which may be offensive to some.

I can't earn money on Youtube from my videos due to having under a thousand subscribers but Youtube are happy to pay companies for people viewing my family videos. Well, they can shove it where the Sun doesn't shine and I will just use Youtube as a platform to advertise alternative video hosting sites. Youtube used to be for the home or casual amateur video creator where everyone was equal. Now they want professional videos only to promote, leaving the rest of us out of the loop. Time to jump ship.

Children Matter - Please spare some thoughts this Christmas for the heart broken families who aren't able to be together to share love and hugs for whatever reason. Think of the children who have put Mummy and Daddy at the top of their Christmas list as their most wanted wish for Christmas.

Trying to report an incident to Dyfed Powys Police using their website but it always gives an error on submit after entering all the information.

Always is full of litter and discarded furniture, etc.

Funny story book about bum cracks, read to a child by a granny who can't stop laughing!

Just two blokes having fun to give you a smile :-)

Funny bum crack! Reading a story "I need a new bum" to a child about bum cracks.


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